Case Closed: Case 4, DVD 01 - Deadly Illusions

Anime Description - Also known as Detective Conan, this anime focuses on a teenager named Jimmy Kudo, who, despite his age, is one of the top detectives in the world. While investing a brutal crime, Jimmy is blindsided and forced to take an experimental drug, which causes him to transform into a little kid. Not letting this stop him, Jimmy continues to solve crimes and put bad doers behind bars.

Volume Information - A baffling and seemingly impossible murder is committed at a secluded mountain temple. Luckily Conan and Richard are on the scene! It is believed that the terrible Mist Goblin, a creature with super strength, haunts the temple. Conan doesn’t believe in goblins, but he may have to change his tune as the evidence suggests that the Mist Goblin may be more than just a legend!

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Plot 4/5
This was my first time watching Case Closed and I definetly enjoyed it. The plot was very entertaining, there were un-expected twists, very detailed character back stories and some humor as well. One of the nicer aspects to this anime is the stories don't last for 25 episodes, and you can jump in at almost any part of the series.

Animation 3.5/5
The coloring, scenery, and other various objects were fine, but when it came to the characters it was a bit worse. You get used to it, but it takes a few minutes. The animation also had a nice flow to it, with some good "camera angles".

Dubbing 3/5
Besides the fact that some of the voices sounded like some of the other FUNimation dubbed animes, the only real complaint I have is that, I could see two of the characters in the episode had awfully similar voices, and at one point I got confused as to who was talking. I have never seen the original Japanese version, so I have little to compair to, otherwise, the dubbing was done well.

Overall 4/5
No major complaints, which is nice, I had hesitated to watch this Anime for sometime, but after finally sitting down and watching it, I really enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing the next volume.

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