Case Closed: Case 4, DVD 03 - Like Old Times

Anime Description - Also known as Detective Conan, this anime focuses on a teenager named Jimmy Kudo, who, despite his age, is one of the top detectives in the world. While investing a brutal crime, Jimmy is blindsided and forced to take an experimental drug, which causes him to transform into a little kid. Not letting this stop him, Jimmy continues to solve crimes and put bad doers behind bars.

Volume Information - Conan is walking on air when an invite to an elite Mystery Tour that has him rubbing elbows with fellow mystery fans. What should be a weekend of mystery nirvana becomes a nightmare of survival when the contest's organizer seemingly commits suicide. Can this group of mystery lovers solve the case before the killer strikes again? The Junior Detective League is also back on the case as a boy they are tailing in a shopping competition becomes the target of a twisted plot for revenge! The lives of many depend on one... Conan Edogawa!

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Plot 3.5/5
The first two episodes I enjoyed. They were in two-parts and the characters were well developed, except for one or two who didn't talk to much. Nor played a very big role. The third episode was okay, but I thought the case wasn't well thought out, and there weren't very many suspects, either.

Animation 4/5
Only part of the animation I didn't like was the characters faces. Some of them looked too similar, and their bottom lips were colored badly in some frames as well. Other than that, I liked it.

Dubbing 4/5
For the first two episodes, I have just one complaint. The main character (Conan) and a friend of his had really similar voices, and since they both sometimes alternated in talking, it got quite confusing. Other than that it was executed well.

Overall 3.5/5
The only thing that keeps this from getting a 4 is the plot for the third episode. It didn't hook me in, and didn't make you think. The dubbing for Conan's friend also keeps this from getting a 4. This hasn't been my favorite one so far, but I still look forward to seeing the next volume.

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