Dragonball GT: Lost Episodes [4] Conviction

What are the Lost Episodes? Dragonball GT is the sequel to Dragonball Z, and the last series in the trilogy. The so called "Lost Episodes" are the first 16 episodes to the series and are really not lost at all. When FUNimation began dubbing GT they decided to skip over all of these episodes and start with the episodes that were more like Dragonball Z. When GT first started it was so much different than DB/Z, many disliked the show and went on to something else. They quickly changed the show and thus FUNimations skipped these episodes, calling them the Lost Episodes. Fans were upset and asked for them to be dubbed anyways, and here we are.

What's it About? 10 years have passed since Goku and Uub left to train in the lookout. Goku soon finds himself helpless against the mystical power of the Dragon Balls when he is accidently wished to be a child by none other than Emperor Pilaf! After the wish is made this new set of Dragon Balls scatters not around the Earth but the entire galaxy. If not collected within a year the Earth will explode! Goku along with Trunks and Pan blast off in search of the balls, and stumble upon new friends, ferocious enemies, and extraordinary beings never encountered before.

DVD Information - Goku seems to have taken to his new, smaller body without a hitch. But trouble soon arises on the merchant planet, Imecka. The residents of this strange world are being persecuted by their tyrannical despot, Lord Don Kee. Goku, Trunks, and Pan vow to lift Don Kee's oppressive grip on the Imeckians, but soon find out how far the Don will go to stay in power. The action heats up as Don Kee sends his number one mercenary to quell the rebellion!

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Plot 3.5/5
The plot was creative, as were the villains. They dragged on some stuff, such as a fight with some worm creatures, and a 'dance attack' scene. Other than that I thought it was okay.

Animation 4/5
I thought that the characters and fight scenes were drawn well. The frames were smooth, too. However a lot of things looked different than in the original DB/Z series. But, considering they are totally different artists I can understand.

Dubbing 4/5
As usual, FUNi did a great job with dubbing. Everything was very concistant with the good audio from Dragonball and Dragonball Z, except for the music, which was much more dissapointing.

Overall 4/5
This was one of the discs I enjoyed more than the others. The villains were creative and the animation was nice. It was a much bigger change from DB/Z and even the late DBGT episodes and had much less action. However, I didn't really mind it, and was still an enjoyable disc.

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