Dragonball Z: Movie 10 - Broly's Second Coming

DVD Special Features:
Original Japanese Version
Dubbed English Version
Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Chapter Selection
Character Profiles
English 5.1 Surround Sound
English Stereo
Japanese Mono
Exclusive Broly Game Card
Anime Trailers

Misc Information:
Release Date: April 5 of 2005
Original Release: March 12 1994
Video Format: Color
Rated: TVPG
Movie Number: 10
Running Time: 45 Minutes
Overall Rating: 3/5
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English Version By: FUNimation

Wallpaper #1:

Wallpaper #2:
Broly is back, and he's out for revenge! While searching for the Dragon Balls, Goten, Videl, and Trunks unearth the truth about Goku's first encounter with the Legendary Super Saiyan: Broly survived!

Now he has invaded Earth, threatening not only his arch-rival, Goku, but every innocent soul on the peaceful planet. Seeing Goku's broken body laid before his feet is the only thing that will quench Broly's thirst for revenge.

Brave Goten only fuels Broly's rage causing him to unleash an incredible assault against Earth's heroes. Gohan and Krillin soon join the battle and face their most perilous challenge, and possibly their last! The Saiyans will need a miracle if they are to destroy their father's arch rival once and for all!

Wallpaper #3:

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Plot 2.5/5
When I sat down to watch this movie, I had some good expectations. Broly (One of the greatest movie characters of all time), survives, and is coming to Earth! Sounds awesome. After the movie ended, I was rather disappointed. It wasn't at all like Movie 8, or the rest of Dragonball Z.. I kept thinking they were building up to something, but that something never really happened. Setting the major plot holes aside (i.e. Videl holding her own against Broly for longer than Krillin and even at all), the characters chosen to appear in the movie, were ones that only play minor parts in Dragonball Z. It felt more like a Great Saiyaman Saga movie.

Animation 4.5/5
Compared to the rest of the Dragonball, Z, and GT series, this is close to the best of the animation it shows. I didn't notice anything wrong with the animation. It was fluent, clean and the drawings themselves were high quality.

Audio 4/5
I thought the sound effects fit in with what was happening, whether it be a ball of ki exploding, or Broly attempting to break Gohan's back, and they sounded good. The music, they included was American rock bands, and matched the other similar music they've played in the other Dragonball Z Movies. It sounded like they replaced the voice actress for Videl, which bugged me, but there probably wasn't much anyone could about that. Other characters Voices were good and fit in with the other voices from the rest of the series.

Extras 2.5/5
All there was were Character Profiles and Trailers. The profiles are pretty much useless if you look at them after you watch the movie, becuase they have just about no info that you couldn't pick up from seeing the movie. But, if you happen to look at them before viewing the movie and possibly if you're unfimiliar with the Dragonball Trilogy, they're great. The Trailers: There wasn't anything wrong with the Trailers, but they're included on just about any FUNimation DVD, and can be easily found on the intermet, so It wasn't something I think of as a bonus feature for buying the DVD.

Overall 3/5
The plot in this movie made it much harder for me to enjoy the other aspects of this DVD. The art was fantastic, the dubbing was fantastic, and the prequel to it was fantastic. The plot in this movie was not fantastic. Why? Mainly becuase it's like something out of the Great Saiyaman Saga, and not out of Broly Movie 8.

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Continued Info - The main character in this movie is from another Dragonball Z movie called Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan. When watching this movie it would really halp if you had actually seen the previous movie. If you haven't seen that movie, but would like to get the basic story of it down, below I've written up a basic summary of the movie.

A Saiyan lands on Earth and asks the new King Vegeta to come with him and destroy the Legendary Super Saiyan and join him on the New Planet Vegeta. Vegeta goes with him along with a bunch of the other Z-Fighters. Goku does not go with them as he is with Chi-Chi at the time.

When they arrive on the New Planet Vegeta, the Z-Fighters are introduced to another Saiyan named Broly. It is also said at this time that Broly is the son of the Saiyan (Paragus) who brought Vegeta to this planet. Around this time Goku is asked by King Kai to also hunt down this Legendary Super Saiyan. Goku uses his Instant Transmision to find the Saiyan and it ends up taking him to the same place where Vegeta was; New Planet Vegeta.

It's instantly shown that Broly has a strong hatred for Goku. It's eventually shown that Goku and Broly were born on the same day, and were located right next to each other until Goku was shipped off to Earth. Goku was born with the power level of 2 and Broly with the power level of 10,000. Because of Goku's loud and constant crying, Broly was extremely angered by it.

Later on Broly can't resist attacking Goku anymore and breaks free of Paragus' hold on him killing Paragus in the process. Broly fights Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Future Trunks, and Vegeta all at the same time and beats them all with ease. Goku asks for them to all lend him their energy for a final attack. Somehow it's enough energy to punch a hole through Broly and stop him from moving for a few minutes. Why a few minutes was enough to defeat Broly is because a gigantic meteor was about to hit the Planet.

The meteor hits the Planet causing an enormous explosion supposedly killing Broly. Right before this happens Goku uses instant transmision to take all of the z-fighters into a spaceship. How did Broly survive? Well it's never really explained. All we know is he somehow gets in a Saiyan spacepod before the planet explodes.

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