Dragonball Z Ultimate Uncut Special Editions 01

DVD Special Features:
Original Japanese Version
Dubbed English Version
Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Chapter Selection
Character Profiles
Goku vs. Vegeta Extended Featurette
Follow the Nimbus Cloud
DBZ Trivia
Anime Trailers
Original Uncut Japanese Footage
5.1 Surround Sound

Misc Information:
Release Date: April 12 of 2005
Japanese Release Date: 1989
Video Format: Color
Rated: TVPG
Running Time: 75 minutes
Episodes: #01-03
Overall Rating: 4/5
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English Version By: FUNimation

Wallpaper #1:

Wallpaper #2:
Earth's peace is forever shattered by the hostile arrival of an alien mercenary whose evil knows no bounds. This new menace's campaign of terror begins by ruthlessly beating Earth's greatest hero within an inch of his life! Complicating matters is the shocking revelation that there is more to this sinister invader than meets the eye! This is the story in its full uncut glory. This is the ultimate Dragon Ball Z!

Episode 01 - The New Threat:
The episode begins with the telling of events that have happened since the end of Dragonball to the present time. Out in space a space pod approaches and lands in a field below. To a local farmer's surprise, a strange man in habits the space pod, the man kills the farmer, then takes off to find something. Meanwhile,  Gohan,  Goku's son (a surprise in the first episode) is rescued from a cliff by his father. The two converse and head off to Master Roshi's house. Arriving at the Kame house,  Gohan is introduced to  Goku's friends, this is the first time  Gohan meets Krillin, Bulma, and Master Roshi. Elsewhere, the strange visitor from space confronts, Piccolo. After realizing that who he was really after was close by the strange man takes off towards  Goku and the others at the Kame House.

Episode 02 - Reunions:
History's Greatest Warrior is Goku's Older Brother... Back at the Kame House,  Gokou and Krillin become distressed when the feel a strong ki approaching them. The strange man lands and confronts Goku and Krillin, he then explains that he is  Goku's brother Radditz, and explains that Goku's real name is Kakarotto, and that he is from an ancient warrior race called the saiya-jin! Radditz explains that the saiya-jin conquer planets and sell them to buyers. After realizing that  Goku's boyhood concussion caused him to lose his saiya-jin mission, he tells Goku to come join him in space, and become a saiya-jin again. Goku refuses; angered Radditz takes  Gohan and flies off.

Episode 03 - Unlikely Alliance:
This is it! The World's Strongest Team. After Radditz leaves, Piccolo arrives and suggest him and  Goku team up against Radditz, because they aren't strong enough by themselves. Meanwhile, Radditz locks up a crying  Gohan in his space pod, and then goes walks nearby. Shortly after  Goku and Piccolo the world's strongest team arrive to fight  Goku's evil brother.

Wallpaper #3:

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Plot 4/5
Although I had previously seen the “Saiyan Saga”, seeing the re-dubbed version (Now called the Vegeta Saga) was even more enjoyable. It was great seeing all new footage, and made a lot more sense then the previous version.

Animation 4/5
I enjoyed the animation. It had a “Dragonball” (not Z) feeling to it. It flowed nicely, fit well with the show, and was enjoyable to look at. Many of the scenes with Raditz had extra detail drawen on him, which made it really cool watching.

Audio 4/5
Dubbing was great, sound effects were great, and it was awesome having the voices from the rest of Dragonball Z, Dragonball, and Dragonball GT in these episodes.

Extras 5/5
Usually I just take a brief look at the Extras, but in this DVD, it was an entirely different story. There was a lot of extras on this DVD, and there was a lot of neat things to see. My favorite extra of the bunch was the “Goku vs. Vegeta Featurette ”. This was mainly an interview with the voices of Goku and Vegeta (Sean Schemell, and Chris Sabat), but also showed some dedicated fans talking about the show. This alone was enough for me to give the extras a 5 out of 5. The extras also features a trivia section witch (even though was a little to easy), I enjoyed. Instead of just telling you the answer in 3 words, they show you a several minute clip that answers the question for you. For example, if it were to ask "What was the total amount of weighted clothing, Goku wore when facing Raditz?" You pick your answer and then it shows you Goku taking of each of his weights saying how much each one weighed.

Overall 4.5/5
It was enjoyable seeing the first episodes of Dragonball Z again, and it was even better that I got to see it completely uncut. I would definetly recommend buying this DVD. Even if you've already seen the episodes, the Goku vs. Vegeta interview and extra uncut scenes are worth it.

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