Sakura Taisen: Vol. 01 - Sumire

Anime Description - For years the defense and safety of the Imperial city rested on the shoulders of Sumire Kanzaki of the Flower Troupe. But this, as with all things, must fade away. As the top star of the Imperial Operetta Company, Sumire was the power and the light from which her comrades drew their own strength and resolve. It was through her that the Flower Troupe found their courage...and through her that mant happy memories were made. Now the curtain rises for one final performance as the star that once shined so brightly begins to grow faint. As the spotlight dims on one legend, another must come center stage.

Plot 2/5
I did not care for the plot. There was way too much crying; usually every other scene had at least some crying in it. There was no action at all, just a lot of emotion. I thought they executed the music scenes well though.

Animation 4/5
It flowed nicely, and the drawings were very crisp. I thought that the shadows could use some work, as well as tears. It was good nonetheless.

Dubbing 4.5/5
The voices matched the characters well, and I did not notice any off sync voices either. The music in it was great. I thought it needed some more sound effects though.

Overall 3.5
The main aspect of this DVD that I did not care for was the plot.
Everything else was executed well. If there were action & less emotion, then maybe I would bump up the Overall score slightly.

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