Spiral: Vol. 1 The Melody of Logic

What are the Blade Children? This is a question Ayumu Narumi has been asking himself since his brother disappeared two years ago. But today isn't a day to bother with that as Ayumu has been accused of murder. While he tries to defend himself against growing allegations, Ayumu must unwrap the mystery of his innocence - as well as the mystery of the new professor who seems determined to pin this crime on Ayumu.

Plot 4/5
This was my first time watching Spiral, and was very enjoyable. I thought the plot was creative, and it hooked me in right away. There were some twists I didn't expect, too, which was definetly a nice touch.

Animation 4.5/5
I thought the drawings were really good, aswell as most of the animation. At times the animation wasn't smooth, frame by frame-wise, but It didn't bother me too much. I thought the drawings themselves were great, as well as the scenery and other objects.

Dubbing 3.5/5
I picked up quite a few similar voices, and I also thought certain voices didn't match certain characters. I didn't notice anything wrong with the lip syncing, and thought it was done well besides the reasons I already mentioned.

Overall 4/5
I really enjoyed this DVD, and am definitely looking forward to seeing the next volume. However, one question still remains: Who, or what, are the blade children?

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