Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Vol. 05 - The Living Ship

Anime Description - Seina Yamada may just be the unluckiest guy in the world. A classmate of Tenchi Masaki's, this walking timebomb seems to spread destruction and bad fortune wherever he goes. But when a surprise encounter with a beautiful woman leaves him with lipstick on his face and a Galaxy Police pamphlet, it seems his luck is about to turn around. Now he's become a member of the GP Academy and is about to face the challenges of squaring off against space pirates, adapting to a new advanced society, and sneaking out after curfew with his friends.

Plot 3.5/5
This was my first time watching Tenchi Muyo, but even so, after the first episode I started to enjoy/understand it. It's technical, but not too technical. They executed it very well.

Animation 3/5
The drawings were smooth and flowed nicely. The scenery and everything had nice coloring. My only gripe is that sometimes a small area in the middle of a person's lip would be erased slightly.

Audio 4.5/5
There were so many characters; yet I didn't see any voices that sounded too similar. I didn't catch any lip-syncing that was off, either. After watching an episode, I wouldn't skip the intro because I enjoyed the music. The sound effects were nice, but I thought it needed some more of those.

Overall 4/5
The music and voices really added to the score of this. I thought that some of the elements of this anime were strange. (E.G A dog/rabbit hybrid that controls the spaceship). I also thought it needed some more action, too. Besides that I enjoyed watching it.

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