Yu Yu Hakusho: Vol. 28 - The Three Kingdoms

The vast lands of Demon World are divided among three powerful Kings: Raizen, Mukuro, and Yomi. A tenuous peace exists among the three ruling factions, but the wheels of fate have set into motion events that threaten not only the peace in Demon World, but the very survival of Living World!

Yusuke reaches the throne room of his ancestor to find out more about himself and the mysterious Raizen. Yusuke's first challenge is laid before him. But is he biting off more than he can chew?

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Plot 5/5
I really enjoyed the plot. I thought the idea of doing a back-story on Hiei was great, and they executed it VERY well. Although Hiei was the main guy who got the spotlight (In the particular DVD), it was still very well done, and did show other characters.

Animation 4/5
I thought it was good. Like other animes, the artist become more experienced and can draw better and that definetly shows in this DVD. Not to the say the art in the previous DVDs was bad, this is just improving on an already great look.

Dubbing 4.5/5
I thought it was done well, and considering their were a lot of new characters being introduced they didn't have many voices that sounded like they were from shows such as Dragonball they they have also been dubbing.

Overall 4.5/5
My main complaint would be that I have to wait awhile until the next Yu Yu Hakusho DVD is available. This was the second DVD in this new saga and although I missed the first in the saga I was stilla ble to pick up on everything well. The scenes from the previous episodes were enough to allow me to understand it all.

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