Yu Yu Hakusho: Vol. 29 - Bandits and Kings

Misc Information:
American Release Date: February 22 of 2005
Video Format: NTSC 4:3
Audio Encoding: Enlgish/Japanese Stereo
Running Time: 62 Minutes
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Japanese & English Languages
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Overall Rating: 3/5

More than one thousand years ago, the legendary bandit Yoko Kurama freely roamed the dark wilderness of Demon World. With a loyal band of thieves at his side, Yoko lived his life as he saw fit, answering to no one.

But now it is Kurama who is at the mercy of Yomi, his former right hand man. Why has Yomi summoned Kurama to his throne? And what are the details of their incredible past?

Episode #101 - Reunion of the Bandits:
Just as Yusuke and Hiei were forced to confront their demons, Kurama boldly ventures through his own past. Yomi, one of the three Kings of Demon World has summoned his former partner in crime to his inner sanctum. What secrets haunt Kurama? And why has Yomi prepared for the worst?

Episode #102 - Torn Between Identities:
In a brutal power play, Yomi has forced Kurama to serve as his advisor. If he doesn't, Yomi will destroy the one person Kurama loves more than anyone. But the alliance is hardly stable, for ancient seeds of hatred lie between them. Meanwhile, a group of familiar faces from the past return for one more shot against Yusuke!

Episode #103 - Inheritance:
It's been nearly a year since Yusuke, Hiei and Kurama arrived in Demon World, each firmly enmeshed in its tense power struggle. Now, the three former teammates are in high positions on conflicting sides, as they head towards an inevitable clash. With Raizen's time drawing to an end, Yusuke must act fast in order to keep the tenuous peace in Demon World.

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Plot 3/5
The story of these episodes kept me hooked and interested in the story. I enjoyed how the main characters were assistants to their demon leaders and how you get to see back story on the leaders and characters. My main problems with this disc is if this is you're first time seeing Yu Yu Hakusho, you're not really going to enjoy it, and you'll have to go and watch the 100 episodes previous to it. Also, it was flooded with backstories, which I think of as a lazy writers way to explain something. It's been about 9 episodes in this Saga and almost nothing's happened. It's like one big backstory saga.

Animation 3/5
The animation was smooth and crisp, it didn't hurt my eyes or bug me. I thought it was drawn well considering it's from Yu Yu Hakusho, but compared to most other animes I don't care for it. However, you can definetly tell the artists are progressing in their skills, and improving on the animation.

Audio 4/5
The dubbing matched with the lips of the characters, fit the characters, etc. If this happens to be the only anime dubbed by FUNimation that you watch, you won't have a problem. But if you've seen a lot of the other animes that they dub, it'll get annoying hearing a bunch of the same voices. Thankfully, the majority of the characters seen in this saga don't have that problem, but everytime they do scenes with people like Genkai you can't help but be reminded of Frieza.

Overall 3/5
I would recommend this DVD to those of you already somewhat familiar with Yu Yu Hakusho. If you're not, then I suggest seeing some of the earlier DVDs, and then getting this one. My main complaints about this DVD, as mentioned above, would be the enourmous backstories, and how the story doesn't really seem to be moving along. Overall though I'm excited to see the next Yu Yu Hakusho DVD.

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