Yu Yu Hakusho Maze Castle Guide


» Genbu -
The weakest of the four Saint Beasts, sometimes called The Stone Beast, Genbu has the ability to melt into anykind of rock. This allowed him to talk with the demons inside the City of Ghosts and Apparitions, and is the main reason he was kept as a Saint Beast. However, he can use this ability to reach beyond the confines of the castle, in order to deliver messages to demon subordinates on the outside. It also gives him a great advantage when confronting intruders within his walls. In a battle with Kurama, it looked like Genbu had the advantage, until Genbu was sliced into dozens of peices with Kurama's Rose Whip. However, Genbu was able to reassemble. However, Kurama knows the only way Genbu can reassemble is if his brain is left intact. Kurama easily destroys it and Genbu is defeated.

» Byakko -
With the ability to create monsters from the hair on his mane, make double the trouble for those challenging him. Kuwabara was the first person to challenge Byakko since the Spirit World put a barrier on the City of Ghosts and Apparitions where the Saint Beasts preside. Byakko has the ability to absorb one's energy, but in the fight with Kuwabara he absorbed so much he exploded. Byakko was somehow able to pull himself back together and lead the fighters in to his private chamber filled with lava. There Byakko starts shooting blasts from his mouth that incinerate anything they hit. Kuwabara manages to dodge them all and knock Byakko into his own lava pit. When battling the next Saint Beast Byakko returns, but only to be frozen and have his head broken off by Seiryu, who is disguisted with Byakko's defeat.

» Seiryu -
the third and merciless Saint Beast, who even killed his comrade Byakko, stands nearly twelve feet tall and possesses the ability to turn anything he attacks into Ice. He is somewhat overconfident and fights against Hiei. Hiei's speed allowed him to dodge most of Seiryu's Ice Dragon, but Seiryu hit him a few times. However, Hiei was able to easily cut Seiryu into peices using his sword.

» Suzaku -
the cruel and evil leader of the four saint beasts, looks the most human of them all, but is definetly the most evil. Suzaku is the one controling the Makai Insects by using a special whistle. Suzaku uses lightning as his primary offensive weapon against Yusuke. The fight could have been won by Suzaku if Yusuke's Spirit gun hadn't of damaged his tentacle, wich acts as a guide for his lightning techniques. He has the incredible ability to create seven living, breathing, and thinking copies of himself that act in unison when fighting. He is by far the most powerful of the Saint beasts.

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