Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 002

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 002: "Starter"

Happy to have defeated the Hollow, Ichigo turns to see his family crying in blood asking what happened. Scared to death, Ichigo then glances at a scary looking Rukia saying they were too late. Abruptly Isshin dive bombs in on Ichigo's bed waking Ichigo up from his slumber. Ichigo grabs his father but asks what happened to his injuries. Taken downstairs Ichigo finds everyone fine and that they all believe a truck crashed into the house.

At school Orihime Inoue once again is drifting away in fairy land and Tatsuki asks if she is thinking about Ichigo. Mizuiro stops the conversation saying that Ichigo may be absent as a truck crashed into his house. Tatsuki immediatly believes the worst but is hit in the back of the head by Ichigo's bag. He apologizes for being alive and takes his seat. But then a sweet voice asked up for Ichigo's name, he turned to find Rukia dressed in the school uniform holding out her hand to greet him and told to be a transfer student. In disbelief he sees a message of "Make a scene and your so dead" scribbled on her hand. Taking her outside into the courtyard, he asks why she hasn't gone to that Soul Society place. She explains that all her power had transferred into Ichigo and that she can't go back and currently having to rely in being inside a Gigai, a shell which Soul Reapers use when they are weak. This explains why the other students can see her. Off the bat, she happily tells Ichigo to take over her duty as a Soul Reaper until her powers return. Utterly confused, Ichigo denies it instantly and says he never wants to do that frightening event again. Rukia stutters asking why not when he did such a good job and it basically is his fault. He was fighting for his family and fighting for strangers is something Ichigo can't do. Having to take the extreme, Rukia puts on a glove and smacks Ichigo's Soul straight out of his body revealing him as a Soul Reaper. Leaving his limbless body behind, Rukia drags Ichigo to a different location.

They arrive at the park and Rukia asks about if any Ghosts appear here. Ichigo admits he sees a boy of about 5 years old playing here every now and then. Rukia hands Ichigo a cell phone telling him it's orders from Soul Society, that a Hollow will appear here and probably attack that child. A breaking scream then emerges as the crying child frantically runs from a spider like Hollow called Hexipodus chasing him, yelling for help. Ichigo grabs his Zanpaku-to but is shunted down by Rukia who asks if the boy is a stranger. Ichigo watches as the boy trips and is a sitting meal for Hexipodus. But is ordered not to help him in anyway until Ichigo agrees that no matter who the person may be, they need his help and he agrees to do Rukia's duty and willingly sacrifice himself for them. Ichigo grabs his Zanpaku-to and instantly cuts off one of Hexipodus's many legs. Rukia thinking Ichigo made his decision, he blurts out that he simply saved the kids life because he was here and doesn't buy any of this commitment nonsense. He asks that when Rukia saved his life that night, was she really thinking about her duty and then slams his Zanpaku-to straight through Hexipodus's face ending the fight. Not being ready for it, and not wanting to be a scum bag, he holds out his hand and agrees to do her duty. While back at school, Ichigo's body is found with face in the dirt believed to have passed out.

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