Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 003

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 003: "Head-Hittin'"

Singing in the night, Orihime is returning home with some shopping when suddenly a car comes towards her at speed screeching it's tires. Next day, Rukia so focused in on a book she reads out loud, more and more she get's deeper and thrilled into the book as if she was there herself when suddenly Ichigo yells down her ear asking just what the heck she is doing scaring her half to death. Calming down, she syas that she was studying but she was a called a liar. Ichigo pats his hand on a strange machine saying his training is complete; and that he hit each and every ball shot from it, even the Pepper balls. Isn't that great!? Rukia snaps at him saying he was only supposed to hit the balls with heads drawn on and leave the balls with hands on alone, but Ichigo snaps back saying he couldn't tell due to Rukia's poor drawing skills. She explains that the Hollow's head is it's weak point and the training should increase his accuracy, and that approaching a Hollow from behind is the best way to get them. Ichigo doesn't like sneak attacks and calls it unfair but thinking like that will get him killed. As Ichigo thinks to himself, Orihime screams his name down his back practically killing every nerve in his body. Ichigo turns around hand on heart as if it were to pop out and asks what the is she doing here. She shows that she has done some dinner shopping scaring Ichigo with her unnusual choice in food. Greeting Rukia, Rukia doesn't know who she is. Ichigo whispers in that she is in their class, Rukia remembers and happily greets Orihime with a bow. Noticing a bandage on her arm, Ichigo asks what happened and she responds that she was hit by a car as if it was nothing. Ichigo yells at her if she's alright and how can she be so happy about it. Rukia then notices a strange large bruise covering her leg and takes a look at it. Orihime realises that she is late and makes a way for home but Ichigo asks if she wanted escorting. Orihime blushes and says no before making a quick get a way but she was sad that she said no. Rukia asked if they were close, Ichigo responds that she is best friends with someone he knows and that she had an older brother who died three years ago at their clinic after a car accident and that's when he met her. Now his turn for asking questions, he asks Rukia if she is worried about her but she shrugs it off and says their going home. Going home? Ichigo asks where is she going but Rukia cockily asks does her private life interest him and if not, don't ask. Ichigo burns up in rage shaking his fist.

Later that night, Ichigo walks up stairs after having a bath to find Yuzu snooping in his room without knocking. Asking that she wanted a bath with him, he tells her that she is in Fifth Grade and that she can take baths herself. Yuzu pouts and thinks Ichigo has got mean lately and asks about the location of her missing pajamas, Ichigo asks why would he know and he wouldn't be stealing her clothes. Somewhere in the dark, in a small compact room, Rukia is resting on folded up thick bedding wearing colourful pajamas. Hearing a beeping sound, she finds an order on her Cellphone of a Hollow's position. Ichigo listens to this noise wondering what it is and finds Rukia bursting out of his wardrobe in Yuzu's pajamas. Completely freaked out, Ichigo's soul is immediatly taken out of his body by Rukia to turn into a Soul Reaper and a large blood coloured hand smashes through Ichigo's bed. Through his bedroom wall, a large lizard type Hollow known as Acidwire crawls in to begin his assault howling at Ichigo's face. Ichigo draws his Zanpaku-to but hits far too shallow and only manages to shatter some of Acidwire's mask. Acidwire howls in pain and retreats dissapearing into a dark empty shadow. Rukia tells that they have to go, but Ichigo asks just what is going on. That Hollow, was Orihime's dead brother Sora. Rukia explains that one of the main reasons they slay Hollows in one blow is to not reveal the true identity of it as all Hollow's were once living people. At Orihime's house, she has a chuckle with Tatsuki whom she invited over when a cute stuffed teddy bear on the table, suddenly it's head splits in half.

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