Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 004

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 004: "Why Do You Eat It?"

Grabbing Rukia by the collar, Ichigo yells down her ear that he thought Hollows were monsters and now she decides to tell him such information. Rukia glares into Ichigo's eyes and tells him that they must be killed and that girl Orihime will be attacked.

Over at Orihime's house the words, "Are you freaking stupid!?" are heard as Tatsuki questions Orihime's decision at not to let Ichigo walk her home. Tatsuki then gives her own thoughts on what she would of done by shoving Ichigo into the shadows then taking him down, and tells Orihime that she has an advantage because of her bust size. Orihime then starts to dream about herself and Ichigo waving their arms in happiness and taking a race to the seesaw in a beautiful yellow field. Somehow this race starts to turn serious and a black basketball player appears out of nowhere and runs past them, and suddenly Orihime is cheering in a boxing ring before being shot by an unknown assassin. Orihime returns to reality splurting out to look out for herself and Tatsuki is left wondering just what what she dreaming about. Breaking the atmosphere, the cute teddy bear hits the floor behind them and Orihime shuffles over and picks it up wondering how it's face had been split. Removing her hand from the bear reveals blood and suddenly a large monstrous hand rips through Orihime's chest sending her dead corpse hitting the cold floor leaving Tatsuki calling her name.

Running along the roof tops Ichigo makes quick pace to Orihime's house with Rukia riding on his back. On the way, Rukia explains that Hollows eat family members to ease their pain, stalking out loved ones to fill their emptiness before randomly attacking other Wholes and Living People's souls. This is why she is certain that Acidwire will attack Orihime and it's only a matter of time. Back at Orihime's house, Tatsuki is flung across the room with her shoulder ripping into blood. Confused and scared, she is then held down to the ground and looming over her body is the red eyed face of Acidwire. And in the corner of the room, Orihime sits shaking in fear with a chain attached to her chest leading to her dead body across the room. Finding it hard to breath and feeling dizzy, she watches as Tatsuki is being strangulated. No time to space out, Orihime builds up strength and charges into Acidwire's arm knocking it off Tatsuki. Crying in terror, Tatsuki gasps for air and cannot hear Orihime's voice. Dissturbing Orihime's words, Acidwire tells her that Tatsuki cannot hear or even see them right now so it's useless. Orihime asks Acidwire just how does he know her name and in pain and rage, Acidwire finds it hurting that she has forgotton his voice and brings his claw down onto Orihime. Orihime opens her eyes to see Ichigo standing in front of her wielding a giant sword holding back Acidwire's attack. To get to Orihime, Acidwire must go through Ichigo first.

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