Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 005

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 005: "Blinda Blinda"

Face to face, neck and neck. Ichigo keeps Acidwire at bay with his Zanpaku-to as he scans the room at seeing Tatsuki's unconsious body and finding another girl lying on the floor. Realising it's Orihime, Ichigo turns around to see Orihime staring back at him gleeming. Thinking back to what Rukia told him before that normal Living beings cannot see a Soul Reaper he asks Orihime how is it possible she can see him. Answering for her, Acidwire rises from behind telling that she's already dead and swings his tail colliding into Ichigo, sending him flying out of the window and grinding across the cold air. Not stopping the offense, Acidwire finds Ichigo's speed terrible before spitting out Acid coating Ichigo's hand forcing him to drop his Zanpaku-to before bringing his enormous tail down onto him blasting him into the hard earth below.

Yelling for his health, Orihime is grabbed by Acidwire by his giant claw and tries to break free. Saddened that she does not remember, Acidwire lifts up his hair revealing his face beneath a chunk of his mask which Ichigo broke in their earlier confrontation. Down below, Ichigo wakes up with a sore bleeding head and admits he hesitated. Acidwire lets Orihime go as she tries to believe his statement, and asks why he would do such horrible things to Ichigo and Tatsuki. Acidwire looks down coldly saying they were in the way and begins to reminisce how he always used to watch her pray for him when he passed away. But a year later, Tatsuki befriended her and Orihime started to pray less and less. By the time she entered High School, her prayers stopped and he felt like he was fading away. Getting more and more angry over his tale, Acidwire's urge to kill rised and he quickly swung his tail into Ichigo who tried to back attack him, and squeezed him into the wall. Holding Ichigo firmly with his tail, Acidwire grabbed Orihime asking her to join him again. But his answer was killed by tears as Orihime couldn't believe Sora would become a monster. In complete rage, Acidwire clenched his hands around Orihime, choking her, screaming he would kill her and it's all her fault. But not all was lost, Acidwire's hands suddenly split in half and his tail ripped into tiny pieces. Ichigo raised his blade to Acidwire and shouted at his claim that no big brother should never ever say he will kill his younger siblings and even monsters would never do such a horrendous act. Acidwire started to cry blood from his eyes and screamed at the top of lungs.

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