Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 006

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 006: "Microcrack"

Two strong hands, like a god reaching down grabbing onto two smaller hands like that of a new born. When Sora was 15, Orihime was born and he acted as her father. Sora hid in a corner, caressing a child in his arms safe from danger, away from their parents who were true monsters and when he became 18, he fled their house with Orihime to live a life of no fear. But now, Acidwire cries at Ichigo telling him that Orihime belongs to himself and no one else and that Ichigo has no right to stand against them, finishing his story by lunging at him mouth wide open ready to eat his soul. But not today, Ichigo lodges his Zanpaku-to between Acidwire's teeth, holding him back as the two try and over power each other. Acidwire has no other choice but to let Orihime die for him, so, he breaks his grapple with Ichigo and brings his teeth down upon Orihime.

A pair of hands hold onto Acidwire's head. Acidwire's teeth dug deep into Orihime's shoulder. Orihime falls to her knees while cuddling Acidwire's head. Trying to find the strength, she told that she simply wanted to share her fun stories of school, the people she likes and that she hid her sadness and only shared her happiness so that Sora wouldn't suffer. Acidwire, eyes wide open in deep thought, removed his mouth from Orihime and before she collapsed to the ground, she said her words of love for him. Concerned for her health, Ichigo tries to help her but Rukia calls out that she is fine and there's still time to save her. Orihime's Chain Of Fate has not been severed and by using her Kidô, Rukia can bring Orihime back to life. Acidwire leans over Orihime, knowing that she stopped praying so he wouldn't have to worry but when she did, her heart was his. To help add to Acidwire's wounds, Ichigo points to the hairpins in Orihime's hair, the first ever gift from Sora to her and she wears them everyday. Telling Acidwire that he may have felt lonely, Orihime suffered the same pain and he was so blind he didn't realise. Acidwire hangs his head in shame and in a surprise act, he grabs Ichigo's Zanpaku-to and uses it to cut his mask off. Telling them all that while he is sain and thinking straight, he wants to pass on. Ichigo tells him that's crazy but Rukia agrees with Acidwire that he should slay himself now while he can. To calm Ichigo's soul, Rukia happily smiles and says that reaping Hollows is not actually killing, it's washing their sins away so they can finally rest in peace in Soul Society thus why Soul Reapers exist.

Acidwire looks over Orihime saying his final farewell. Orihime thinks through her past the day Sora died. On that morning they had an argument about the hairclips Sora gave, and Orihime refused to talk to him. On that same unfortunate day, Sora was killed in a car accident. As Acidwire started to fade away, Orihime said the words which she wished she wished she had on that day, "Sora, have a nice day." Acidwire let go one final tear before dissapearing into thin air. As Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime looked into the night sky, Orihime forgot about her wound and wanted to ask them so many questions but being quick on the ball, Rukia used a Kioku Chikan Memory Replacement to knock Orihime out and erase this nights memory replacing it with a completely random fake one. Rukia looked at Tatsuki and did the same thing to her just in case while Ichigo watched in curiosity. The next morning at school, Orihime and Tatsuki were boasting to their friends that a Yakuza gunman blasted a giant hole in her wall. Of course her friends found it hard to believe. Ichigo watched from a distance with Rukia, now understanding what she meant and realised that Rukia did the same thing to his family the night they met.

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