Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 007

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 007: "The Pink Cheeked Parakeet"

"A cursed Parakeet?" Three High School lads are seen sitting around, hanging out at night with a caged Parakeet between them. As one of the lads tries to pass on the bird to someone else, Yasutora Sado also known as Chad seems the best contender as he likes cute things. But before the Parakeet could reach his hands, a loud snap sound was heard above and a large metal bar fell from the scaffholding above. Before the teens could run, Yasutora took the blow and let the bar crush on his back. Unbelievablly, Yasutora acted as it was nothing even though he was bleeding. But then a new voice was heard, the Parakeet actually spoke words and introduced himself and thanked Yasutora for saving his life.

It's lunch time at school and Ichigo and Rukia are hanging out on the school roof. Ichigo finds it amazing how the burn on his hand from that acid has completely healed. Rukia takes the glory, boasting she's in the top of her Kidô class. But enough about that, Rukia asks how she drinks from her juicebox. Ichigo tells her just to use the straw. Breaking up their group, Mizuiro arrived with his packed lunch, while Rukia looked at the straw and wondered how to put it in the juice box. Mizuiro wondered why Ichigo and Rukia spend so much time together. Re-introducing himself to Rukia, he explains he is only interested in picking up chicks older than him. Ichigo then tells Rukia to watch out. Of course Rukia is over 100 years old but Mizuiro doesn't know this and becomes confused. Next joining the group is Keigo Asano, the lively hyper active guy. Happy to see Rukia in the group he congratulates Ichigo on a job well done, but Rukia is still trying to drink from the juice box. Suddenly interuppting their group, Oshima who has returned from suspension rages on at Ichigo telling him to dye his hair black and that he is pissed off Ichigo is trying to look like him. Ichigo brakes a nerve and tells him that his hair is natural and telling him to bug off. Keigo though steps between them trying to call a truce so nothing erupts out but Ichigo just flares it up even more. Not taking any nonsense, Oshima reaches in his coat pocket and pulls out some Brass Knuckles. Before Oshima could even teach Ichigo a lesson, Yasutora arrived and tossed Oshima aside like nothing. Happy to see him, they wondered why he was wearing bandages. Yasutora just talked calmly saying a metal beam fell on him, then he got hit by a motor cycle but the guy driving got hurt pretty badly so he carried him to the hospital. Ichigo and Keigo looked at him almost scared. Yasutora sat down and took the caged Parakeet off his back. To their surprise the bird talked, introducing himself. But instantly Ichigo felt an unnerving atmosphere radiating from the Parakeet. Asking him where he got the bird, Yasutora skipped a section of the story and just said that someone gave it him. Keigo was not happy that Yasutora cut the story short. While they talked to the Parakeet, Rukia told Ichigo not to worry and that tonight they will preform Konsô on the soul hiding within the bird. Ichigo agreed but disspleased that he misses another night of sleep.

Arriving home that day he finds his family in a ruckus dashing all over the place with medical supplies. Yuzu tells him that there has been a massive car accident nearby. Ichigo found his dad slamming the phone down, totally angry that no one will offer urgent assisstance and that his family are simply not enough for the casualties. Ichigo asks if he can be any help but was told to just stay out of the way. Sitting in the corner, feeling useless Ichigo was then requested to lend a hand as they had a heavy patient coming in. To his surprise he saw Yasutora holding onto the Parakeet. Karin looked over at the Parakeet and suddenly felt a powerful atmosphere from the Parakeet. Isshin stripped Yasutora of his shirt to reveal a large bleeding mark on his back, in the shape of a giant hand. Ichigo knew this feeling. Yasutora said he was fine and tried to walk off but fainted before he could leave the house. That night, Yasutora rests soundly with the bird by his side. Ichigo and Rukia agreed on Yasutora's wound reeking of a Hollow. Yasutora's room was then found empty and the cold breeze whistling through the dark night in through the window.

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