Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 008

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 008: "Chasing Chad"

A new day calls for breakfast. Ichigo goes to settle down at the table and Yuzu tells him that Karin is ill. Unusual for her to be sick but suddenly Isshin barges in claiming Yasutora to be missing from his room.

Rushing to school, Ichigo quickly enters into his classroom asking his friends if they have seen Yasutora. Not kowing where he is, Ichigo escapes to the door and runs off straight past his teacher. Wondering why in such a rush, she simply shrugs it off letting Ichigo go. Over at Karakura South Elementary School, Yuzu stands upset in the bathroom listening to Karin puke in one of the stalls. Karin shouts at Yuzu for privacy and threatens her before throwing up again. Midori, a friend, enters asking Yuzu of Karin's condition. Suddenly the stall door slams open with a grumpy Karin staring at the both of them. Wobbling past, heading for the exit she states she is going home and for Yuzu to get her bag from class then telling Midori to get going. Meanwhile Ichigo is sprinting through town for any clues of Yasutora's whereabouts before being joined by Rukia. She tells him that there has been no word from Soul Society on a Hollow's presence and describes that when a Hollow is not attacking souls, they hide in a realm between worlds where they cannot be detected. Trying to think of a solution, Ichigo remembers the Parakeet and that they can use it's presence to find Yasutora. Everything then dies still, Ichigo is quiet, listening to the wind without making a move. Rukia can't believe that Ichigo is trying to sense such a small soul at this distance. And with it's soul being partially linked to the Parakeet's soul, it should be impossible, especially for someone like Ichigo. The air goes cold and all around them, silk ribbons start waving in the air. These are the Reiraku, Spirit Ribbons. Ichigo reaches out and grabs one of the ribbons and quickly runs in the direction of the Parakeet. Rukia can't believe that Ichigo is developing so quickly.

Hiding in the dark, Yasutora is sitting in a warehouse with the Parakeet. Out of the blue, a large explosion collides into the floor aiming for Yasutora. Quick on his feet he grabs the Parakeet and escapes the Warehouse but happens to cross paths with with Ichigo and Rukia. But instead of meeting up, Yasutora turns in the opposite direction and runs away. Trying to make him stop, Ichigo hears Karin's voice and sees her struggling on her feet. Going to Karin's aid, Rukia tells Ichigo to take her home while she carries on after Yasutora. Ichigo picks Karin up and tells Rukia to be careful before leaving.

As Karin gasps for air, she claims that she saw it all. All of the thoughts of the soul trapped in the Parakeet flooded into her mind. Karin saw the Souls mother being murdered. She then begs to Ichigo to save him, save that soul at all costs. Rukia carries on chasing Yasutora without noticing a black shadow hanging over her.

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