Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 009

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 009: "Monster Vs New Girl [Smackdown]"

Still chasing Yasutora down, Rukia begins to complain about the quality of her Gigai, that it's no stronger than a scrawny High school girl and it can't even fly. To make it worse she begins to run out of breath, and starting to slow down. But to her surprise she turns around to see a Hollow so close staring at her face. Enjoying Rukia's smell, it's feast time.

On the other side of town, we find Ichigo sprinting through town thinking back to when he put Karin in bed at home and about how Karin changed after their mother died. Breaking the silence, Rukia hits the floor hard but manages to roll back onto her feet. The Hollow, known as Shrieker stares down at her. With quick speed, Rukia uses a powerful knee attack to Shrieker's face, flips over onto his back and fires a point blank Kidô spell blast into Shrieker's head. Happy to see her powers returning, Shrieker blows away the smoke and appears to be fine and attempts to take a bite out of her but she manages to dodge underneath back to the ground. Now knowing that she s a Soul Reaper, Shriekers gleems at how weak she is and remembers about eating two other Soul Reapers not so long ago who tried to save the boy. Realising he is talking about the Soul in the Parakeet, Rukia asks why does he persist in stalking him. Shrieker teases saying he might tell if he can have a bite out of her. As Yasutora carries on fleeing he hears the sound of fighting and stops wondering what might be happening. The Parakeet tells Yasutora that it's the girl who was chasing them being attacked by that monster. Placing the Parakeet to the side on the wall, Yasutora begins to head back with the Parakeet screaming his name not to go back and that he'll be killed.

It's no use, Rukia is grabbed by the throat and slammed into the wall. Now at Shrieker's mercy, all Rukia can do is struggle when suddenly Yasutora comes flying in with a straight punch into Shrieker's face knocking him away. Rukia wonders if he can see Hollows, when she then realises he obviously can't as Yasutora begins randomly throwing punches wildly into the air. Shrieker grabs his chin, calling it a lucky shot when abruptly he is punched in the face once more sent skidding across the ground. Rukia is shocked at Yasutora's lack in fear but watches as Shrieker gets up and takes to the skies. Telling Yasutora it's no longer any use as Shrieker is airbourne, Yasutora grabs a nearby telephone pole and calmly asks for a direction. Not grasping at what Yasutora's intention is and Shrieker giggling away to himself at his supposed advantage. Everything changes as Shrieker gasps in shock and Rukia freezes as they witness Yasutora roar in strength as he rips the large pole in two. Once again asking for a direction, Rukia shouts for a straight swing down and thus Shrieker is caught and smashed into the hard ground below.

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