Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 010

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 010: "Monster Vs New Girl Part 2 [The Substitute]"

Rukia with her arms crossed and Yasutora with a large pole slugged over his shoulder stand over Shrieker as he winces on the floor. Shrieker's demise will soon occur as a Soul Reaper is on his way, but Shrieker glances at Rukia and Yasutora asking why they are not curious as to how he managed to eat two Soul Reapers. Suddenly a strange noise creeps up as a large number of small creatures burst from the shadows and grab Rukia and Yasutora, pinning them to the ground. The tables have turned as Shrieker looms over them both introducing his little friends and wondering who to chomp on first. But once again Yasutora demonstrates inhuman strength by shaking off the creatures around him, throwing them into the air and then throwing a hard punch at Shrieker but his punch was dodged. As Yasutora continues his random punch assault, Rukia tells him to kick above her and doing so clears all of the creatures holding Rukia down. Shrieker leans down whispering something to his friends before flexing his wings and taking to the skies again. Telling Yasutora that she has an idea, Rukia asks him to launch her into the sky, even though they both admitted it seems quite immature. The angle was set and Rukia was thrown upward, heading straight for Shrieker. Shrieker waves his arms yelling that he gives up before suddenly changing his tone as one of the little friends popped out of his shoulder and fired a strange gunge from it's mouth at Rukia, sending her back to the ground falling into Yasutora's arms. Asking what happened, Rukia says she was caught by surprise and covered in leeches. As she tries to shake them off, Shrieker lands and tells them of his special artillery, then poking his tongue out and making a high whistle sound. Suddenly the leeches on Rukia explode, shredding Rukia's body up and making her collapse. Rukia tries to get up and Yasutora asks what happened while Shrieker happily explains his little trick by using his tongue to set off the leech bombs. Yasutora slowly steps toward Shrieker but Shrieker cockily calls him over as one of his little creatures shuffles into view holding onto the Parakeet. If Yasutora moves, they will blow up the bird, so instead Rukia struggles to her feet and runs for it obtaining Shrieker's attention. As she runs, various of the little critters fire leeches at her. Managing to dodge the first assault she is not so lucky the second as her arm is coated in leeches and then exploded by Shrieker. Rukia takes the pain as her arm gushes in blood and hangs dead as she continues to run leaving blood droplets behind her. Now just toying with her, Shriekers throws his friends like grenades as he chases when she abruptly just stops running. Thinking that she has simply given up, Shrieker is dissapointed but Rukia says that she doesn't have to run anymore. Asking her to repeat herself, Shrieker is slammed on the head by a foot. Ichigo stands on Shrieker's head panting away, and angrily repeates to Rukia what he said to her before and that see is a bloody mess. Ichigo hops off Shrieker's head and looks back telling Shrieker that he's the new tag mate.

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