Bleach Manga Guide - Chapter 011

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28

Chapter 011: "Leech-Bombs And Mom"

Sniffing Ichigo out, Shrieker made the decision that he should of gone after Ichigo instead when they split up. Suddenly ordering his friends to fire loads of leeches at Ichigo, he was too slow as Rukia had already turned Ichigo into a Soul Reaper and moved to safety during this attack. Bringing his Zanpaku-to down, Shrieker just managed to dodge a head attack but still got wounded across his shoulder. Tellng Rukia that on his way he got rid of those little creatures covering the birdcage and Rukia explained to him about Shrieker's bomb attack. Making Karin cry, hurting his friends, Ichigo is now truly annoyed.

Yasutora doesn't daudle as he grabbed the Parakeet and ran to Ichigo and Rukia's position. As he arrived he found Ichigo's body lying on the ground, but Rukia told him not to worry as right now, Ichigo is fighting the Hollow. Cutting up each creature thrown at him, Ichigo advances closer to Shrieker. Shrieker applaudes his effort but gives him the heads up that the leeches spilled from his friends guts are still bombs and with a whistle, Ichigo is engulfed in a explosion. Thinking he has just scored another Soul Reaper, Ichigo bursts out of the smoke and brings his Zanpaku-to to Shrieker's neck in a flash but not going for a kill without asking a question first. Did Shrieker kill the boy trapped in the Parakeets mother. At the same time, Yuichi, the boy inside the Parakeet admits that it's all his fault. Saying that the whole reasoning behind it was to bring his mother back to life. Rukia asks who said such a thing when Shrieker admits he killed Yuichi's parents. Things start coming together as Shrieker begins to tell that 5 years ago when he was still alive, he was a serial killer. He killed 8 people and became something like a celebrity and Yuichi's mother was his final victim. As he stabbed her multiple times, she still managed to run away to her balcony clutching onto her child. At that spot is where Shrieker dealt his final stab but things turned sour as Yuichi grabbed Shrieker's laces and caused him to trip and fall off the balcony to his death. Wanting revenge, Shrieker became a Hollow and sucked out Yuichi's soul and placed it within a Parakeet. Then he made a deal, that if Yuichi can run from Shrieker for 3 months he would bring Yuichi's mom back to life. Of course it was all a hoax just so that Yuichi would play and it worked. And in result, Shrieker get's to gobble up anyone who tries to help Yuichi and all he has to keep telling Yuichi is that his mom is counting on him. Ichigo grits his teeth and swings his Zanpaku-to for the finish but Shrieker pushes it aside with his hand, and throws 2 of his friends at Ichigo's weak defense covering him in leeches. All that's left is the ring of the tongue but it doesn't always go to plan as Ichigo thrusts his fist forward smashing Shrieker's teeth and grabbing his tongue. As Shrieker coughs and splutters, Ichigo asks why doesn't he blow the leeches up and seeing as he won't Ichigo claims the tongue to now officially be his and rips it clean out of Shrieker's mouth.

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