Bleach Manga Listing Guide

A list of the Volumes and Chapters in the Bleach Manga series. The Manga is still on going and a new Chapter is released normally once every week so this page will update once weekly. The Volume covers are the VIZ English versions but the Japanese Tankoubon covers will be shown if the English Volume cover has yet to be released.

Volumes: 1-7 | 8-14 | 15-21 | 22-28
Bleach Manga Volume #15 - Beginning Of The Death Of Tomorrow
Chapter 124. "Crying Little People"
Chapter 125. "Insanity & Genius"
Chapter 126. "The Last Of A Void War"
Chapter 127. "Beginning Of The Death Of Tomorrow"
Chapter 128. "The Great Joint Struggle Union"
Chapter 129. "Suspicion [For Assassination]"
Chapter 130. "Suspicion 2 [Of Tears]"
Bleach Manga Volume #16 - Night Of Wijnruit
Chapter 131. "The True Will"
Chapter 132. "Creeping Limit"
Chapter 133. "Memories In The Rain 2 [The Nocturne]"
Chapter 134. "Memories In The Rain 2 Op.2 [Longing For Sanctuary]"
Chapter 135. "Memories In The Rain 2 Op.3 [Affected By The Night]"
Chapter 136. "Memories In The Rain 2 Op.4 [Night Of Wijnruit]"
Chapter 137. "Surrounding Clutch"
Chapter 138. "Individual Thoughts"
Chapter 139. "Drowsy.Bloody.Crazy"

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