Bleach OVA: Memories in the Rain

The OVA starts off with Ichigo fighting the Grand Fisher but you only see a little action before it cuts back to showing Ichigo was a kid. One rainy day while Ichigo and his mother were walking, Ichigo sees a kid walking into a river bank and he tries to save her. We then see Ichigo running to save and then the scene ends with Ichigo’s mother dead and on top of Ichigo.

Next it shows Orihime and her friends talking about there art class when Ichigo Walks in the room. Orihime says hi to Ichigo and Ichigo responds and is acting very happy which is strange for him to act. Tatsuki tell Orihime that he is hiding his real feelings and that tomorrow he’ll not be at school.

The next day Ichigo and his family goes to the mother's grave as they get close to the cemetery they see Rukia. Ichigo and Rukia go and talk alone about his mother's death she asks him if a Hollow killed his mother. Ichigo gets mad for he even bringing up the idea that a Hollow killed his mother and runs off. At the same time the rest of Ichigo's family are praying at there mother's grave where Rukia is watching them from a distance when Rukia's Sprit Phone rings and indicates a hollow is near.

Just then the Grand Fisher attacks Karin and Yuzu. As the Fisher is about to eat Yuzu he is stopped by Rukia. She then tries to buy time and waits for Ichigo. At this time Ichigo sees a figure that looks like his mother and starts think about old memories of her. But so he figures out that it is not his mother but the girl he was trying to save the day she died.

The Fisher goes after Ichigo’s Family but Ichigo appears and goes into Soul Reaper form. Ichigo attacks the Hollow and so finds out he killed his mother and tells Rukia not to help him. As they fight Ichigo is not having mush luck since this Hollow is much stronger than any Hollow he has faced before. Then the Fisher sends out a soul that looks like his mother while Ichigo is distracted the Grand Fisher stabs him.

After this big blow Ichigo gets mad that he used his mother as a way to trick him and stabs him back and also cuts into him. Then the Grand Fisher transforms himself into the girl, which Ichigo tried to save from drowning in the river, and then escapes.

That night Ichigo talk’s with his father about his mothers death. His father tells him to live his life to the fullest because that would his mother would want for Ichigo. After the talk with his dad, Ichigo tells Rukia that he wants to get stronger and kill the Grand Fisher. And the OVA fades out into the credits.

Content contributed by JerrodDragon.

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