Bleach OVA: The Sealed Sword Frenzy

The OVA starts off with a ceremony at a temple when one of the statues breaks apart and Baishin is released and with him is a large amount of energy that it kills everyone in the area. Ichigo and Rukia are just having are relaxing Sunday until Yuzu comes into the room seeking help because Ichigo’s father is being attacked by a mystery man. This man turns out to be Renji who is looking for Ichigo.

Renji is pretending to be a Cop to get Ichigo to come with him which he does. Then Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji go to talk and have lunch. While having lunch Hanatarou shows up to give them their food and he says he’s undercover. Before Renji could explain what was going on to Ichigo they hear an explosion nearby. When they get to the area they see a Shinigami coming out of the smoke.

Renji shoots him but with it has not effect and gets stabbed with a dagger. Ichigo transforms into a Shinigami and begins to fights the other Shinigami who calls him self Blade (his real name is Baishin). As Ichigo attacks, Baishin grabs him and takes some of Ichigo’s spirit power. Renji and Rukia attack but are too weak to hurt him then Hitsugaya shows up and scares away Baishin. But before Baishin leaves he unleashes a bunch of Hollows then disappears.

Rukia takes Ichigo to Urahara's store where Hitsugaya tells them about Baishin who was once a Soul Reaper from over 400 years ago. Hitsugaya tells them that one day he went mad one day and killed 63 Shinigamis and it took 6 Captains to seal him away and 2 of the Captains had to scarf ice themselves to complete the seal.

Now they must seal him in 12 hours or kill him. Hitsugaya then tells them that new ones are appearing because they are Hollows attracted to Baishin's spirit power. A few minutes after he leaves Sui Fong, Shunsui, Yoruichi, and Ukitake enter the Shop. They tell them to split up find Baishin and Kill all the Hollows. Then they all leave and leave Ichigo behind.

Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji fight a few Hollows which they kill easily until Ichigo suddenly falls down. Rukia asks him if he was OK, Ichigo gets up and ignores her. Ukitake, Shunsei, and Sui Fong also fight some Hollows while Yoruichi searchs for Baishin. Renji, Rukia, and Ichigo go to the temple where Baishin was sealed. Ichigo then releases his spirit power to a track Baishin.

Ichigo attacks Baishin but can not hurt him in such a weak state. Renji then uses his most powerful attack, Higa Zekkou, on him but has almost no effect. Baishin then summons his bankai which transforms his skin into metal. Right after this Hitsugaya shows up and uses his own bankai but Baishin stops his bankai attack. The rest of the Shinigami show up and realized that he's going to explode soon because he has absorbed too much power and is too powerful to be sealed. Ichigo then grabs Baishin's ankle and gets back up and says Baishin does not have a Zanpaktou even though he's a Shinigami. Ichigo then uses his bankai and fights Baishin again but this time beats him.

After Baishin dies Ichigo reveals that Baishin had merged with his Zanpaktou. Yoruichi thinks that Baishin tried to use Ichigo's spirit power to return back himself back to normal. The only thing left of Baishin is his Zanpaktou and the OVA ends with some amusing credits.

Content contributed by JerrodDragon.

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