Dragonball AF Characters

This is a list of every character featured in Dragonball AF, and a little bit of information about them HOW THEY ARE IN AF. This is all based off of rumors, of course, so unfortunately there's no way to find every character's individual roles for every summary, since new ones are being written all the time. Only the major ones are included.

Alakaz is the main villain of Dragonball AF movie #1, "Borunks' Revenge". He is the son of Babidi, and as such, the movie is centered around his cronies doing the dirty work for him. Alakaz eventually battles Borunks (who is the fusion of Broly and Trunks), but is killed when they defuse and plow through his stomache simultaneously, and blast him apart from behind.
Picture: none

Android #8
Android 8 is absorbed by perfect Cell, which then allows him to become "super perfect". This occured while Android #8 was spectating the impending match between super Saiyan 5 Goku and perfect Cell. Aside from that, Android #8 is mentioned in no other summaries.
Picture: none

Android #16
One summary mentions Android #16 being wished back to life, but nothing more is said about him after that. Aside from that little bit, he is completely unheard of in Dragonball AF, and isn't even mentioned anywhere else at all.
Picture: none

Android #17
Android 17 at one point was resurrected. He was pure (I don't know if he was just like this, or if they wished for that as well), and his power transcended Super Android #17's, but at the same time, he looked like he normally does.
Picture: none

Android #18
Android 18 doesn't play much of a role in any of the summaries. In one of them however, Goku (who had the Eternal Dragon's wish-granting capabilities) made into her a full-fledged human, so she could live the rest of her life as one.
Picture: none

Android #22
Android #22 only exists as an image, and has not been mentioned in any writings that I know of. Android #22 is a female machine created by the Red Ribbon Army, designed to replicate Vegeta's attack style, right down to the super Saiyan transformations (or so I would assume, since the picture mentions it having Saiyan DNA).
Picture: Android #22

Baby himself is never mentioned in any of the summaries. However, there is a picture of Baby infused with Broly, under the name "Broby" so I am including him in this list anyway.
Picture: none

Baby's descendant
This descendant's name was never mentioned in the brief summary that he was the primary villain of. Baby's descendant arrives from a space ship and makes quick work of Gotan and Diri. Diri is killed, but Gotan pretends to die and barely survives. After waking up from unconsciousness, King Kai speaks to Gotan, and reveals that Baby's descendant plans on opening a portal between earth and Hell so he can absorb with all of Goku's old enemies, and destroy the Saiyans once and for all. This story never reaches a conclusion however, so we are left in the dark as to whatever happened with Baby's descendant, Gotan, and Diri.
Picture: none

According to one of the summaries, Bardock is eventually brought back, and trains with Goku on earth after becoming a super Saiyan. In another one, Goku and Vegeta meet Bardock and king Vegeta on a planet for a brief time while searching for the dragonballs. Aside from those two instances, Bardock isn't mentioned anywhere else, to my knowledge. There are a couple of image edits that show Bardock as a super Saiyan 4, however.
Picture: Super Saiyan Bardock, Super Saiyan 4 Bardock

NOT to be confused with "Borunks". Supposedly, Boronks was the one to comes to earth and emerges as the first super Saiyan 5, but this character seems to have been drowned out by Xicor, who does the exact thing, but is just more well-known. I've only heard rumors about Boronks. I've never seen a summary mentioning him at all. This character is probably a simple misperception by someone who saw Borunks, but confused his role with Xicor's.
Picture: none

Appearing in Dragonball AF movie #1, "Borunks' Revenge" and one of the other summaries, Borunks' character has remained consistant throughout both of his appearences. Borunks is the fusion of Broly, and Trunks. In the movie, Borunks intentionally defuses to evade a fatal slash and ram through Alakaz's stomache. In the summary, Borunks is eventually beaten by Xicor's oozaru form, and becomes seperated after being stomped into the ground.
Picture: none

Although Bra herself is rarely mentioned, even for a short time in any summary, there have been a few pictures of her. One of them depicts her in several super Saiyan forms, and another shows a fusion between Pan and herself. In the summary she's mentioned in, she is the wife of a man named Takeru, and eventually they bare a child named Bulma Jr. The fusion between Bra and Pan is never mentioned at all, in any summary or episode list.
Picture: Bra in her super Saiyan forms, Bra / Pan fusion

Bricor, or "Bricer" as spelled in the summary, is a fusion between Broly and Xicor. The only thing mentioned about this fusion, is that it can transform to "SSJ5 Ascended".
Picture: none

This character is not mentioned in any summary or episode list. The only thing of this apparent fusion that exists, is a single picture, which is edited from a Broly image.
Picture: Broby

Broly plays two different roles, out of three summaries he plays a large part in. The more prodominant role of the two however, is Broly being a good guy and fusing with Xicor. Another role he takes is being a super Saiyan 2, and killing Goku by catching him off guard after Goku finishes Raditz and regresses back to his non-super Saiyan state. There have also been pictures created that show Broly as a super Saiyan 4, but this form of his hasn't been mentioned anywhere in writing.
Picture: Super Saiyan 4 Broly

Bulma is a surprisingly popular character in the summaries. In one of them, she even learns how to perform the Big Bang attack. In another, she arrives just in the nick of time and uses her machine to invoke Trunks' super Saiyan 4 transformation. She's also been written as elderly, and near the end of her lifespan.
Picture: none

Bulma Jr.
Bulma Jr. is the offspring of Bra and Takeru. Nothing is told of her character, however.
Just that she's their child.
Picture: none

Being pushed to the sidelines like Frieza and Cell, Buu only makes a small appearence on the episode lists, where he comes back, but is again destroyed shortly after. Although being pushed aside in all of the writings he's appeared in, there are pictures of Buu fused with Frieza, and even one of him fused with Baby, Vegeta, Frieza AND Cell.
Picture: Buu / Frieza / Cell / Baby / Vegeta fusion, Buu / Frieza fusion

Cell is one of the many "smack-around" villains of the series, occasionally escaping Hell, but getting sent back there shortly after. His largest event was absorbing Android #8 and becoming super perfect Cell, but oddly enough, he was never mentioned after that. He was just forgotten entirely, and didn't even get to fight in his new form. Poor guy.
Picture: none

Overlooked as always, Chichi rarely does anything more than get a half-sentence of mention in whatever she appears in. Her biggest moment in any of the Dragonball AF summaries, was having Goku wish her youth, and getting changed back to the age of twenty as a result. In another summary, she was an elderly grandmother who was barely even alive.
Picture: none

Mentioned only once, at the end of a rather short summary. Coolza is the fusion of Frieza and Cooler, via the fusion dance.
Picture: Coolza?

Diri is a descendant of the Son family. However, she is quickly killed at the beginning of a short, unfinished summary, and thus, we don't know whatever happens to her.
Picture: none

Dende is another one of the severely overlooked characters, and is only used as means of healing the injured Z fighters from time to time. His only contribution to the storyline is learning to fight and becoming a Z Warrior himself, but this was only mentioned in an episode list, and in a power level list, where he fights an evil clone of himself (I think).
Picture: none

Evil Gogeta
Only mentioned in a rather sloppy episode list, evil Gogeta is basically just.. evil Gogeta. Nothing at all is explained of him; his name just appears in the episodes. It is known that he battles Gogeta Jr., and the original Gogeta himself. The one who finally defeats evil Gogeta is never mentioned specifically, but one would assume it was the original Gogeta.
Picture: none

Evil Goku
Evil Goku is rumored to have been an evil intoxication of Goku himself, after being overwhelmed by his super Saiyan 6 power. However, one summary says it was super Saiyan 7 that caused Goku to become evil.
Picture: none

A varied name for the Frieza/Cooler fusion. Freezer is said to have been extremely powerful (as most DBZ/GT villains are). He was able to beat super Saiyan 6 Vegeta with no effort, push Trunks into going super Saiyan 2 AND 3, and even suprass Gogetrunks in power (Goku+vegeta+Trunks fusion). He was finally overpowered and beaten when Gogetrunks fused with Bardock, although the way he was killed is never specified.
Picture: none

Playing the role as the typical recyclable DBZ villain as always, Frieza's only breakout appearences are when he would fuse with Cooler to create either Coolza, or Freezer, depending on which of the two summaries their fusion happened in.
Picture: none

Gogeta plays part in a lot of the summaries, and even has two spin-off villain copies of himself in two different writings; in an episode list, there was an evil Gogeta, and in one summary, there was an evil Gogeta clone. More often than not, he dominates the battle, but winds up unwillingly defusing right before the victory is assured. In other scenarios however, he has battled evenly, but defused because of time running out, or simply got beaten into the ground. He's played the hero as well, and also was probably the one who beat the clone of himself.
Picture: none

Gogeta Jr.
The fusion dance result of Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. Gogeta Jr.'s only major appearence in an episode list, where he battles the evil Gogeta clone, and even ascends to super Saiyan 5.
Picture: none

Gogeta clone
The Gogeta clone was somewhat of an interesting villain. Created from the DNA of the original Gogeta by Jerry Gero Jr., the Gogeta clone is also referred to as #7. Because he was born of Gogeta's DNA, and not Goku or Vegeta's, the Gogeta clone was permanent, and had no issues of ever defusing in mid-battle. Easily overpowering the original Gogeta, and downing super Saiyan 5 Goku after a long struggle, the Gogeta clone's fate is never revealed, as the story had abruptly ended, just as Vegeta was about to reveal his "true power" (super Saiyan 5, assumably) and stall him so Goku could create a Spirit Bomb. I'm sure if the battle had concluded, it would have ended just as the Kid Buu fight did.
Picture: none

Gogetrunks is only mentioned briefly in one summary. He wasn't as powerful as Freezer, and had to fuse with Bardock to top him.
Picture: none

Gohan, as with Dragonball GT, is usually brushed aside and doesn't play a major role in any of the summaries. More often than not, he winds up fusing with Goku, and rarely plays a useful role by just himself. There have been pictures depicting Gohan as a super Saiyan 4 and beyond, but this is rarely even touched upon by the summaries.
Picture: Super Saiyan 4 Gohan, Super Saiyan 5 Gohan

Gohan clone
An evil clone of Gohan, created by Jerry Gero Jr., using a sample of Gohan's DNA. This clone was originally designed to be stronger than Gohan, but thanks to the wish Gohan had granted by Goku to use super Saiyan and mystic Saiyan at once, Gohan was able to destroy this clone with a Kamehameha Wave.
Picture: none

As he's done so many times in the past, Goku takes center stage throughout nearly every one of the Dragonball AF summaries. Goku easily has the most varied roles out of any character, but most typically, he emerges right in the nick of time as a super Saiyan 5 or beyond. Throughout many of the writings featuring him, Goku has:

- Transformed into a super Saiyan 5, 6, 7, and even 8 and 9.
- Became intoxicated by the power of super Saiyan 6 (and 7), and turned evil
- Became so powerful, he had no choice but to self-destruct
- Became fused with the Eternal Dragon, and had the ability to grant wishes

And that's just to name a few. Goku has also simply written off as dead, and had the story continue with his descendants being the main characters.
Picture: none

Goku clone
Created by Jerry Gero Jr., the Goku clone was stronger than that of a super Saiyan 4. However, during his fight, he was destroyed by the real Goku's Kamehameha x10. This clone was also known as "#1".
Picture: none

Goku Jr.
Goku Jr., by some, is rumored to be the real achiever of super Saiyan 5, and not his ancestor, Goku himself. In some of the summaries, Goku Jr. fused with Vegeta Jr. to create Gogeta Jr., who had the abilities to go super Saiyan 5 and beyond.
Picture: none

If my memory serves, Goshin isn't spoken of in any of the summaries that I know of, and the only evidence of his very existence is a picture of him.
Picture: Goshin

Gotan is a long-time descendant of the Son family. His brief summary spotlight takes place over 700 years after the end of Dragonball GT. Gotan is the older brother of Diri, who is his little sister. Diri is killed by Baby's descendant, and this pushes Gotan to go super Saiyan 2. However, his strength is not enough, and he too is felled by Baby's descendant. Instead of dying, Gotan feigned death and barely survived. He awoke to King Kai telling him of Baby's descendant's real intentions, and his plan of absorbing all of Goku's old enemies and wiping out the Saiyans for good. This story never comes to a conclusion however, since it abruptly comes to a halt after King Kai's warning. The writer probably lost interest.
Picture: Gotan

Goten is a severely overlooked character in almost all of the summaries he plays a part in. The only times he even has a featured role, is when he fuses with Trunks to create an adult Gotenks. Adult Gotenks is usually able to go to super Saiyan 4, as well.
Picture: Goten

Goten clone
As with all of the other clones, the Goten clone, again sharing the same fate as most of the others, is killed by the one that he was cloned from. He is eventually felled by a fatal kick/Kamehameha combination, dealt by Goten himself, whom had emerged as a super Saiyan 2, thanks to the wish Goku granted him.
Picture: none

To my knowledge, Gotenks followed in the footsteps of his younger self; he often surprised everybody by reaching new levels, but never actually defeating the main villain. One of the more idiocally-written summaries mentions Gotenks being the fusion of super Saiyan 5 Goku, and super Saiyan 5 Goten.
Picture: Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks, Super Saiyan 5(?) Gotenks

Nothing at all is said about Gouyky; his name is simply on the episode list. Gouyky is the fusion of Groudy, and Jonyky.
Picture: none

Hantenks is one of those characters who is fabricated from the mind of a true retard. Hantenks is mentioned in only one summary; he is the tri-fusion of super Saiyan 5 Goku, super Saiyan 5 Goten, and super Saiyan 5 Gohan. Hantenks battles fiercely with Boronks, but then he takes the Potara earrings off and defuses and talks peacefully with Boronks, who then becomes their ally.
Picture: none

Hercule plays virtually no role in any of the summaries. The only mention of him I can remember right offhand is from one of the episode lists, "Videl visiting Mr. Satan".
Picture: none

Hitsochani is a Kleenex villain I created to add more spice to a revised episode list I also made. He is mentioned nowhere else at all. He is the fusion of Hitsorashi and Motchani, and is later out-smarted by Gogeta. Hitsorashi and Motchani mimicked Goku and Vegeta's fusion dance, but his fusion broke before Gogeta's did, and they were quickly crushed.
Picture: none

Imbroly is mentioned once, in one summary, and nothing about him is told, just that he is Broly's brother. He fuses with somebody named Kentoratchi, and the fusion (which isn't named), is quickly killed by super Saiyan 7 Goku's Ultra Spirit Bomb.
Picture: none

As with a lot of characters, Jago only plays part in one summary. Jago is the younger brother of Trunks, whom has given him his sword, but also was slain by one of Janaba's henchmen. Trunks' death pushes Jago into going super Saiyan for the first time, which gives him the power to kill Janaba and his minions.
Picture: none

Janaba was killed by Jago after he became a super Saiyan for the first time. That's all that's even said of this character. The summary Janaba was in is INCREDIBLY vague.
Picture: none

Jerry Gero Jr.
Jerry Gero Jr. is the grandson of Dr. Gero. He is responsible for the many Z warrior clones that appear in only one of the summaries. He even created a clone of Gogeta himself, who had more power than super Saiyan 5 Goku. Jerry Gero Jr.'s fate is never decided, since the only summary he appears in stops suddenly, and remains unfinished.
Picture: none

Jeannine is one of the several warriors that Alakaz had control over in "Movie 1: Boronks' Revenge". Jeannine is the only one of Alakaz's unwilling servants who isn't slaughtered by the Z warriors; she instead flies off in the end with Broly, whom she plans to marry.
Picture: none

Karo is a spin-off of the little-mentioned "Karoenisch" character from one of the episode lists. In my list, Karo is a bitter Tuffle, who uses his technological know-how to sneak the black-star dragonballs from the lookout, and have a wish to increase his power a thousand fold granted. He is later overwhelmed and destroyed by the emerging super Saiyan 5 Goku.
Picture: none

No detail whatsoever of Karoenisch is ever disclosed. His name only appears on one of the episode lists, during the "Super Goku Saga". Karoenisch was probably killed by double attack from Gogeta, and Gogeta Jr.
Picture: none

No details of Kentoratchi are even mentioned, just that he fuses with the equally elusive Imbroly, and the nameless fusion is killed by super Saiyan 7 Goku's Ultra Spirit Bomb.
Picture: none

Kuja is half Saiyan, half beast (no type specified). No storyline or anything remotely interesting is told of this character, just that he is killed by the resulting "Family Fusion" of Jago, Trunks and Vegeta by being blasted into space and disintegrated.
Picture: none

Poor Krillin. He's overlooked worse in Dragonball AF summaries, than he was in Dragonball GT. In fact, the only event Krillin parttakes in that is worth mentioning, is having youth granted to him by Goku, and his battle with the Krillin clone that Jerry Gero Jr. created. Krillin didn't even get to kill his own clone like everybody else did, either!
Picture: none

Krillin clone
Created by Jerry Gero Jr., the Krillin clone fell to the mercy of the Z warriors, but he was immediately destroyed by the Gogeta clone, who had blasted him to pieces from above to make his grand entrance onto the scene.
Picture: none

Laetacia was one of Alakaz's servants. She was quickly slaughtered by Xicor, who chopped her in half with nothing but his bare arm.
Picture: none

Yet another of Alakaz's servants. Max met his end when he was punched through the stomache, then blown up by a ki blast which had been detonated inside of him by Xicor.
Picture: none

Motchani originated, and never transcended being just a faceless villain in the episode lists. In the original list, Motchani's death is never specified upon; in my version of the list, Motchani is one of the two victims of Gogeta's Double Dragon Fist.
Picture: none

Nomanisch only appears on some of the power level lists, so no details of him are at all mentioned, except that he is the fusion of Nomaky and Zuranisch.
Picture: none

Nomaykygosch is the fusion of Gouyky and Nomanisch, who are each the resulting fusions of two other characters, making Nomaykygosch the combination of four different characters. No character details of Nomaykygosch are specified, since he's only featured in a power level list.
Picture: none

Okster is yet another of the many characters who is only featured in power level lists, and/or episode lists. In the episode list, Okster is killed by Gogeta, but eventually escapes from Hell in a later saga. The one who kills Okster again is never specified.
Picture: none

Oscar is one of Alakaz's servants, in the "Movie 1: Boronks' Revenge" movie summary. He is later decapitated, and blown to pieces by Xicor.
Picture: none

Thankfully, Pikkon wasn't entirely overlooked in Dragonball AF. He played a small role in one of the summaries, where he killed Babidi in Hell, while Babidi was trying to take control of Piccolo (who was on Earth at the time).
Picture: none

Potoscy is yet another faceless originative from the episode and power level lists. In the episode list, he gives up shortly after engaging in battle with Goku and Vegeta.
Picture: none

Princess Lila
Princess Lila is the female god who was attempting to seduce Goku on the unnamed planet that he visited to train on because of the immense gravity (x1,000). Goku declined, but Princess Lila eventually had her way with Goku by making love with him in his dreams, and getting herself pregnant. Approximately 120 years later, she gave birth to Xicor, the Saiyan/god hybrid. In the only summary that her name is mentioned in, she was killed by Vegeta's triple Big Bang attack while everybody was assembled on Kami's lookout. She was playing friendly with the Z warriors while Xicor collected the dragonballs, but she planned to make an evil wish.

Piccolo figured out Lila's plan, and she was stopped before it could be carried out.
Picture: none

The only mention of Shella, is her being Trunks' daughter. Nothing else at all is specified about her, except that she was wished back to life by the dragonballs.
Picture: none

Snowsay was one of Alakaz's servants. He was later blown to pieces by Vegeta after he tried attacking Bulma.
Picture: none

Takeru is only mentioned in one Dragonball AF summary. He is Bra's husband, and has a daughter, named Bulma Jr.
Picture: none

Tiencha is the fusion of Tien and Yamcha. Nothing that I know of mentions anything specifically about "Tiencha", just that it's the Tien/Yamcha fusion. For some information about the variation of this fusion, see Yamchien
Picture: none

Trunks plays many parts. Whether he be an older sibling who passes his sword onto a younger brother (Jago), reaching super Saiyan 4 to assist in a battle, or flat-out returning from the future with evil intentions, you can bet Trunks will be quite abundant in Dragonball AF. Trunks has also been pictured as a super Saiyan 2, 3, 4, and even as high as 7.
Picture: none

Trunks clone
As with all of the other clones, the Trunks clone was created yb Jerry Gero Jr. Also known as #7, the Trunks clone was destroyed by the real Trunks' Big Bang attack.
Picture: none

Very little is told of Vaiki, and she isn't involved with any of the summaries (that I am aware of). All that's known is that she is Vegeta Jr.'s little sister, and that she has the ability to go super Saiyan.
Picture: none

Sadly, Vegeta's role hasn't changed much. He's typically written as still straying behind Goku and always trying to "catch up" to him. More often that, he simply fuses with Goku. It isn't very often that Vegeta plays a major role by himself in any of the summaries, although he is sometimes teamed up with Goku (as they were in Buu's stomache). Vegeta has been written as going super Saiyan 5 right after Goku did, and in some of the more retarded summaries, he reached levels beyond even that.
Picture: none

Vegeta clone
One of Jerry Gero Jr.'s many clones. The Vegeta clone was known as #6, and he was later destroyed by a fierce kick from Goku.
Picture: none

Vegetto is surprisingly overlooked. In fact, I can't recall him ever being mentioned, except ONCE in an episode list. The episode was called "Gotenks and Vegetto." However, there have been a few screenshot edits of Vegetto, so, he's still in the minds of some Dragonball AF fans. Either that, or they were trying to change who he was.
Picture: none

Vegetunks is one of the Dragonball AF icons; the infamous Vegetunks image has been viewed by probably every Dragonball AF enthusiast in existence. Despite Vegetunks' fame because of his pictures, he's very rarely even written about. I've only seen him mentioned in one of the rumors. This is a shame, too. Vegetunks would be an awesome character.
Picture: none

Videl falls into the same role that so many other DBZ girls have. She merely becomes the human broodmare for one of the Saiyans. One of the rumors mentioned Videl and Gohan having a son, but his name was never mentioned (Goshin, perhaps? That's my guess).
Picture: none

Xicor is one of the more well-known characters in the Dragonball AF universe, and one of the few who doesn't have a mass abundance of different roles. Xicor is best known as being the third son of Goku, who was conceived when Princess Lila seduced Goku and made love with him in his dreams to get herself pregnant. Xicor spent 120 years in the womb before he was born as a super Saiyan 5 god... thing (I guess). He later travelled to Earth in search of training by his father, Goku (who was still quite spry after over 120 years, apparently).

In some other summaries, Xicor was on the Z warrior's side. Most notably, was the "Movie 1: Boronks' Revenge" movie where Xicor killed nearly all of Alakaz's evil servants.
Picture: none

Yamchien has popped up a time or two throughout all of the summaries I've read, but his appearences were brief. In one of them, Yamcha and Tien fused with the fusion dance and faught Xicor formidably. During the short fight, Yamchien successfully pulled off a Tri-Beam and Skatter Shot, but in the end he succeeded in doing no more than pissing Xicor off, and getting himself killed.
Picture: none
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