Dragonball, Z, GT Character Guide [Biographies]

This page is a gateway to information about most of the characters in DBZGT. The pages below include a picture of the character, along with a short description. The pages are organized alphabetically, by the name of the character. Detailed biographies will be made in the future but only after the rest of the site is more complete. If you see any characters missing from one of the pages below please let me know at the following email address, without the spaces. D i n o M F G @ G m a i l . C o m

Here are the pages with the new layout and bigger images. I tried to have the characters that have multiple names like Kame-senin AKA Master Roshi be under both letters K and M. This way it's easy to find the character your looking for.

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Group Biographies:
» Baba's Fighters
» Babidi's Fighters
» Dragon Guide
» Evil Shenrons
» Red Ribbon Army

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