My Favorite Games FAQ

- Will you answer a question I have about DB/Z/GT?

Please use the forums to ask those kinds of questions.

- Do you know how to reach Akira Toyiyama? I have a question or idea for him.

Sorry, we have no idea how to reach him. FWIW, he hasn't been directly involved with DB/Z since 1995.

- Are there plans for a follow-on to DB/Z/GT?

Not as far as we are aware. The manga stopped being published quite a long time ago.

- Who hosts your website?
MFG runs on a set of dedicated servers a large, secure, co-location facility in San Jose, California.

- Why is your website called MFG & what does that stand for?
MFG stands for My Favorite Games, and was chosen when we used to review video games. Later we changed to a DBZGT site but kept the domain.

- Can I take ____ for my website?
With the exception of News posts (if you source us), no you can't.

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