Dragonball Z Hair Guide

An Introduction:
Throughout the Dragonball manga, Toriyama is constantly changing the hairstyles of his characters (some more than others).

How This Section Works:
You'll find a picture of nearly every hairstyle (that changes) in Dragonball, Z, GT followed by the volume and chapter in which that hairstyle first appears. Whenever I felt it was appropriate, I have injected a (sometimes humorous) comment below the volume/chapter data.

Being the sexy, stylish woman that she is, Bulma changes her hairstyle constantly throughout Dragonball, Z, GT. In fact, she changes her hairstyle 16 different times, bringing her style count to a grant total of 17 (this contradicts the commonly held fact that she goes through 15 hairstyle changes and 16 total hairstyles). Once again, I dug through volumes of manga to verify the information contained in the Daizenshu (which we found to be wrong on several occasions this time).

A purebred Saiya-jin's hair will always retain its natural "pointy" look and a constant length, unless the Saiya-jin cuts his/her hair (Goku is a good example of this, as his hairstyle never changes). Half and quarter Saiya-jins have much more natural hair, and will only retain the natural "pointy" look of a purebred Saiya-jin if it is specifically styled to do so (Goten is a good example of this, as his hairstyle retains the natural Saiya-jin look until he lets it grow out in his teenage years).

No, Vegeta does not change his hairstyle. When he first appears in the Dragonball manga, his upper body is very short in comparison to the rest of his body. Later in the manga, he is drawn a bit taller, and with a much more proportioned anatomy. However, as Akira Toriyama began to draw Vegeta taller, he did not make his hair longer. Hence, this gives the perception that his hair is cut shorter later in the Dragonball manga.

Android 18
Volume 29 • Chap. 12
Volume 42 • Chap. 16
Budoukai Announcer
Volume 3 Volume 36
The stress of three straight Budoukai's with Goku hasn't helped his receding hairline any.
Volume 42 • Chap. 16
Well into his golden years, the announcer looks like he could use some hair plugs.
Volume 1 Chap. 1
Tied for the shortest stint of any style.
Volume 1 Chap. 2
Here Bulma is sporting her "I'm fresh out of bed and ready to flash my bare crotch
to Roshi" look.
Volume 1 Chap. 6
Volume 2 Chap. 16 Volume 3 Chap. 35 Volume 6 Chap. 69
Yes, she has this one again. I hope she doesn't... nevermind.
Volume 10 Chap. 113
(Volume 10)
Her first harstyle as an adult (she's 19).

Volume 17 Chap. 197
Her last hairstyle in Dragonball.
Volume 17 Chapter 197
Her first hairstyle in Dragonball Z.
Volume 21 Chap. 242
Tied for the shortest stint of any style.
Volume 21 Chap. 243
"Lets, like, go to Namek! As if!"
Volume 21 Chap. 245
Her famous "Namek" style.
Volume 28 Chap. 328
Tied for the shortest stint of any style.
Volume 28 Chap. 329
This is probably the style that gets her lai... err... baby Trunks
Volume 28 Chap. 336
Her first hairstlye as a mother.
Volume 36 Chap. 426
Her first hairstyle "over the hill."

Volume 42 Chap. 512
Her first hairstyle over 50, and she's STILL sexy! Well, maybe not...

Coming Soon
Volume 17 • Chap. 3 Volume 18 Volume 21
Volume 28 • Chap. 4   Volume 33 • Chap. 2
Volume 36 • Chap. 1   Volume 42 • Chap. 16
After Buu is destroyed, Gohan settles down and fulfills his mothers dream; he becomes a scholar.
Volume 36 • Chap. 4
Aww... isn't that cute! He looks just like his father.
  Volume 42 • Chap. 16
Volume 1
His shaved head saves him countless times.
Volume 36 • Chap. 6
Never shaved his head after the Cell Game.
Volume 42 • Chap. 16
Going a little gray there, are we?
Mr. Satan
Volume 33
His wacky 'fro makes him one of the most memorable characters in all of Dragonball.
  Volume 42 • Chap. 16
By the time he has a grandchild, the stress of being world champion has taken its toll.
Coming Soon
Volume 36 • Chap. 1
This innocent look dupes Gohan into his first crush.
Volume 36 • Chap. 8
Cuts her flowing hair when she gets serious about ki control.
Volume 42 • Chap. 16
After settling down with Gohan and having a child, she takes on a more motherly appearance.
Volume 1
Yamcha's typical bad-boy look. He repeats this sort of look twice in the manga.
Yamcha cuts his hair short for Bulma. Love is in the air... or shall I say hair? Volume 10 • Chap. 5
Okay, bad puns aside, this is Yamcha's style for the 22nd Budoukai.
Volume 14 • Chap. 10
Back to that bad boy look for the 23rd Buoukai.
Volume 18
Continues that bad boy look through the Furiza saga.
Volume 28 • Chap. 4
Meets up with Trunks in this hairdo.
Volume 28 • Chap. 12
Yamcha takes on a MrE-esque harstyle for the battle with the Androids.
Volume 36 • Chap. 10
This time around, Yamcha takes on more of a SkullMac-like haircut.
Volume 42 • Chap. 16
Could it be... mid-life crisis Yamcha?!


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