Dragonball Life Transitions

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Here you will find a list of characters from Dragonball who have transitioned to life in "another place". You will also find out by who and when that transition occurred.

» West Supreme Kai by Buu
» South Supreme Kai by Buu
» North Supreme Kai by Buu
» The Tuffle Race by The Saiyans
» King Vegeta by Frieza
» Planet Vegeta by Frieza
» Grandpa Gohan by Goku

World Tournament:
» Boss Rabbit by Master Roshi

RR Army Saga:
» General Blue by Mercenary Tao
» Bora by Mercenary Tao
» Commander Red by Assistant Black
» Assistant Black by Goku
» Captain Yellow by Goku

Tienshinhan Saga:
» Krillin by Tambourine

King Piccolo Saga:
» King Chappa by Tambourine
» Bacterian by Tambourine
» Giran by Tambourine
» Ranfan by Tambourine
» Cymbal by Yajirobe
» Tambourine by Goku
» Roshi after using Evil Containment Wave
» Chiaoutzu by King Piccolo
» Shenron by King Piccolo
» Piano by King Piccolo
» Drum by Goku
» King's Guard by King Piccolo
» King Piccolo by Goku

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