Dragonball Z Race Guide

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» Androids - This in an artificial race. Usually androids start out as another race, but are 'enhanced' with technology. The exception are the biotechnological androids like Cell. Cell is ertirely created with the use of cells of other beings. All androids in the series are created by Dr. Gero, who even makes himself one. They usually look just like normal people or can look very strange. They are immensely powerful and most have a mission to kill Goku.

» Animals - There are a variety of animals seen through out the series. The two most important are Puar and Oolong. Many animals are shown walking, and even talking like humans! Colonel Yellow, a high ranking official of the Red Ribbon Army is a tiger. Even the King of the Earth is a walrus like creature!

» Arconia-Jins - This is the race responsible for suppling the Saiya-Jins with technology such as the spacepods. In return for this technology the Saiya-Jins would conqour planets for the Arconia-Jins. It is not known what happens to the Arconia-Jin, but it is most likely that Frieza had them destroyed.

» Arlians - A race of giant insects that inhabit the planet Arlia. They show up in the anime only when Vegeta and Nappa visit their planet to "get some exercise". Vegeta ends up destroying their entire race and planet as they leave.

Aruhua-jins - When Bibidi created Buu, he wasn't able to controll him. On his rampage throughout the universe Buu destroyed many worlds before he could be stopped. The Aruhua race was one of them, over 5 million years ago.

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