Dragonball, Z, GT Tenkaichi Budoukai

The Tenkaichi Budoukai is a tournament with fighters who compete to see, who is the greatest among those is the strongest. It is held every 3 years on Papaya Island on May 7th. However, there have been years that no Z-Fighter has gone to the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Eleven years went by between the 23rd and 24th Tenkaichi Budoukais, for the arena to be rebuilt by, Goku and Piccolo's fight. Seven years had to go by between the 24th and the 25th, due to the Cell Games. Also, the 4 years that happened to go by the 25th and 26th Tenkaichi Budoukais, because of the infamous Majin Buu. Due to the great intense of the Budoukai, a prize was meant for the strongest one that happened to show up. Usually, the prize was 50,000 zeni to about 500,000 zeni. That's quiet a lot. All in all those times, many new people conquered feats no one else could, as did some over come those. If you think that is all it's about, think again!

World Tournament Info, Notes, and Summaries:
» Tenkaichi Budoukai #21
» Tenkaichi Budoukai #22
» Tenkaichi Budoukai #23
» Tenkaichi Budoukai #24
» Tenkaichi Budoukai #25
» Tenkaichi Budoukai #26 & #27
» Tenkaichi Budoukai #28

World Tournament Daizenshuu Scans:
» 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai
» 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai
» 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai
» 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai
» 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai
» Tournament Battle Stages
» Papaya Island Overhead
» Papaya Island Close-up

Tenkaichi Budoukai Translation:

Ten - Heavens/Sky
Ka - Under/Beneath
Ichi - First/Best
Bu - Martial Arts
Duo - Way Of (Fighting)
Kai - Meeting
Translated to: Heavens Under First Fighting Way of Meeting. Still sounds wierd doesn't it!

Ten + Ka means "Under the Heavens" + Ichi = The World's Best.
English Translation: Tenkaichi means, "World's Best"

Bu + Dou = Martial Arts (Martial Arts is a "way of") + Kai = "Martial Arts Meeting".
English Translation: Budoukai means, "Martial Arts Tournament"

Combine both words of the translation and you get:
Tenkaichi Budoukai = The World's Best Martial Arts Tournament

FUNimation Translation: World Tournament:
Now many of you are probably thinking that this is all wrong because it's not anything like what you here it called in the FUNimation dub (English version). FUNimation probably thought calling it The World's Best Martial Arts Tournament was a little long so they shortened it to The World Tournament.

» Tenkaichi Budoukai Rules
You are disqualified from the tournament if you touch anything outside of the ring or have/use a weapon or any other kind of object to help you win the match.
You lose the match if you give up or are down for the count of ten. You also lose if you are knocked unconsious.
If you cry or kill your opponent you are automatically disqualified.
No poking your opponent in the eyes. If you leave or arrive late at the tournament you are disqualified.
No hitting the family jewels.

» World Tournament: Used by FUNimation
» Tenkaichi Budoukai: Used by Many Webmasters
» Tenkaichi Budokai: Used by the American Video Games

In Dragonball GT we see two more Tenkaichi Budoukais. One in episode 41 (probably Tenkaichi Budoukai #31), and another at the end of GT in episode 64 where we're taken 100 years into the future to see Goku jr. fight Vegeta jr. (probably Tenkaichi Budoukai #64). Theres not any info on MFG about these tournaments but if you want to see pics of Goku Jr. click here.

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