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Usually used as an attack, this technique allows a person to basically fuse with another person. Majin Buu and Cell would be good examples of this attack.

Adult Division (Tournament)
During the Buu Saga of Dragonball Z, the Adult Division was created for the World Tournament. Instead of having all the kids and adults in the same tournament they split it up into two divisions, the Adult division and the Junior Division.

Air bike
A bike that Bulma rides early in the series. It is fairly fast and can hover a small distance above the ground.

Alternate Timeline
Future Trunks comes from the alternate timeline. Where he came from, the Androids took over and killed lots of people.

An outfit that protects the wearer from heavy damage. mostly worn by the Saiyans and Frieza's Henchmen.

A weapon that has a sharp blade at the end of it. We see Upa carry one around, but he never uses it. Upa and his father Bora, are Indians that guard the bottom of Korin's Tower.

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