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Welcome to the MFG humor section! Below you can find links to our favorite humorous topics found in the MFG FoRuMs. We welcome and encourage new posts/topics, and hope you enjoy your visit =).

The Bus of the Scooby-Doo Gang - Brilliant combination, this topic features dragonball manga with words replaced to make it seem more like the Scooby-Doo cartoon show, very entertaining.

"Pants" - Replace word(s) in Dragonball related phrases with the word "pants". One of my all time favorite humor topics! Like this topic? Check out it's sister topics: "Seattle", "Kitty", and "Binoculars".

You're Addicted to DBZGT When. - Wanna know if you're addicted or have been watching to much Dragonball/Z/GT? Well, we know you have, but this just proves it ;).

Real Life Dragonball Pictures - A new take on name puns, this section has pictures of what Dragonball characters really look like. Come to think of it, I had some pretty tasty Gohan last night.

Cosplay - Pictures of real people dressing up like Dragonball/Z/GT characters! Sometimes they'll even try to through in a cool looking pose, or a super cool invisible energy blast!

Stupid Things DBZGT Characters Have Said and Done - This could be a pretty long list...I don't know what else to say, but try to keep it humorous!

Things DBZGT Characters Would Never Say - The name speaks for itself. If you have some to add to the collection, like all the other topics, feel free.

Humor Images - Here you can find our collection of humorous Dragonball, Z, GT images, and of course please try not to take anything in the gallery as real facts.

Goku Stuffs his Face With... - Help Goku decide what he should stuff his face with, read the first post in the topic for instructions.

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