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Aerobics Women:
She appears on TV all throughout the Dragonball series mostly at Kame House. This is Master-Roshi's favorite TV show and watches whenever he is able.
Agent Purple (Ninja Murasaki):
Even though he is smart, he loses to Goku in a fight. After the fight he tries to unleash Android 8 upon Goku, or he would destroy Android 8. Android 8 refuses, and Goku knocks out Purple before he could do anything.

Akane Kimidori:
One of the main characters from Dr. Slump, Akane is one of Arale's best friends. She spends most of her time hanging out, playing pranks or getting into trouble. Her boyfriend is Tsuku-tsun and her sister is Aoi Kimidori. She shows up with the rest of the Dr. Slump character briefly in Dragonball.
Akira Toriyama:
The genius who created Dragonball! Toriyama actually makes a few appearances in the DB and DBZ Manga, showing up in volumes 1 and 42, but each time in the form known as Tori-Bot, which you can see in the image on the left.
Akuman (Devil Man, Akkuman) :
Akuman is Baba's right hand man. He is also a former two time champion of the Tenkaichi Budoukai. He squares off against Goku when Goku is trying to get his fortune told.

Alien Announcer (Afterlife Tournament Announcer):
This mushroom headed alien is the Announcer for the Other World Tournaments. He is very similar to the announcer on Earth not counting looks of course.

An alligator who likes to sunbathe in a hammock on Kame Island. In Dragonball, he points out Master-Roshi to Mai and Shu when they show up looking for him.

Almond (Amondo):
Almond is one of the members of Turles' force in DBZ Movie #3. He squares off against Krillin, before being taken out later by Goku.
Android #8:
This is the first android that we see in the series. He hates to fight and becomes a good guy when he meets Goku and helps him defeat the RRA.

Android #13:
The main villain of DBZ Movie #7. He and Androids #14 and #15 are programed by Dr. Gero's computer after Dr. Gero is killed by #17. Android #13 is the one who faces Goku. While #14 and #15 face Trunks and Vegeta. After #14 and #15 are defeated, Android #13 absorbs their power cell and CPUs, becoming the huge, blue Super Android #13. He is only defeated when SSJ Goku absorbs his own Genki Dama.
Android #14:
This huge, muscular android is one of the androids who is set out to kill Goku in DBZ Movie #7. He eventually sliced in two by Trunks' sword.
Android #15:
This small, whisky drinking android is one of the androids who set out to kill Goku in DBZ Movie #7. He eventually is decapitated by Vegeta.
Android #16:
#16 was an experimental android built by Dr. Gero. Unlike #17 and #18 he is completely mechanical, and he is more powerful than them. He dislikes fighting and cares for life. He tries to save Gohan by destroying Cell. But as Bulma removes his explosives, it fails. When Cell destroys him, it causes Gohan to achieve SSJ2.
Android #17:
#17 is created for one reason: to kill Goku. He was originally human, but was made part android by Dr. Gero. When Gero activates #17 he promptly decapitates him. He is eventually absorbed by Cell, but is brought back to life by the Dragonballs.
Android #17 [From Another Timeline]:
Similar to his counterpart of the past (the present dimension, for the while), he has the same adventure-seeking attitude of present day Android 17, yet he seems to have more of a lust for blood. He enjoys destroying city buildings and likes to drag race air cars over pedestrians for fun. He is killed by Future Trunks.
Android #18:
#18 was ment to kill Goku but become a good guy after she was spat up from Cell after he absorbed her. She is also #17's twin sister. During the Cell Saga Krillin falls madly in love with her. They eventually marry and have a daughter named Marron.
Android #18 [From Another Timeline]:
Much like Number 18 of the present dimension, she has the same vain attitude and apathy for her brother's reckless habits. And then, she has her violent side, one far worse than that of her past counterpart.
Android #19:
#19 is created as the servant and bodyguard of Dr. Gero. He isn't very strong, and is certainly no match for the Super Saiyans. However he can absorb energy into his own body. He needs to do this often as his internal batteries run down quick.
Android #20 (Dr. Gero):
After Goku destroyed the Red Ribbon Army, a single scientist was left. This was Dr. Gero who vowed to one day have his revenge on Goku. He began to fear his death was near and had his brain transplanted into Android #20's body. Like #19 he can absorb energy.

Android #21 (Cell):
The most dangerous of all Dr. Gero's creations, Cell, was created in Dr. Gero's lab as a genetic experiment. He comes complete with a self-destruct feature, a scorpion-like tail that opens up to absorb the energy of his opponents, and instructions to wreak revenge on the Androids which caused Dr. Gero's downfall. Cell contains the DNA of the mightiest warriors of the universe including Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta. Possessing the DNA of these great warriors, Cell is able to fight with their attacks. With these great forces combined Cell is an almost invincible being. One of his greatest advantages is being able to regenerate himself at any given time from even the smallest component of himself. We discover this in Dragon Ball Z when the good guys believe Cell is destroyed, only to find out that a brain cell has survived. From this cell, Cell regenerates himself and appears out of nowhere once again threatening Earth. One of Cell's only weak points is that his energy is finite. He gains power by draining the energy of his enemies using his scorpion-like tail to do so. Cell has three forms: the imperfect form in which we first see him, the second stage of Cell, and the final or Perfect Cell. He reaches Cell Stage Two after absorbing Android 17. When Android 18 is consumed, Cell changes into his third and most powerful form: Perfect Cell. Cell can and does create smaller versions of himself. Cell eventually dies from a one handed Kamehameha done by a very injured Gohan, and a little help from Vegeta.

This is one of Gohan's classmates at Orange Star High School. She develops a crush on Gohan, and also finds out a secret of his. Gohan believes she knows he is the Great Saiyaman, so he goes on a date with her, so she will keep the secret. But the only thing she knows is that he wears teddy bear underwear! They break up soon after.

This is one of Lord Slug's henchmen from DBZ Movie #4. He is killed by decapitation when Goku reflects Angira's own Ki attack back at him.
Annin is the female guardian of the Furnace of Eight Divisions, which is at a border between this world and the afterlife.
This is the man who hosts every World Tournament. He mainly just commentates on the matches, but over the years he has got to know the Z Warriors, and knows that they are responsible for saving the earth.
Aoi Kimidori:
This is Akane's sister who runs the Coffee Pot Cafe in Penguin Village. She shows up for one scenes in Dragonball during the time Goku meets the Dr. Slump characters.
One of Frieza's henchmen on planet Namek, he has purple skin with orange spots over his enlarged bald head. He is killed by Vegeta when the Saiyan escapes from the rejuvenation tank on Frieza's ship.
Arale Norimaki:
Arale is in Akira Toriyama's second most famous series, Dr. Slump. She is a robot girl with amazing strength and speed created by Dr. Slump. The only problem is that she has poor eyesight. She shows up in the series when Goku chases General Blue all the way to Peguin Village, she then defeats Blue in two moves after he paralyses Goku.
Arqua (Aqua):
This fighter is from the East part of the galaxy. He fights against Goku in the third match of the Other World Tournament. He turns the ring to water as he fights best there. But it makes no difference to Goku, he wins by blasting Arqua and the water away with a Kamehameha.
Artificial 17 (Android #17 [New]):
Artificial 17 is created in hell by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu they then escape wish back original Android #17 and have them fuse into Super 17
Assistant Black (Advisor Black):
Red's right hand man. Black usually just stood around and said exactly what Red wanted to hear, although, he really hated his job. He was a very tall black man, who made Red very mad every time he stood next to him because of how much shorter Red was. When Black found out about the wish that Red really wanted to make, he shot him dead in the head, and, renamed the army to Black Ribbon Army. Goku fought him in Black's metal suit, but, Goku killed him, by going straight through the suit, thus, making it explode.
Atla (Atura):
This Arlian is freed from his prison on Arlia when Vegeta and Nappa escape. He is married to Lemlia but is imprisoned by the cruel King Moai. Just as he is reunited with Lemlia, Vegeta destroys the planet Arlia, killing them both.

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