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Baba (Fortune Teller Baba or Uranai Baba):
Baba is Master-Roshi older sister. She has amazing skill with a crystal ball, allowing her to see any place on Earth, or even into the future. She can also travel to Heaven and back, without dying.

Son of the evil wizard Bibidi. He gathers energy from Vegeta, Gohan and Goku, among others to revive Majin Buu. He wants revenge for his father's death. But he is killed by Buu when Buu realizes he doesn't have to take orders any more.

Baby (Bebi):
Baby is the last of Tuffles and wants revenge on the Saiyans for destroying his race. He manages to take over all the earth apart from Mr. Satan, Majin Buu and Pan. He takes control of Vegeta's body, and fights SSJ4 Goku. I think I've given away to much so I won't say who wins but if you really want to know go check out the Life Transitions page.
Baby Vegeta (Bebi Vegeta):
When Baby comes to Earth, He takes possession of Goten, then of Gohan and eventually of Vegeta. Vegeta's body shows different mutations: on the face and in the eyes, some lines appear, hair becomes white and then lengthens, and on his shoulders some strange bony things sprout. After having eliminated Goku, he revives his home planet Tuffle. Helped by Bulma, who hurls at him the Brute waves, he turns Golden Oozaru. Goku is able to defeat him, by blowing his tail off forcing Baby Vegeta to lose the Golden Oozaru transformation. After this happens the evil parasite Baby is forced to leave Vegeta's body and run away. Goku then destroys his spaceship with a very powerful Kamehameha.
A huge, disgusting finalist of the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. He has never washed in his whole life, and uses his smell to beat his opponents. He faces Krillin in the first round, and almost wins, until Goku reminds Krillin that he doesn't have a nose and he is just imagining the smell. Krillin then kicks Bacterian to the ground and knocks him out by farting in his face!
The father of Goku and Raditz. He gains the ability to see into the future, and witnesses the destruction of his planet by Frieza. He tries to stop Frieza, but is destroyed along with Planet Vegeta. As he dies, he has a vision of Super Saiyan Goku destroying Frieza.
Bear Thief:
A huge sword-wielding bear who has a taste for sea turtle. Goku's first true battle is with this bear, who refuses to back down after Goku threatens to fight him if he won't let them pass.
Bee (Biru):
Bee is first seen as a puppy in the country side with a broken leg during the Majin Buu Saga. Majin Buu heals it and becomes very close to Mr. Satan and his new found dog.
The most powerful wizard of his time, Bibidi is the one responsible for the creation of Majin Buu. He gets Buu to kill or absorb all the Kaioshins but one. This Kaioshin manages to kill Bibidi.
Bido is the large henchman of Bojack's crew, who has a Mohawk and orange goatee. He tag-teams with Bujin in order to take down the opponents that Bujin traps. Right before he kills Trunks, Vegeta blasts through the roof, knocking him and Bujin down. Later, he is killed when Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2.
Bio Broly:
A clone of Broly that becomes disfigured by containment slime and wreaks havoc in an island laboratory in DBZ Movie 11. Bio Broly is eventually defeated when the ocean water causes him to solidify and turn to stone by chemical compounds, after which Goten and Trunks blow him up.
Bio Men:
These little Saibamen-like creatures, were created by Dr. Kochin. They are usually given assignments to go out and search for someone. They also guard Dr. Wheelo's Lab from anyone that happens to come along.
Bio Warriors:
Created by Jaga Bada, the Bio Warriors would have easily defeated Mr. Satan if Goten, Trunks, and #18 hadn't shown up and had beaten then effortlessly.
Nezi, Ribet, and Bizu make up General Rilldo's top mercenary force. They are called upon when Dr. Myuu demands "results." They have the ability to join their metal bodies into an even more powerful soldier, the awesome Sigma Force Canon.

Black (Assistant Black):
Red's right hand man. Black usually just stood around and said exactly what Red wanted to hear, although, he really hated his job. He was a very tall black man, who made Red very mad every time he stood next to him because of how much shorter Red was. When Black found out about the wish that Red really wanted to make, he shot him dead in the head, and, renamed the army to Black Ribbon Army. Goku fought him in Black's metal suit, but, Goku killed him, by going straight through the suit, thus, making it explode.
Black Smoke Dragon:
In Dragon Ball GT, after the death of Super #17, Goku and his friends put together the 7 Dragon Balls. Instead of Shenron appears a black dragon, that represents the negative energy accumulated for many years (because the Dragon Balls use positive energy). This Dragon is then divided into 7 evil Shenrons, each for every Dragon Ball.
Black Star Shenron:
The Black star Dragon was made by Kami when he and Piccolo were still one person. This dragon can do whatever you want, including killing someone. After your wish has been made the Dragon Balls spread around the universe & if the Dragon Balls aren't brought back to the planet it will explode.
Blind Boy (Tommy):
A blind little boy who becomes Buu's first friend. Buu is intrigued by the fact that the boy isn't terrified of him. Buu heals the boy's eyes so that he can see him, assuming that when he can see, he will be frightened. Instead, the boy is overjoyed and graciously thanks Buu for curing his blindness. A while later, the boy asks for some milk, and so Buu happily goes off to find a human, turns him into a carton of milk, then brings it back to the boy. They talk a little while longer before they part. The entire scene sets you up for a gag because of its design to make the reader think that Buu is somewhat reformed after meeting the boy, because in the final panel of the Manga, Buu happily blows up a nearby city.
Blue (General Blue or Blue Shogun):
One of the leaders of the Red Ribbon Army. Blue is a pretty boy with paranormal powers. Using his Psychokenesis he is able to beat Goku and Krillin, but Goku is saved from a shotgun in the face, when a mouse scares Blue, releasing Goku. Blue is killed when he decides that he can beat Tao. Mercenary Tao uses only his tongue to kill Blue.
The gator/dog-like henchman of Frieza, he and his partner Raspberry set out on a mission to find the Namek Dragon Balls. On their quest they meet the crafty Bulma who, although intimidated by the two at first, ultimately outsmarts them both. She tells them that the remaining Dragonballs are hidden in the sea, tricking the two into believing that hundreds of giant crab eggs are actually Dragon Balls, and then leaves them to deal with the angry mother.
Bojack was released when North Kai was killed by Cell. He is a very powerful space pirate who is the main villain of Movie #9. He is eventually defeated by SSJ2 Gohan, with a little help from his dad.
Bon Para:
The bizarre Para Para Brothers are sent to find the powerful Black Star Dragon Balls so that Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy may complete his twisted vision of bringing the Luud Robot to life. Their armor doubles as a boom box, which casts a spell over anyone who hears it, causing them to dance hysterically about. This gives the brothers an advantage in a battle.
An officer of King Gurumesu's army that uses heavy weaponry to get the job done. He tries to keep Goku from coming into the King's Palace, but he is easily taken down. While inside the palace, he is stepped on and flattened by Emperor Gurumesu.

Bora is the guardian of Korin Sanctuary. He is strong for a human, guns have no effect on him. He manages to stop Colonel Yellow's attempt to obtain the 4 Star Dragonball. He is killed by Mercenary Tao, but resurrected by Goku's wish with the Dragonballs.

The big, burly member of Bardock's team in the Bardock Special.  He is another one of the strong, silent type.  In fact, he never speaks a word in the entire movie!  However, in the dubbed version, FUNi gives him one or two phrases for some odd reason.

Boss Rabbit (Monster Carrot):
A giant rabbit also known as Monster Carrot who runs a small group of gangsters that terrorize a small town. All of his gang members wear fake rabbit ears and are very much feared by the townspeople. The main reason that Boss Rabbit is feared so much is because of his ability to turn any person he touches into a carrot. He turns Bulma into a carrot and nearly eats her before Goku tricks Boss Rabbit and his men, and makes him turn her back into a girl. Goku sends Monster Carrot and his gangsters to the moon, where their punishment is to make rabbit-shaped candy for children. (This is a play on an ancient Japanese folktale, which tells of rabbits that live on the moon and make treats for children). Monster Carrot is 5'7" tall and weighs 177 lbs, and his address is XS89001JB.

Boss Rabbit's Gang Members:
These two machine-gun toting members of the Rabbit Gang we see terrorize the town that Bulma, Goku & Oolong are in.

Broly (Burori, Brolly, Broli):
Broly is the original Super Saiyan. He has a power level of 10,000 when just a baby. When a baby, he sleeps in the same room as Goku, who's constant crying gives Broly a hatred of Goku. He is thought to be killed in Movie #8 but he travels to Earth in Movie #10 where he is killed by Son Goku, Son Gohan and Son Goten. He is the cloned in Movie #11, appearing as Bio Broly.

Bubbles was King Kai'
s small monkey friend that provided the first step of his training. The trainee would chase Bubbles around trying to catch him to gain speed part of what made this so hard was the gravity level is much greater than earth and slows you down. It took Goku 2 weeks to catch Bubbles.

Bujin is the short, psychic henchmen of Bojack. He likes to use Chou no Ryoku on his opponents to stop them in their tracks. He is killed by SSJ2 Gohan with one kick, which rips him in two.
Bulla (Bra):
Vegeta and Bulma's second child, born in the gap between DBZ and GT. Her father doesn't appear to make a point of encouraging her to train (like he does to her brother Trunks), but the two are quite close, as it becomes apparent in GT, where Vegeta proves to be very protective of his daughter. Bulla loves her father very much and has a strong sense of pride in him.

Bulma Briefs (Buruma) :
A teenager who is the first person from outside Mount Paozu to meet Goku. She befriends Goku and has him tag along as a bodyguard. She's the daughter of Dr. Briefs and is a genius. She invents the Dragon Radar, the Micro Band, and Fighting Jackets, just to name a few things. In Dragon Ball and the first half of DBZ, she's smitten by Yamcha, but she eventually loses interest in him because he's too fickle. She actually falls in love with Vegeta because she notices that he's a very lonely man that needs someone. They have two children, Trunks and Bra.
The leader of the stealth ship that Krillin, Bulma and Gohan accidentally board. Bun's parents were killed by Frieza right in front of him.
Burter (Baata):
A member of the Ginyu Force, he claims to be the fastest being in the universe, until he meets Goku that is. He is defeated by the powerful Saiyan, but killed by Vegeta, who crushes his throat. He reappears again in Dragonball GT when Hell is opened.

Buu (Majin Buu, Mr. Buu, Super Buu, Evil Buu ETC):
Majin Buu was conjured into existence long ago by the evil wizard Bibidi. A powerful fighter who has destroyed many planets in his past, Majin Buu’s body is rubbery giving him great advantage in battles. He has now been unleashed by Bibidi’s son, Babidi, to destroy Earth. Like many of the bad guys in Dragon Ball Z, Majin Buu exists in multiple forms. The series starts off with child-like Majin Buu, in his more evil being called Evil Buu and in an even more powerful form called Super Buu. He is in his Evil Buu form very briefly before transforming to Super Buu. Child-like, Majin Buu does not have a strongly developed sense of good and bad. He agrees to stop hurting people when he discovers it bothers Hercule. Unfortunately the threat to Earth is not over. For from Majin Buu, Evil Buu emerges. He manages to survive until the end of DBZ, becoming best friends with Mr. Satan, and competing in the World Martial Arts tournament. [Check Out Buu Transformations for info & pics on all his forms]
Buyon (Monster Buyon):
The guardian of the fifth floor of Muscle Tower (White's base), Buyon is a blubbery creature with the ability to repel attacks by allowing the attacks to bounce off of him and back at his opponent. In order to defeat him, Goku punches a hole in the wall of the tower, allowing the freezing cold air from outside to enter the room, which freezes Buyon solid.

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