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Captain Chicken:
He is a fighter in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. He is scheduled to fight against Nareg, another fighter in the tournament, but doesn't show up to the match. The fight between Goku and Uub scares him and he flees from the arena

Captain Ginyu:
With purple skin and black horns, Captain Ginyu is the strongest of the Ginyu Force, and its leader. He has the powerful ability to switch bodies with his opponents. He switches bodies with Goku giving Captain Ginyu the advantage of fighting with Goku's powerful body and also of confusing the team of good guys. This capability does lead to his ultimate demise as he accidentally and forever changes bodies with a frog.

Captain Silver:
The first of the high-ranking officers that Goku fights. This is a very short fight. Silver let his guard down completely, because, he didn't know Goku had a lot of strength. After Goku defeated Silver, he got a Dragon Ball and ran off. Silver then told Copper what happened, and, saw he was heading north, so, he told Copper to tell White in Muscle Tower to be ready for a very strong boy.

Captain Violet:
We see her briefly in the anime, but, never in the Manga. She gives a Dragon Ball to General Copper, and, is never seen again.

Captain Yellow:
We see him briefly in the Manga and anime, but he goes around trying to find the Dragon Ball's for General Copper. That is basically all we see him do.

Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy:
Mutchy Mutchy is one of Dr. Myuu's many henchmen. Mutchy Mutchy is the mastermind behind the construction of the Luud Robot, a powerful machine that draws energy from its victims. Mutchy Mutchy serves as the high priest of the Luud cult.

The little Namek boy that was killed by Dodoria. He seems to either be a friend or brother of Dende. He is later revived by the Dragon Balls.

Cashew (Spice):
One of Garlic Junior's minions in the anime. He is powerful, and one of the last characters to die in the Saga. Like Garlic Jr., he receives a big dose of power when the Makyo-sei, or Devil Star Planet (Makyo Star) nears Earth.

Caterpy (Catapy):
A fighter in the Other World tournament, This huge caterpillar tries to make Goku give up by tickling him, but Goku fights back and Caterpy decides to transform into his cocoon stage but is disqualified because it ends up taking too long for him to transform

The female member of Bardock's team. She is cool and casual, and seems to have known Bardock for longer than the others. In the Bardock Special, she teases Bardock about his habits and asks him more personal questions than the other members, such as why doesn't he visit his newborn son. Celipa is killed by Frieza's henchmen, who were sent specifically to assassinate Bardock and his team.

The most dangerous of all Dr. Gero's creations, Cell, was created in Dr. Gero's lab as a genetic experiment. He comes complete with a self-destruct feature, a scorpion-like tail that opens up to absorb the energy of his opponents, and instructions to wreak revenge on the Androids which caused Dr. Gero's downfall. Cell contains the DNA of the mightiest warriors of the universe including Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta. Possessing the DNA of these great warriors, Cell is able to fight with their attacks. With these great forces combined Cell is an almost invincible being. One of his greatest advantages is being able to regenerate himself at any given time from even the smallest component of himself. We discover this in Dragon Ball Z when the good guys believe Cell is destroyed, only to find out that a brain cell has survived. From this cell, Cell regenerates himself and appears out of nowhere once again threatening Earth. One of Cell's only weak points is that his energy is finite. He gains power by draining the energy of his enemies using his scorpion-like tail to do so. Cell has three forms: the imperfect form in which we first see him, the second stage of Cell, and the final or Perfect Cell. He reaches Cell Stage Two after absorbing Android 17. When Android 18 is consumed, Cell changes into his third and most powerful form: Perfect Cell. Cell can and does create smaller versions of himself. Cell eventually dies from a one handed Kamehameha done by a very injured Gohan, and a little help from Vegeta.

Cell Jr. :
Cell sends these little guys out to harm Gohan's friends, Cell succeeds in making Gohan extremely angry, which makes him very powerful, which is why Cell summoned the Cell Juniors so Cell could see Gohan's full power.

Chairman (Tournament Chairman):
This is the chairman of Tenkaichi Budoukai 21. He is said to have an important announcement and the Announcer hands him the microphone. He simply says "Woof." Not very important, eh?
Chapa-Ou (King Chapa):
He's one of the contenders in the 21st Tenkaichi, defeated by Goku. He is the first user of the Hasshuken technique (8 hands attack)
Chapuchai (Chachai):
A vertically challenged competitor in the Otherworld Tournament who has the special ability to create many duplicates of himself in order to confuse and overwhelm the opponent.

Chiaotzu (Chaozu):
A master of telepathy, Chiaotzu has the power to stop people in their tracks and to communicate telepathically. This white-skinned, red-checked little being is the devoted companion of Tien. A strong fighter in his early days, Chiaotzu does not hesitate to throw himself onto Nappa's back and self-destruct in an attempt to save his friends. However, his power level does not increase as dramatically as the other Z Fighters. Thus, Chiaotzu is not a major warrior in the later episodes of Dragon Ball Z.

Chi-Chi meets Goku in the first Dragonball series and asks him to marry her. Goku marries her because he thinks it is a type of food, but eventually finds a love in his heart for her. Together, Goku and Chi-Chi have 2 sons, Gohan and Goten. She is very worrisome and is usually upset about Gohan fighting.

A little orphan girl who, along with her brother, discovers young Gohan washed up on a beach. She is the youngest of all the orphans in the clan led by Pigero.
Chii Shenron (Naturon Shenron):
After Vegeta killed a large number of innocent people, a wish on the Dragon Balls brought them all back to life. In this way, Naturon Shenron was born. Possessing the power of Earth, he delights in causing earthquakes and watching cities fall before his power. Dragon of the 7 star ball.

Chinshyou Ken:
He attempts to prevent Goku from participating in a martial arts tournament by pouring a laxative in Goku's miso soup.

A little girl Goku meets during his trip around the world in the anime. She's saved by Goku in the mountains near her village and she begs him to help save her village from Ginkaku and Kinkaku (Plague & Terror).

Circus Boss:
A cruel ringmaster who ceaselessly whips the baby Teradyne and forces him to perform for on-lookers. When Teradyne's mom and dad come looking for their baby it looks like a lot of trouble until Saiyaman steps in to save the day. But since taking the dinosaur out of the wild isn't illegal there's nothing Saiyaman can do. But wait the Circus Boss stole the Police Man's gun and try to shoot Saiyaman of course the gun has no effect on Saiyaman, but taking a gun from a police officer is illegal.

Clothing Store Man:
The manager of the clothing store in which Android 18 steals some clothes from the store display.

She's a character appearing in DBZ movie #10 "The Dangerous Pair!! Super-Warriors Never Rest". Coco is a kid living in Natade Village who decides to sacrifice herself to calm the monster that terrorizes her village. Actually the monster is a big dinosaur and it will be Videl, Goten and Trunks that see the thing by themselves, before to meet Broly.

Cold (King Cold):
Father of Frieza and Cooler. He is only seen in the 2nd form & if he can go beyond that or not we just don't know. Most likely he cannot or he would have when he fought Trunks. King Cold salvages Frieza's living remains from space and makes his scientists rebuild his son as a cyborg. The two venture to Earth with plans to destroy Goku's home planet, but their scheme is foiled by the appearance of Trunks. After watching Trunks kill his son and cut him to pieces, King Cold offers the Saiyan an opportunity to replace Frieza and conquer the galaxy with him. This statement is almost certainly a lie, considering King Cold had asked to see Trunks' sword moments before. Trunks kills King Cold minutes later.

Commander Nezi:
Nezi, Ribet, and Bizu make up General Rilldo's top mercenary force. They are called upon when Dr. Myuu demands "results." They have the ability to join their metal bodies into an even more powerful soldier, the awesome Sigma Force Canon.

Commander Red:
The original commander in the Red Ribbon Army, he is very short. He is thought to have wanted to Dragonballs to wish for World Domination, but really wants to wish to be taller. When Assistant Black found out about the real wish, Black got mad, and shot Red in the head, thus, he renamed it to the Black Ribbon Army.
The brother of Frieza, he watched Frieza destroy planet Vegeta. After Frieza was defeated he went to earth seeking revenge against Goku. Cooler like his brother can transform. Unlike his Brother Cooler can transform one step further. Unfortunately for Cooler this wasn't enough to beat Goku and was thrown into the sun by Goku. In movie 6 he tried to take over planet Namek by merging with an alien ship. He fails of course and is killed by Goku this time for good.
Copper (General Copper):
Commands Yellow, Silver and Violet to search out the Dragonballs for him. He intends to present them to Commander Red himself and take credit for their recovery. He's never actually seen. [Also check out Red Ribbon Army ]

Cory (Dr. Cory):
He's a scientist who makes experiments inside the bio-engineering laboratory owned by Jagar Badda, in DBZ movie #11 "A Super-Warrior Defeat!! I am the Winner".

Crane Hermit/Elder:
Tsuru Sennin means "Crane Hermit," as opposed to Kame Sennin, or "Turtle Hermit" (Master Roshi). The Crane Elder trained alongside Master Roshi at Mutaito's martial arts school. The two were born rivals, and their rivalry carries through to Crane Elder's pupils Tien and Chiaotzu. Tsuru Sennin's younger brother is the infamous assassin Tao.

Crop Farmer:
At the opening scene of the first episode of DBZ, Raditz's space pod crashes on a farmer's property. The frightened farmer quickly rushes to investigate. He tries to intimidate Raditz away from his property with his shotgun, but fails miserably. In desperation he fires his gun at the approaching Saiyan, but Raditz merely catches the bullet in his fingertips and casually flicks it back at the farmer, killing him instantly.

One of Frieza's henchman, Cui was originally stronger than Vegeta. However, after Vegeta's defeat on earth and healing, he outmatches Cui and kills him.

Cymbal (Cymbol):
The 3rd creation of King Piccolo, he resembles a humanoid plump dragon. He is killed by Yajirobe, who slices him in half, then roasts him over a fire and eats him. He stands 5'9" tall and weighs 255.5 lbs. He was "born" and killed in the year 753 AD.

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