Dragonball, Z, GT Character Guide D

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Dabura (Demon King or King of Darkness [Doubler]):
Ruler of the underworld, Dabura has existed for thousands of years and has done countless acts of evil. Dabura was possessed by the dark mage Babidi to do his bidding. Dabura can change his enemies into stone by spitting on them, and will not hesitate to obey his master's commands. That is, until Buu is unleashed and Dabura believes he is too dangerous. Dabura then defies Babidi and tries to eliminate Majin Buu.

Dai Kaio/Kaiosama (English: Grand Kai):
The Grand Kai rules over the four Kais. He is second in command to Supreme Kai, the overseer of the entire universe. The Grand Kai also oversees the Other World Tournament. He is reputed to be the greatest fighter in the universe, but he has been out of training for centuries.

Dai Kaioshin (Grand Supreme Kai):
Dai Kaioshin is the god of gods and is only seen in Supreme Kai's flashback. He lived on the world of the Kais in otherworld, with the four Supreme Kais. When Majin Buu comes to the Planet of the Kai's he manages to save East Supreme Kai (the only one still alive) from Buu's attack but is absorbed seconds later. After Dai Kaioshin is absorbed Buu becomes fat and less insane than before. This "Fat Buu" will continue to show Dai Kaioshin's spirit within him and later even becomes Mr. Satan's friend.

is another one of Turles's gang members. He is an extremely strong character, since he and the others defeated all of the Z Fighters, except Goku. But, Goku quickly beats him, once he uses Kaioken.

Dark Shenron (Black Smoke Dragon):
In Dragon Ball GT, after the death of Super #17, Goku and his friends put together the 7 Dragon Balls. Instead of Shenron appears a black dragon, that represents the negative energy accumulated for many years (because the Dragon Balls use positive energy). This Dragon is then divided into 7 evil Shenrons, each for every Dragon Ball.

The lone survivor from his village on the Planet Namek, Dende was rescued by Krillin and Gohan. Unlike Piccolo and other Namekian warriors, Dende does not possess strong fighting abilities. But he does have another crucial capability: the power to heal. Dende is thus important to the good guys during the battle with Frieza. Trustworthy and caring, Dende is loyal to Guru and his fellow Namekians. Later in Dragon Ball Z, Dende replaces Kami as the guardian of the Earth.

Devil Man (Akuman):
Akuman is Baba's right hand man. He is also a former two time champion of the Tenkaichi Budoukai. He squares off against Goku when Goku is trying to get his fortune told by Baba.

The brontosaurus that Gohan befriends while he is learning how to survive alone in the wilderness. Gohan helps the dinosaur by removing a giant thorn from his side and treating his wounds, but later the Dinosaur is attacked and killed by the local T-Rex.

The dogs that Shu calls upon in Dragonball to attack Goku and the gang in Pilaf's castle. Goku, who hasn't eaten in hours, defeats the Doberman by imagining that they are roasted meat.

The chief doctor on Planet Frieza #79, he is a small dinosaur-like creature with a tuft of bright red-orange hair. He monitors the rejuvenation tank while Vegeta is recovering from his battle with Goku, and later assists Vegeta as he prepares to depart for Namek. The doctor is one of the few people to whom Vegeta shows any kind of respect.

Doctor & Nurse (Mr. Doctor & Nurse):
Goku's doctor and the young nurse who takes care of Goku after his battle with Vegeta. Master Roshi has the hots for her. Then Yajirobe comes to visit with a Senzu bean, and Goku fully recovers at once. Then jumps out of the window, to the horrified doctor and nurse's surprise, and flies away ...

This fat, pink, spiky-headed creature is one of the top-two henchmen of Frieza. When he goes to Namek with Frieza, he is chasing Gohan, and he runs into Vegeta, who kills him.

Dolltaki is a high priest in the Luud cult. When Goku seems to be getting the upper hand, Dolltaki turns everyone present into dolls and feeds them to Luud & including Pan! Dolltaki takes a bizarre liking to the young girl, saying that they will indeed be married when she grows up.
Reenu's true betrothed. A strong-bodied warrior, but not in the Z-fighters' class. He unmasks Zuunama as a fraud by cutting off one of his earthquake predicting whiskers.
Don Kee (Don Kir [Lord Don Kee]):
He's the tyrant of Planet of Merchants Imegga in Dragon Ball GT series. He's a very greedy king with a little effeminate aspect. Everything touching his planet ground becomes his property, so even Trunks' space ship, fallen down because of a damage, has been taken by Don Kir's men. When even his very strong bodyguard Lezik is defeated by Goku, the tyrant is obliged to give up and bring back everything which Imegga inhabitants have had stolen.

Don Para:
The bizarre Para Para Brothers are sent to find the powerful Black Star Dragon Balls so that Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy may complete his twisted vision of bringing the Luud Robot to life. Their armor doubles as a boom box, which casts a spell over anyone who hears it, causing them to dance about. This gives the brothers an advantage in a battle.

Doore (Dore):
Doore is one of the members of Cooler's team. He accompanies Cooler along with the rest of the team to Earth to avenge Frieza's death. Doore, not the strongest of warriors, faces off against Piccolo. Piccolo fires a blast at Doore easily killing him.
A fat flying villain from DBZ Movie #4. He's one of Lord Slug's henchmen and looks and personality were fashioned after Dodoria. Because of his evil race, he cannot live in the sunlight or any kind of warm area. He is killed by Piccolo, who blows his head off with a Ki blast.

Dr. Briefs:
One of the smartest, and perhaps richest, men in the world, Dr. Briefs is the president of Capsule Corporation and the man responsible for the invention of the Dyno-Cap. Dr. Briefs rarely leaves his home, and he can often be found tinkering on a number of complicated gadgets while surrounded by his beloved pets. As Bulma's father, there is little doubt that his knack for hi-tech wizardry has passed on to his daughter.

Dr. Cory:
He's a scientist who makes experiments inside the bio-engineering laboratory owned by Jagar Badda, in DBZ movie #11 "A Super-Warrior Defeat!! I am the Winner".

Dr. Flappe:
The great inventor Dr. Flappe resides on the outskirts of Suno's village. He lives on an isolated mountaintop in order to conduct his scientific experiments undisturbed. Suno, Goku, and Android Number 8 pay a visit to the Doctor hoping that his expertise will help Number 8. Dr. Flappe greets his visitors warmly, but his hospitality may conceal darker intentions?

Evil science genius Dr. Gero creates Androids #16, #17, #18, #19, #20. These androids have amazing strength and enjoy destroying things. Android 20 is actually Dr. Gero himself. Androids 19 and 20 are the first androids we see. They are defeated by Vegeta in an amazing show of strength. Gero manages to escape and unlock #17 and #18. The first thing they do is kill Gero and then unlock Android #16.

Dr. Kochin:
Dr. Willow's android assistant in DBZ Movie 2 "The World's Strongest Man". He gathers the Dragonballs and frees Dr. Willow from his icy prison. Even though he appears old and harmless, Dr. Koachin is actually well-equipped for fighting. His hand can transform into a machine gun, while his staff can hurl energy blasts.

Dr. Myuu:
A brilliant scientist who desires nothing more than total control of the galaxy. Dr. Myuu masterminds the plot to build an ultimate Machine Mutant with enough power to see his sinister goal of control through to the end. Dr. Myuu was also responsible for the creation of his powerful enforcer, General Rilldo. Subject to outrageous bursts of maniacal laughter, Dr. Myuu is cold and unloving, except towards Baby.
Dr. Raichi (Dr. Raiichi) :
A villain from the fabled 'Lost Dragonball Movie' otherwise known as Dragonball OVA's #1 and #2. (The Japanese title is 'The plan to destroy the Saiyans'). This Tuffle releases Destron gas on Earth, which makes the Z Warriors lose their ability to use Ki attacks. They defeat the demons that guard the Destron generators, then Cooler, Lord Slug and Turles show up. Yes, they are dead but King Kai tells the heroes that they are ghost fighters send by Dr. Raiichi. This is all part of his plan to lure Goku, Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta (the last remaining Saiyans) to the 'dark planet'.
Once on the Dark Planet, they battle Dr. Raiichi, whose only attack is barrier, and destroy him. He re-materializes and so our heroes learn that he too is a ghost fighter. Vegeta destroys him again.
Dr. Wheelo:
Thanks to his assistant, Dr. Kochin, the evil Dr. Wheelo was freed from an icy tomb by the Eternal Dragon. Together they plot to take over the world. But Dr. Wheelo is just a brain in a jar! With their powerful android warriors, they conspire to collect the world's strongest warrior in order to determine the person most suitable to house Dr. Wheelo's amazing brain.

Dracula Man:
He's the first of Baba's five fighters fighters. He fights using kickboxing and his vampire powers. He first fights Krillin by sucking his blood, but is then defeated Puar and Upa when then use Garlic and a cross.

The shortest-lived evil spawn of King Piccolo. Piccolo spits him out just as Tien arrives to try and trap Piccolo in the Denshi Jar. Drum attacks Tien, and clobbers him quite easily until Goku arrives, at which point Goku flies at him and knocks his eyes out with one kick.

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