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East Kai (East Kaio) :
She is the ruler of the East Quadrant of the universe and
is the only female among the four ruling Kai's. Her quadrant
is known for it's quick warriors.

East Kaioshin (East Supreme Kai or Supreme Kai):
He is the only survivor of Majin Buu's first attack under Bibidi's control. He took the place of Supreme Kai and was the ruling Kai until Elder Kai showed up. He is thought to be the most powerful being but doesn't come close to most of the Z fighter's levels. He ends up fusing with Kibito with the Potara Earrings.

He is one of the Bio Fighters created by Dr. Wheelo. He can freeze his opponents using a special beam technique. While fighting Goku he does manage to freeze him, but Goku escapes and does a Kaioken, killing Ebifurya.
Eis Shenron:
He is the Dragon of Ice and is also Nova Shenron's brother.
Eis Shenron joins the fight against Goku. Just as the Dragon Balls have turned against their masters, Eis Shenron may find that turnabout is fair play.
Elder Kai (Supreme Kai, Rou Dai Kaioshin, Old Kai):
Elder Kai was a ruling Kai, most likely the Supreme Kai fifteen generations before the current Supreme Kai. After his death, Elder Kai was trapped in the Legendary Z-Sword but was brought back when Gohan snapped the sword in half during training.
Elders of the Many Tree Temple:
Krillin's elders that beat him up for fun when he was in the Orinji Temple. All members of the Orinji Temple have 6 dots on their forehead.
She's one of the little orphans traveling in the mirror ship that Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan accidentally meet during their travel to Namek. When a fire breaks out in the spaceship Gohan saves her
Emperor Pilaf:
He wants to use the Dragonballs to rule the entire world. Goku usually stops him before he does anything bad though. Pilaf's two henchmen, Shu and Mai struggle alongside Pilaf to kill Goku but fail. At the beginning of the Dragonball GT, Pilaf accidentally wishes for Goku to be turned into a young kid with the Black Star Dragon Balls.
Energy Canon Sigma (EC-4 or Mega Sigma Force Canon):
Four stupid-looking robots (Nezi, Ribet, Biisu and Nattu) that have the ability to combine into one big robot called "The Energy Cannon". Like most of the robots on M2, the EC4 have the ability to phase through walls. Destroyed along with Mega Rirudo.
Enma Daio (King Yemma):
King Yemma is the most powerful and fastest ogre in the Other World. He sits at the entrance desk of the Next Dimension, admitting people into either Heaven or Hell. Yemma was also the first to make it all the way down Snake Way.
Erasa (Eliza):
She meets Gohan at Orange Star High school. She is friends with Sharpner and always seems to be with him. They later find out that Gohan is the Great Saiyaman.
Evil Buu (Thin Buu):
This skinny, tall monster is born when Fat Buu gets really really mad. This happens when his pet dog Bee is shot. When Fat Buu tries to to turn Evil Buu into candy, Evil Buu simply blows the attack right back at Fat Buu turning Fat Buu into a piece of chocolate. This then turns Evil Buu into Super Buu. To see all off Majin Buu's forms click here.
Evil Shenron (Black Smoke Dragon):
This Shenron is a result of the negative energy accumulated inside Earth's Dragonballs over the years. He is responsible for the creation of the Evil Dragons towards the end of Dragonball GT.

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