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This is the character we see when Goku goes in the Pendulum Room when he's training under Kami in Dragonball. Goku is sent back in time to when Master Roshi was only 18 years old. At this time he is training under Master Mutaito and spends his spare time spying on girls. One girl he happens to fall in love with and this girl in Fan-Fan. Fan-Fan is an ancestor of Ran Fan and is also liked by Shen. Shen tries to force Fan-Fan to love him but she really doesn't like him at all.

Fasha (Celipa/Seripa):
The female member of Bardock's team. She is cool and casual, and seems to have known Bardock for longer than the others. In the Bardock Special, she teases Bardock about his habits and asks him more personal questions than the other members, such as why doesn't he visit his newborn son. Celipa is killed by Frieza's henchmen, who were sent specifically to assassinate Bardock and his team.

Fat Buu:
After Majin Buu absorbed Grand Supreme Kai, his form changed to resemble the fat god. This form of Buu is probably the weakest, yet is still stronger than almost all the Z warriors. After becoming friends with Mr. Satan, Fat Buu splits away from his evil side, and is than pure good but eventually is absorbed into the evil side creating Super Buu.

Fat Gogeta (Veku):
Veku, also known as Fat Gogeta, is the failed fusion of Goku and Vegeta via the fusion dance. He results when Vegeta fails to extend his finger during the fusion dance. Like all failed fusions he isn't very strong at all and gets beaten up by Janemba. He exists for 30 minutes until the fusion wears off.

Flappe (Dr. Flappe) :
The great inventor Dr. Flappe resides on the outskirts of Suno’s village. He lives on an isolated mountaintop in order to conduct his scientific experiments undisturbed. Goku and some other people visit Flappe hoping that his expertise will help Android 8.

Fortuneteller Baba (Baba):
The eccentric Fortuneteller Baba, sister of Master Roshi, has been practicing her bizarre craft for over 500 years. Visitors to her palace must have deep pockets to gain her assistance; she has a knack for finding lost things like Dragon Balls! But without any money, anyone needing her services must be prepared to battle her champions. Only then will they receive what they seek. In Dragonball Z she uses her magic crystal ball as a TV to see fights and also to help Goku get some time from the Other World.

Frieza (Freezer or Furiza or Freeza):
As the strongest being in the universe during his time, Frieza is solely responsible for the destruction of Planet Vegeta along with almost all of the Saiyan race. He and his armies purge planets of life, and sell them to the highest bidders, or he may just blow it up. Frieza sees himself as the most powerful being in the universe, with no equal. Frieza's greatest fear was the Saiyan race, not only because they were the strongest species he had ever encountered by far in all the universe, but he also feared them because of an ancient legend among their people. Because the Saiyan race was already so powerful and great in number, Frieza could not believe how powerful a Super Saiyan might be, and so this is why he decides to destroy their planet. It was said that every few thousand years or so, a super-powerful Saiyan was born to their people, the legendary Super Saiyan. After he hears about the Dragon Balls, he travels to Planet Namek in order to wish for immortality. When he is on Namek he encounters Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin. He has several forms in order to conserve energy, and rarely uses his true form. We see all of Frieza's transformations and he is forced to go to his highest level in order to beat the Saiyans. After a long battle, he is defeated, but not killed, by Goku. His father (King Cold) finds him, nearly dead, floating near the remains of Planet Namek and takes him back to his planet in order to save him. After being restored with robotic parts, Frieza and his father travel to earth to exact revenge on the Saiyan that beat him and it is there that Frieza finally meets his end by the blade of Trunk's sword. After Frieza is killed King Cold tries to recruit Trunks to work alongside King Cold as partners. Trunks obviously refuses and kills King Cold easily.
Froug (Frog):
Froug is from the South Quadrant of the Other World. He was destined to loose to Maraikoh in the Other World Tournament, but not before putting up a good fight. He attempted to push Maraikoh from the ring by swelling up to the size of the arena, but his efforts weren't enough.

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