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Hasky is a master thief who is occasionally employed by the Red Ribbon Army. She has made a career out of doing the impossible. After she accepts a job, her abilities are such that not even the tightest security can stop her from making off with her prize. Once more, she has accepted a lucrative, lofty assignment from Commander Red: steal the Dragon Balls and get rid of Goku!

Hatchan (English: Android 8, 8ter):
Dr. Gero's first "successful" creation, (although there was a huge plot hole in the anime that said Dr. Frappe invented him). Android 8 is ordered to kill Goku after he takes on the Red Ribbon Army, but he refuses because he does not like to fight. Android 8 is quite powerful, but he also possesses a conscience. He befriends Goku who gives him a new name, 8ter. After the Red Ribbon Army is defeated, 8ter goes to live a peaceful life with Snow.

Hatchiyack is one of the main villains for the fabeled 'lost Dragonball movie' otherwise known as OVA's #1 and #2. This is not an official movie, and is rather hard to get. The Japanese name is 'The plan to destroy the Saiyans'. If you don't want the ending spoiled you better not read this. The super computer that was collecting all the hate energy toward the Saiyans materializes into a being of mass power. Apparently, the hate that Dr. Raiichi had was so great it caused the computer to become alive and ironically it is 10x stronger than Broly was. From this point on the super computer known as Hatchiyack gives all the Z fighters a major beating. Luckily, after about 15 minutes of getting beaten to a pulp, Goku learns that Hatchiyack has a weakness that can be used against him. Apparently, Hatchiyack only fires his energy blast after 15 seconds, so Goku starts to power up his Chou Kamehameha while the others power up their final attacks (Trunks' Burning Attack, Gohan's Masenko and Vegeta's Big Bang Attack) and fire all their attacks at the count of 15. With Hatchiyack finally defeated the Earth is, once again, saved from a terrible threat.

Haze Shenron (Ryan Shenron):
The Dragon of Pollution, Haze Shenron uses his powers to create a muggy fog that settles over the land and drains any person coming into contact with it of all their power and energy. He was born when Goku used the Dragon Balls to wish Bora back to life many years ago.

Hercule (Mr. Satan):
He is the "World's Martial Art's Champion", although there are much stronger people than Mr. Satan, he seems to win the tournaments by luck and get credit for killing Cell and other villains. Mr. Satan is good friends with Majin Buu, although when their puppy gets injured, Majin Buu goes bad. Mr. Satan's daughter, Videl was trained by Gohan and is a lot stronger than Mr. Satan and he seems to hide his weakness during a fight and makes up some excuse to make everyone like him.

High King Niko-Chan:
A creature resembling a green butt with a face and antenna who is stranded in Penguin Village along with his servant. In his spare time he either attempts to conquer the Earth, or simply builds a spaceship in order to get back to his home planet. Though his servant is bright, Niko-chan himself is a bumbling idiot. In the Dragonball Manga, he appears briefly giving the victory sign, although his part is bigger in the anime series.
Hikui Bird:
A rare near-extinct bird that dwells in volcanoes (this bird happens to eat flames), whose feathers must be used to create the Bansho Fan. Goku and Chi-Chi needed one to put out the fires on Mount Frypan.
Hildegarn (Hiredugarn):
In DBZ Movie #13, the story is told that he devastated the home planet of the movie's heroes, Tapion and Minosha, nearly exterminating their race. Since Tapion's people lacked the power to destroy Hildegarn, they used a magical song, played by Tapion on his ocarina, to temporarily control Hildegarn and split him into two etheric halves. When this was done, they sealed Hildegarn's top half into Tapion and his lower half into Tapion's brother Minosha. In Movie 13, the box which contains all of this is opened on Earth, thus releasing Tapion and allowing for Hildegarn's great escape. In the end, Hildegarn is killed when Goku debuts his awesome Dragon Fist attack.
Hire Dragon (FUNimation: Icarus):
A little purple dragon that first appears in DBZ Movie 3, where he befriends Gohan after the boy rescues him from a forest fire. In the Japanese and original Pioneer dub of the movie, the dragon is simply called Haiya Dragon, but later the FUNimation dub changes the name to Icarus for some reason. The dragon also appears in Movies 4 and 5, and even in the anime series during the Garlic Junior Saga. Commonly associated with Gohan, Haiya Dragon is usually portrayed with Gohan riding his back.
I bet this is the first Dragonball character biographies that has this guy included. In DBZ movie #12 a demon lord called Janemba releases all the evil of the afterlife. In the movie you'll see Trunks and Goten battle (and defeat) Hitler and his army.
One of the Black magicians responsible for the creation of Hiredugarn, Hoi traveled to earth in the thirteenth movie in search for the other half of his creation. His intentions were to make Hiredugarn whole again so he would wreak havoc throughout the universe. Hoi is eventually killed by his creation upon becoming whole.
Human Gunman :
During the time when Buu is starting to settle down with Mr. Satan, a very sick individual stops caring about life and goes around killing people for sport. This idiot and his partner are basically responsible for the creation of Super Buu. They chance upon Buu while he's playing catch with Bee and shoot the puppy. Mr. Satan locates the two and beats them up, then goes back to Buu who heals the puppy instantly. But then the idiot returns and shoots Mr. Satan through the chest. Buu heals Satan, but his anger explodes and Evil Buu is released from his anger. Luckily this guy has a pleasing death. Evil Buu blasts him into a million pieces with a point-blank ki blast.
Human Gunman's Associate:
A fat British-looking bloke who occasionally picks off people with his buddy. Fortunately, he has one of the most horrible deaths in DBZ. Buu liquefies and shoots himself down the guy's throat, then expands, turning him into human confetti.

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