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A rude kid who was scheduled to fight Trunks in the 25th World Tournament in the children's division. He didn't have a fighting
chance against Trunks as soon as the match started Trunks
kicked him up into the air falling back to the ground unconscious. Thus, losing the match. He is then punished by his mother for losing.

The mother of Idarsa and Ikose is a rude, obnoxious woman, who brags to Bulma and Chi-Chi that her sons will easily beat thiers. When Trunks and Goten wipe the floor with her sons she goes crazy, that is until Chi-Chi knocks her out. Later she gets her "revenge" by telling Babidi where Trunks lives.

Iedei/Ledei (Yeti):
A giant mutant bug, Iedei was the Arlian king's last resort against Nappa and Vegeta. However, Iedei was no match for the Saiyans and was easily killed.

Lucifer's servant who has a vast, and creepy, knowledge of blood.

II Shenron (Il Shenron [Syn Shenron]):
Syn is the ultimate evil power in the universe. Syn was born with the combination of all the evil energy given out by the corroded Dragon Balls making him the strongest of the dragons. Syn eventually absorbs all 7 Dragon Balls to become the awesome Omega Shenron giving him the powers of every Shadow Dragon. The Dragon Balls were used to restore life, but Syn has only one goal...the destruction of all life in the universe! Dragon of the 1 star ball.

Just like his brother Idarsa, Ikose thought he was a lot better than he really was. As Goten's opponent in the youth division, Ikose was defeated with little effort from Goten.

Invisible Man:
The second of Baba's five fighters, the Invisible Man was taken on by Yamcha. Without being able to see him, Yamcha was getting beat pretty badly. With a great idea, Krillin got Bulma and Roshi to stand in certain spots and then pulled Bulma's top off. After Roshi shoots blood out of his nose, as he does any time he sees nudity, the blood covered the Invisible Man and allowed Yamcha to see him.

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