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Jackie Chun:
This is Master Roshi's disguised name when he enters a tournament. He does this so his students see there are stronger fighters out there and so it encourages his students to train harder than ever before.

Jaga Bada:
A "villain" from DBZ Movie 11 who wants revenge on his old class-mate Mr. Satan for beating him in martial arts when he was a kid. He funds experiments that create Bio Warriors, including Bio Broly. On the left Dr. Kori ("Kori Hakase"), a scientist from who assists in the creation of Bio Broly.

The villain of movie #12, Janemba starts as a very playful fat apparition. This seemingly harmless form becomes a smaller red-colored demon with a nasty sword. He takes fighting more seriously and loses his jestful nature. Janemba is incredibly powerful, and neither Goku nor Vegeta can beat him at full strength.

Jeice (Jisu):
Jeice one of stronger members of the Ginyu Force is neither super fast or super powerful. Instead, Jeice is a more balanced combination of strength and speed, which makes him very dangerous. He's eventually killed by Vegeta.

Jewel thinks he is God's gift to women. He also fights in the Battle Royale during the World Tournament Three with the four remaining contestants. He hits on No. 18 and tries to get her to throw the match, but she answers with a hard blow that sends him soaring out of the ring and gets him disqualified.

Jingle Village Chief:
The kind leader of Suno's village, the Village Chief has become the hostage of General White. Unless his villagers uncover a Dragon Ball soon, he will meet terrible fate compliment of the General. Despite his dire situation, the Village Chief thinks only of his people, and would do anything, even sacrifice himself, to relieve them of their suffering at the hands of the Red Ribbon Army.

One of the orphans Gohan meets after Romu brings him to their home. Jinku had the physical features of a fox, and he, just like the others, is taken back to the orphanage.

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