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The android member of Turles' team, Kakao battles off against Yamcha and defeats him rather easily but doesn't kill him. In an attempt to battle Goku, he is killed.

Kaizoku Robo (Pirate Robot):
This robot was built by Pirates to guard their treasure. However, he is easily defeated by Goku. He had a machine gun for an arm and a flame thrower.

Kame-senin (Master Roshi/Muten Roshi):
An ancient and wise master of martial arts, Roshi has accumulated great power and knowledge. Because he has lived for countless years on a deserted island with only a turtle for companionship, he is also called the 'Turtle Hermit.' His home, the Kame house, continues to serve as a gathering place for the good guys. Although he may appear strange, frail and harmless, Master Roshi is indeed a great warrior. He originally trained Goku and Krillin when they were young boys. The first earthling to ever understand how to nurture and control the Power of Light, Roshi trains Goku and Krillin in its use. It was Master Roshi who taught Goku the Kamehameha attack. Master Roshi's Rival is the Crane Elder.

Kami (Kami-sama):
A lone Namek that was sent to Earth before his planet was hit by a comet, Kami grew up on earth all alone. After he grew up, Kami attempted to become God of Earth but was denied because of the evil in his heart. After splitting himself away from his evil, he became God and protector of the Earth. However, his evil side formed into a demon named Piccolo Daimoa, to whom Kami had a spiritual link; if one died, the other would die as well. When Goku killed Piccolo Daimoa, Kami survived because Piccolo created an offspring before he died. Eventually Piccolo becomes good merges back together with Kami during the Cell Saga so he can defeat the Androids.

Kargo (Cargo):
The little Namek boy that was killed by Dodoria. He seems to either be a friend or brother of Dende. He is later revived by the Dragon Balls.

One of Mr. Satan's pupils who tries to beat Cell in the Cell Game. Cell doesn't even bother trying to fight him. He sends Karoni flying straight into the air and when he hits the ground, he makes a cartoon-ish hole shaped like him. Karoni is a very vain individual who's very popular with the ladies and prides himself on his swiveling hips.

Kenpau Ka:
A street fighter in West City who offers 100,000 zeni to anyone who can beat him. He submits to Goku after seeing him demolish a wall with a kick. Goku gives his prize money to a lady who tells him the a police officer may help him find Bulma.

Kibito (Kibit):
East Kaioshin's assistant, Kibito comes to earth with his master to help stop Babidi. He is killed by Dabura, but is resurrected later by Shenron. He eventually fuses with Supreme Kai to demonstrate to Goku the power of the potara earrings.

Kibito Kai:
When Elder Kai asked the Supreme Kai and Kibito to try on the Potara Earrings, they had no idea they would be permanently stuck together. However, it proves to work out well, as now the Supreme Kai gains Kibito's transportation and healing powers, which come in very handy at the end of DBZ and in DBGT.

Kid Buu:
This is Buu's true form. After Goku and Vegeta removed every one Buu had absorbed he returned to his original form. He now has nothing to hold back his true evil power, and he is far stronger than even Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Eventually when Goku has nothing left to do he uses his ultimate Spirit Bomb. When Kid Buu was killed Goku wished for him to be brought back to life as a good guy thus we see Uub.

Kid Gamera:
This is one of Akira Toriyama's jokes. You see, Gamera is a giant turtle from outer space with two rockets coming out of his butt that he uses to fly around with. Yes, it's a Japanese monster movie, and obviously Akira Toriyama is a bit of a fan. Since Muten Roshi doesn't fly, and lost the Kintoun ('Nimbus') to Goku, (which he couldn't ride anyway) and sometimes needs to get places fast, he calls in Kid Gamera. It's a little mini version of Gamera that Muten Roshi can fly around on. Now, the thing about Gamera is that when he flies, he spins around in circles, so does kid Gamera. So when Muten Roshi utilizes this mode of transportation, whenever he gets off, he immediately vomits. Obviously, it's not a very popular way of getting around.

Kilah (Killer):
A big black dude who participates in the Battle Royale at the end of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He's K.O.'ed by Mighty Mask (Goten and Trunks). His role is minimal in the Manga, but in the anime he has some plot-developing flashbacks.

King Chapa:
He's one of the contenders in the 21st Tenkaichi, defeated by Goku. He is the first user of the Hasshuken technique (8 hands attack)

King Cold :
Father of Frieza and Cooler. He is only seen in the 2nd form & if he can go beyond that or not we just don't know. Most likely he cannot or he would have when he fought Trunks. King Cold salvages Frieza's living remains from space and makes his scientists rebuild his son as a cyborg. The two venture to Earth with plans to destroy Goku's home planet, but their scheme is foiled by the appearance of Trunks. After watching Trunks kill his son and cut him to pieces, King Cold offers the Saiyan an opportunity to replace Frieza and conquer the galaxy with him. This statement is almost certainly a lie, considering King Cold had asked to see Trunks' sword moments before. Trunks kills King Cold minutes later.

King Moai:
This is the evil king of the Planet Arlia. He took over rule of the planet by force and made everyone take care of his greedy needs. After Vegeta kills Iedei, he kills the king by shooting a rock through his chest.

King Gurumesu:
King Gurumesu was a normal Human until he found some rubies that gave him an everlasting hunger.

King Kai (North Kai):
The god of the Northern part of galaxy. North Kai is a great help to the Z Warriors through out the series. He is the inventor of the Kaioken and Spirit Bomb attack and he gives some helpful training to Goku, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu. Later in the series, Goku teleports a self-destructive Cell onto North Kai's planet, which blows up North Kai's planet and kills Goku and North Kai and his pets.

King of the World:
This small walrus/dog like animal is the King of the World. He shows up mainly in DB when King Piccolo assaults his castle. He is one of the few people that knows Goku is a hero. He shows up again in DBZ when Nappa and Vegeta attack, and also in DBGT when he helps with the evacuation of the citizens of Earth to the Planet Plant.

King Vegeta:
The king of all Saiyans and the father of Vegeta. He is probably the strongest Saiyan in his time but is definitely seen as the strongest Saiyan. King Vegeta realizes that Frieza has no further use of the Saiyans and no longer needs them around. After trying to attack and kill Frieza, King Vegeta is killed with a single blast.

King Yemma:
King Yemma is the most powerful and fastest ogre in the Other World. He sits at the entrance desk of the Next Dimension, admitting people into either Heaven or Hell. Yemma was also the first to make it all the way down Snake Way.

Kinoni Sarada:
This Dr. Slump crossover always had to keep up with the latest fashions. Riding around on a tricycle, She had a very light-hearted and weird personality.
Contender in the last Tenkaichi Budoukai of Dragon Ball Z, Kirano was to face Captain Chicken. We never get to see what he is capable of, and don't know who won the match. Whoever won, lost the next match against Mr. Buu.
One of the Bio Warriors from Movie #2. Kishime's special technique is the ability to electrocute people with his tentacles. He puts up a good fight with Goku, but is defeated when Goku uses the Kaioken technique.
Kogu (Gokua):
The swordsman of Bojack's team, Kogu is very strong seeing he is equally matched to Trunks. But as soon as Trunks goes Super Saiyan, Gokua ends up with a broken sword and death by a fist straight through his gut.
Goku meets this fox-like kid on his trip around the world. Knokichi is a thief, but only steals to survive. He treats Goku like a King after Goku saved his life.

Kooler (Cooler):
The brother of Frieza, he watched Frieza destroy planet Vegeta. After Frieza was defeated he went to earth seeking revenge against Goku. Cooler like his brother can transform. Unlike his Brother Cooler can transform one step further. Unfortunately for Cooler this wasn't enough to beat Goku and was thrown into the sun by Goku. In movie 6 he tried to take over planet Namek by merging with an alien ship. He fails of course and is killed by Goku this time for good.

Korin (Karin-sama):
Grower of the powerful Senzu Beans, Karin lives in a tower just below Kami's palace. He is very wise and is also the protector of the sacred and holy waters. Karin trains Goku during the Tao Pai Pai fight, although Goku didn't know it at the time. He doesn't make big appearances in Z or GT, but he always comes through with Senzu Beans.

Kui (Cui):
A long time rival of Vegeta's, Kui shows up on Planet Namek hoping to settle the score between himself and the Saiyan prince. However he is tricked into thinking he can win by Vegeta's new trick of altering his power level, and he is quickly dispatched by Vegeta.

Krillin (Kuririn or Krillen):
Krillin is Goku's best friend & was born a year before Goku. He received the 6 dots on his forehead when he joined the monks of the Orinji Temple. Small scars are burned into the foreheads of each member. Krillin first meets Goku in Dragonball, where they are rivals who both seek the training of Master Roshi. They eventually learn to work together & become best friends. His fav. attacks are Destructo Disk, Tri-form, Kamehameha, and Solar Flare. Krillin is killed by one of King Piccolo's spawns in DB. But is later brought back to life with a wish using the Dragon Balls. In DBZ, Krillin ventures with Bulma and Gohan to Namek so they can make a wish with the Namekian Dragon Balls. Once there, he receives a power-up from Guru, and manages to survive until the late Frieza Saga when he is blown up by Frieza. Krillin's death triggers Goku to go Super Saiyan. At the end of the Frieza Saga, he is again wished back to life, this time with the Namekian Dragon Balls. Years later, Krillin marries Android 18, and together they have a daughter named Marron. During the years between the Cell Saga and the Buu Saga, Krillin decides to stop shaving his hair. He is turned to stone by Dabura for several episodes, but at the death of Dabura, Krillin is restored. He dies along with the entire human race when Buu destroys Earth, and is brought back with a wish on the Namek Dragonballs. In GT, his characters importance wanes even further. However, Krillin dies for the fourth time when Android 17 attacks him while he and Number 18 are out shopping. Again, he brought back later with a wish. Because he dies and receives severe bodily injuries many more times than any other character in the series, Krillin is indubitably the unluckiest character in Dragonball. The 4th picture of Krillin is what he looks like in Dragonball GT. As you can tell by the image he has gotten pretty old. He never really "quits" fighting but he knows he is nothing compared to Super Saiyans so that's probably why he isn't seen trying to attack things like the Shadow Dragons. Either Krillin or Tien is the strongest human in existence but which one is never truly said. In my opinion Tien is stronger but I there's people out there that would disagree. But then again people might think Yamcha is stronger.....

Kyo Jin:
A HUGE competitor from the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. He faces Krillin in the elimination rounds, and calls him "Baby octopus head", to which Krillin responds by grapping Kyo Jin by the finger and tossing him into a brick wall.
Kyoryu is a Dinosaur that is seen a lot during Gohan's training. During his training, Gohan uses Kyoryu as a training exercise and also as a food source. That poor, poor Dinosaur. Don't worry, he doesn't die. Gohan just takes food from his tail.

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