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Launch (Lunch/Ranchi):
A girl with the ability to change personalities and looks when she sneezed, Lunch was a sweat, lovable girl in one form and a mean, machine-gun wielding gangster in the other. Her change comes in handy during the Budoukai's when she would clear the crowd and allow her friends to get up front. She's a very good cook and also falls in love with Tenshinhan. Lunch makes quite a few appearances in the original series, but very few in the two others.

The personal bodyguard of Don Kea, Ledgic is the first enemy Goku and friends encountered in Dragon Ball GT. He was very strong, fighting Goku to a standstill until the Saiyan transforms. Ledgic is impressed by Goku's strength and gives up the battle, leaving his King to defend himself.

Leena (Reenu):
Daughter of the village elder, and one of the prettiest girls on planet Kurebo. Is to become Zuunama's betrothed. Has a Dragon Ball woven into her ponytail. Gets rescued by Goku, Trunks, and Pan.

Lemlia (Queen Lemlia):
When an evil dictator took over Arlia, he imprisoned the King and made Lemlia his wife. When Vegeta and Nappa visit the planet, they kill the dictator, reuniting Lemlia with her husband. However, their happiness is cut short when Vegeta and Nappa blow up the planet.

A girl Gohan meets one day in the forest after completing his training for the Cell Game. He rescues her from a fast moving river and mistakenly grabs her breasts in the process. She runs off calling him a pervert. Later, Gohan meets her in Chazke Village and finds out that her parents were killed by Cell. An old bartender took her in and cared for her.

Lime's Caretaker:
The old man living in Chazke Village who takes care of a little girl named Lime whose parents were killed by Cell. He may be old, but he's a skilled Martial Artist.

Lord Don Kee (Don Kir):
He's the tyrant of Planet of Merchants Imegga in Dragon Ball GT series. He's a very greedy king with a little effeminate aspect. Everything touching his planet ground becomes his property, so even Trunks' space ship, fallen down because of a damage, has been taken by Don Kir's men. When even his very strong bodyguard Lezik is defeated by Goku, the tyrant is obliged to give up and bring back everything which Imegga inhabitants have had stolen.

Lord Frieza (Freezer or Furiza or Freeza):
As the strongest being in the universe during his time, Frieza is solely responsible for the destruction of Planet Vegeta along with almost all of the Saiyan race. He and his armies purge planets of life, and sell them to the highest bidders, or he may just blow it up. Frieza sees himself as the most powerful being in the universe, with no equal. Frieza's greatest fear was the Saiyan race, not only because they were the strongest species he had ever encountered by far in all the universe, but he also feared them because of an ancient legend among their people. Because the Saiyan race was already so powerful and great in number, Frieza could not believe how powerful a Super Saiyan might be, and so this is why he decides to destroy their planet. It was said that every few thousand years or so, a super-powerful Saiyan was born to their people, the legendary Super Saiyan. After he hears about the Dragon Balls, he travels to Planet Namek in order to wish for immortality. When he is on Namek he encounters Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin. He has several forms in order to conserve energy, and rarely uses his true form. We see all of Frieza's transformations and he is forced to go to his highest level in order to beat the Saiyans. After a long battle, he is defeated, but not killed, by Goku. His father (King Cold) finds him, nearly dead, floating near the remains of Planet Namek and takes him back to his planet in order to save him. After being restored with robotic parts, Frieza and his father travel to earth to exact revenge on the Saiyan that beat him and it is there that Frieza finally meets his end by the blade of Trunk's sword. After Frieza is killed King Cold trys to recruit Trunks to work alongside King Cold as partners. Trunks obviously refuses and kills King Cold easily.

Lord Slug:
Lord Slug was one of the Ancient Nameks who discovered the key to unlocking a higher consciousness within. Known as Super Nameks, they soon became intoxicated by their new power and began to misuse it. With the power of the Dragon Balls, the people of Namek were able to banish the Super Nameks from their planet for good, but the tyrannical Lord Slug quickly collects the seven dragon balls and is restored to his lost youth.

Resembling a vampire, Lucifer attempts to destroy the sun in the second Dragon Ball movie. His plans to create an Earth of total darkness were foiled when Goku fires a Kamehameha that moves the position of his laser cannon and fires it right at Lucifer, killing him.

Luud (Lude) :
An idol for some, a machine for others, but for Goku, Pan, and Trunks, it might just be their final resting place! The leaders of the Luud cult sacrifice anyone who disobeys them by turning their bodies into dolls and feeding them to Luud. Luud absorbs their energy into his own, and with enough energy it is believed it will come to life.

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