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The only Namek to be born a fighter, Nail was the personal bodyguard of Guru. He received training in the old arts and was by far the strongest Namek on their planet. However, with very little effort Frieza defeated him and left him for dead. After being wished back, Piccolo finds this half-dead Namek that convinces him to merge. After Merging with Nail, Piccolo receives a lot of new power.

A Very tough fighter that competes in the 21st Budoukai, Namu needed the prize money to buy water for his draught stricken village. After a good fight, he is defeated by Goku. However, Master Roshi informs Namu that water is free at the tournament, and he then gives Namu two large water containers to take home.

Nappa was one of the only Saiyans to survive after Frieza destroyed Old Planet Vegeta. Teaming up with Vegeta and Raditz, together they were forced by Frieza to destroy planet populations. After Raditz is sent to earth and killed, Vegeta and Nappa travel there to exact revenge. Nappa proves to be a tough adversary and defeats all the Z-Fighters until Goku arrives and takes him out with 1 blow. After that, he is killed by Vegeta because Vegeta thinks he's useless if he can't beat Goku.

Nareg (Kirano):
Nareg is a fighter in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. He is a pretty boy who the ladies can't seem to get enough of. He is scheduled to fight Captain Chicken but his opponent was scared off by Goku's battle with Uub. He doesn't win tournament nor do we know who eliminated him.

Natade Shaman:
He's a character of DBZ movie #10 "The Dangerous Pair!! Super-Warriors Never Rest". Inhabitants of Natade Village believe him a sorcerer who can help them to calm the giant monster that terrorizes the Village. He appears again in the next DBZ movie #11 where we see him inside the Palace of the rich Jagar Badda.

Natto (Ribet):
Nezi, Ribet, and Bizu make up General Rilldo's top mercenary force. They are called upon when Dr. Myuu demands "results." They have the ability to join their metal bodies into an even more powerful soldier, the awesome Sigma Force Canon.

Naturon Shenron:
After Vegeta killed a large number of innocent people, a wish on the Dragon Balls brought them all back to life. In this way, Naturon Shenron was born. Possessing the power of Earth, he delights in causing earthquakes and watching cities fall before his power. Dragon of the 7 star ball.

One of Cooler's Henchmen in Movie #5. He is a turtle like alien who can hide his head in his shoulders. He is killed when Piccolo reflects Neizu's Electric Attack back at him.

Nezi, Ribet, and Bizu make up General Rilldo's top mercenary force. They are called upon when Dr. Myuu demands "results." They have the ability to join their metal bodies into an even more powerful soldier, the awesome Sigma Force Canon.

One of Garlic Junior's henchman from the first Dragon Ball Z movie, Nikki fought against Goku. After trying to slash Goku with sword-like appendages he pulled from his body, he is knocked into a tower. He is killed by a blast that also destroys Ginger.

A creature resembling a green butt with a face and antenna who is stranded in Penguin Village along with his servant. In his spare time he either attempts to conquer the Earth, or simply builds a spaceship in order to get back to his home planet. Though his servant is bright, Niko-chan himself is a bumbling idiot. In the Dragonball Manga, he appears briefly giving the victory sign, although his part is bigger in the anime series.

Ninja Murasaki (Sergeant Purple):
A Member of the Red Ribbon Army and even though he is smart, he loses to Goku in a fight. After the fight he tries to unleash Android 8 upon Goku, or he would destroy Android 8. Android 8 refuses, and Goku knocks out Purple before he could do anything.

Nok (Noku) :
In the first round of the tournament, Noku is to fight Vegeta. During the warming up, Noku comes up to Vegeta and tells him about how he will lose and so on. So Vegeta, without even turning around punches Noku and sends him flying across the arena and into a wall. Noku forfeits the match.

North Kai (North Kaio, King Kai):
The god of the Northern part of galaxy. North Kai is a great help to the Z Warriors through out the series. He is the inventor of the Kaioken and Spirit Bomb attack and he gives some helpful training to Goku, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu. Later in the series, Goku teleports a self-destructive Cell onto North Kai's planet, which blows up North Kai's planet and kills Goku and North Kai and his pets.

North Kaioshin (North Supreme Kai):
North Kaioshin was the Kaioshin from the Northern Universe. He was a master swordsmen, he slices Majin Buu in half attempting to end the chaos but he was unaware that cutting Majin Buu wouldn't even damage him. Majin Buu then puts himself back together and kills North Kaioshin.

Nuova Shenron:
The Dragon of Fire, Nuova, was born when King Piccolo wished for youth when Goku was a child. With the power of the sun and of fire at his disposal, Nuova is more than a challenge for Goku. Things really get hot when Nuova's brother, Eis Shenron, joins in the fray! Dragon of the 4 star ball. Nuova is eventually killed by Syn Shenron because of Nuova's beliefs.

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