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The bully of Goku Juniors school, that joins Goku Jr. on his journey, for the Four Star Dragon Ball. They become good friends on the way and help each other out. They also play tricks on each other, every once in a while. When they escape from Manba, he falls off of a bridge, but is found out to be ok at the end.

Daughter of Gohan and Videl, granddaughter of Goku. Born in the year 779 AD, she competes in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai when she is only 5 years old. She proves her Saiyan bloodline by completely wrecking her opponents, including Goten, her 17-year-old uncle. Pan plays a larger role in GT, where as a teenager she embarks on a long journey in space with Trunks and Goku to find all of the Black-star Dragonballs scattered across the galaxy. Originally, it was Goten who was supposed to travel with Trunks and Goku, but while Goten sleeps late, Pan sneaks onboard the ship and takes his place. She develops quite an attitude, and gets into a lot of trouble on different planets. Giru, the helpful little robot who travels with them, tries to protect Pan, but usually ends up getting yelled at by the independent teenager. However, deep down Pan really has feelings for the little guy. With the exception of Android 18, Pan is the most powerful female fighter in the anime series.

Panbookin (Shugesh, Panboukin, Panbuukin, Panbukin):
The chunky, quick-tempered member of Bardock's crew. He obtains a scar in Oozaru form during the battle on planet Kanassa in the beginning of the Bardock Special. In the dub, Panboukin is made to look like a smart-mouthed idiot that says stupid things like "the bomb", but in the true Japanese version he is not all-mouth and no-brain, but he is actually rather sharp.

Facing Goku in the first round of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai . It starts, with Panputto making a flashy entry. He's a multiple-time world fighting champion, and is well-known. However, when he first punches at Goku, he asks if the punch was too fast for him to follow. Goku says it wasn't much of a punch, so Panputto demonstrates his great speed and power. But, when he attacks Goku again, the boy's light tap to the chest completely knocks the man out. The announcer goes ape over the single-punch KO, and Goku wins.

The Southern Kai's best student & claims that Papoi could mop the floor with Goku. Northern Kai & Southern Kai start to debate who's stronger, (meanwhile Goku is training in the background with 2 ton weights on his arms and legs). Both Kai's get competitive, so Northern Kai tells Southern Kai to increase each weight on Goku to 10 tons. At first Goku can barely move, but he simply turns Super Saiyan and starts zipping around like lightning. Southern Kai's jaw hits the ground, and he quickly says that Papoi shouldn't waste his time fighting Goku.

The father of Broly, Paragus shows up in Dragonball Z Movie #8. He survived Planet Vegeta's destruction when Frieza blew it up but, only by the help of his son's amazing powers. His plan is to train Broly and have himself rule the Universe. This backfires, when Brolly becomes free of the mind control and kills Paragus.

Pasha (Celipa/Fasha):
The female member of Bardock's team. She is cool and casual, and seems to have known Bardock for longer than the others. In the Bardock Special, she teases Bardock about his habits and asks him more personal questions than the other members, such as why doesn't he visit his newborn son. Celipa is killed by Frieza's henchmen, who were sent specifically to assassinate Bardock and his team.

The little girl from Dragon Ball Movie 1, who is rescued from the clutches of Oolong by Goku. She lives in the village that was being dug up for the valuable jewel, the Blood Rubies. She goes to find Master Roshi for help, but finds Goku instead. She later wishes all of the Blood Rubies to be destroyed, so the land won't be dug up anymore. She saves her town in the end.

The longest living member of King Piccolo's mutant spawns. He's a pterodactyl humanoid figure, and is very bright. He's killed by King Piccolo's crushing weight when Goku kicks Piccolo into him.

The son of King Piccolo, Piccolo followed his father's plans, until the beginning of DBZ. During the Saiyan Saga, he means only to join the side of good, for the time being, but ends up on their side for good. Gohan helped him to become the Piccolo we now see. Even Goku helped. He later fuses with Nail and Kami, which makes him the strongest fighter on Earth. (For the time being.) Though he is a strong fighter and helps out in every series a lot, he can not match a Super Saiyan's powers.

Piccolo Daimoa (King Piccolo):
The evil side of Kami, Piccolo Daimoa was sealed inside a jar by the Mafuba technique. Emperor Pilaf releases him to help in his domination of the Earth. However, the Demon turns out to be more than Pilaf bargained for. Piccolo Daimoa is killed by Goku, but before he dies he gives birth to another child, Ma Jr. (Piccolo).

He protects the orphan's that Gohan meets during his Piccolo training. After realizing that the orphans would be better off in the orphanage.

Pikkon (Paikuhan) :
West Kai's prize pupil, Pikkon was the strongest fighter in the Afterlife. He was thought to win the Other World Tournament, but no one knew of Goku's true strength. Pikkon shares a secret like Piccolo in that he trains in weighted clothing. Goku defeats him in the finals, but they are both declared losers because they touched the ceiling of the arena which as the Grand Kai put it "The Ceiling is like the floor if you stand on your head."

Pilaf (Emperor Pilaf):
He wants to use the Dragonballs to rule the entire world. Goku usually stops him before he does anything bad though. Pilaf's two henchmen, Shu and Mai struggle alongside Pilaf to kill Goku but fail. At the beginning of the Dragonball GT, Pilaf accidentally wishes for Goku to be turned into a young kid with the Black Star Dragonballs.

Pintar (Punta) :
a A large, Turkish competitor in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, his opponent is Krillin. Before the match, Punta repeatedly insults Krillin, who is much smaller and shorter of stature than he. Punta tells Krillin about how badly he's going to defeat him. Krillin, on the other hand, is embarrassed about having to fight such a weak competitor, and he knocks out Punta with a single punch to the stomach with his eyes closed.

Pirate Robot (Kaizoku Robo):
This robot was built by Pirates to guard their treasure. However, he is easily defeated by Goku. He had a machine gun for an arm and a flame thrower.

One of Mr. Satan's students who "competes" against Cell in the anime. He's a large guy with the power of a wild boar, but he obviously doesn't stand a chance against Cell.

Mr. Satan's sexy and extremely annoying promotional agent who makes announcements for Mr. Satan and basically tells everyone how wonderful he is. She only appears in the anime during the Cell Games.

Him & his partner Terror are thugs who Goku meets when he makes his trip around the world in DB. they terrorize the people of a small mountain village and force them to present them with food once a month. Plague wields a man-eating gourd that sucks people in if they do not respond when their name is called. Once inside the gourd, the victim is dissolved and becomes sake.

The dragon from Namek. This dragon can grant 3 wishes every half year! That's a lot more then the one from earth the wishes Porunga can grant can also be much better. After you make your wish the Dragon Balls fly to the corners of Namek and turn to stone. They also have 7 Dragon Balls like on earth. All wishes to Porunga must also be spoken in the Namekian language.

Princess Snake:
a Encountered by Goku on his way to North Kai's planet along snake way, Princess Snake lured Goku into her palace with food and bath. Thinking that her palace was King Kai's and that she was King Kai, Goku agreed to stay. After learning that she wasn't, Goku escapes and she chases after him, turning into her real form: a giant snake.

Pteranodon Family:
A family of Pterodactyls' that Gohan and Goten befriend. The father and mother aren't given a name (well at least in the Japanese version), but Gohan and Goten call their baby "Chibi" which means little or small. Chibi is captured by the circus and the Great Saiyaman tries to rescue him, but before he can, Chibi's momma and papa go on an angry rampage searching for their child.

In Dragonball, they work as a team to rob anyone traveling through the desert in which they lived. Puar has the ability to change shape into any form, even imitate objects, and hold that form for any amount of time, although Puar's strength is not increased by the change, and can't be turned into something that can be used up, like fuel or food. Puar went to shape-shifting school with Oolong, and always made straight A's. Although Puar is relatively weak, she has the ability to levitate and fly.

Pui Pui (Puipui):
The guardian of the first floor of Babidi's ship. He informs Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Supreme Kai that he comes from the planet Zun, just as Babidi creates the arena in which they will fight to resemble his home planet, thus giving Pui Pui the greater advantage. Grinning, he tells his opponent, Vegeta, that the gravity on his home planet is ten times that of Earth, but Vegeta only laughs and sneers in his face. Babidi had expected Goku, Vegeta and the others to be strong, but he did not anticipate that they would train under gravity several hundred times Earth's (Vegeta had trained at 500x gravity). Vegeta disposes of Pui Pui effortlessly.

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