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Raditz (Radditz) :
Goku's brother that was sent to Earth to find out why it hadn't been destroyed yet. Being the weaker of the three Saiyan's still under Frieza's control, his power was three times his brothers. Raditz kidnaps Gohan and tries to force Goku to join him. Piccolo & Goku team up and Goku manages to get a hold of Raditz while Piccolo shoots them both with his Special Beam Cannon.

Rage Shenron:
Despite his small size, Rage Shenron carries a shocking power: electricity! He creates a slimy substance that draws the energy out of any object that it touches; the energy is then transferred to his body as strength. Rage Shenron was born when Goku wished himself back to life after Vegeta landed on planet Earth. Dragon of the 5 star ball.

Him and his brother Rakasei are twins that both work for Turles in Dragonball Z Movie #3: The Tree of Might. The two of them attack the same opponent together, thus overwhelming the opponent. Unfortunately for the twins, they made the mistake of pissing off Gohan. Thus they were both killed.

A friend of Zaacro, they are both shape shifters. They are trapped on a deserted planet, and after seeing Gohan, Bulma and Krillin land on the planet, they trick them into thinking they are Namekians and that they are on the Planet Namek. They lead the heroes on a chase for the "Dragon Balls" hoping to get an opportunity to escape the planet on their spaceship.

Him and his brother Raisin are twins that both work for Turles in Dragonball Z Movie #3: The Tree of Might. The two of them attack the same opponent together, thus overwhelming the opponent. Unfortunately for the twins, they made the mistake of pissing off Gohan. Thus they were both killed.

A female competitor in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai, she uses the "defenseless woman" ploy to get the better of her opponents. When a male opponent is about to hit her, Ranfan shrieks in a false fright, causing them to pause. During that moment she quickly delivers a crushing punch or kick. If this technique fails, she begins to strip and tries to shock or embarrass her opponent. Namu is only able to defeat her by attacking her with his eyes closed.

One of Emperor Gurumesu's officers that collects the Dragon Balls for him. Once she finds Goku's Dragon Ball, they only have one more to go. She is a very greedy lady that just wants to get her hands on some Blood Rubies. She is never seen again, after the Blood Rubies go away.

Recoome (Rikum):
One of the 5 members of the Ginyu Force (Frieza's ultimate team), They are called to Namek when Zarbon & Dodoria are killed. They hesitate to ask each other for help because they don't want to share the credit for the victory. The members of the Ginyu force don't seem to care about each other, willing to stand back and watch while their teammates are destroyed. Recoome is a big, redheaded brute, possessing great strength but slow in speed he also really knows how to take a punch. He easily defeats Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta but is beaten be one blow when Goku arrives. Vegeta later kills Recoome.

Red (Commander Red):
The original commander in the Red Ribbon Army, he is very short. He is thought to have wanted to Dragonballs to wish for World Domination, but really wants to wish to be taller. When Assistant Black found out about the real wish, Black got mad, and shot Red in the head, thus, he renamed it to the Black Ribbon Army.

Red Ribbon Military Capsule Robot:
A robot stored in a Capsule that has all sorts of military actions programmed into it. Goku discovers one and asks it to fly a plane for him. The Robot has a snotty attitude, and crashes the plane just outside Jingle Village. Goku is rescued from the wreckage by Snow.

Reenu (Leena):
Daughter of the village elder, and one of the prettiest girls on planet Kurebo. Is to become Zuunama's betrothed. Has a Dragon Ball woven into her ponytail. Gets rescued by Goku, Trunks, and Pan.

Ribet (Ribet):
Nezi, Ribet, and Bizu make up General Rilldo's top mercenary force. They are called upon when Dr. Myuu demands "results." They have the ability to join their metal bodies into an even more powerful soldier, the awesome Sigma Force Canon.

The top officer and administrator of "Planet M2," the mechanical world that serves as Dr. Myuu's base of operations. General Rilldo was ordered to bring the Saiyans (Pan, Tunks, and Goku) and the Dragon Balls to Dr. Myuu. When he runs into the Saiyans he turns Trunks into metal and gets the Dragon Balls. When he fights Goku they are about the same in power but Rilldo is forced to transform when Goku goes Super Saiyan. In Rilldo's second form he absorbs the Sigma Force Cannon and is now about equal with Goku once again. He still can't beat Goku so he transforms again. In this form he can now become one with metal and considering the whole planet is made of metal this makes him very strong. Eventualy he is killed by Goku but it takes some time since Rilldo knows all of Goku's moves and Goku knows almost none of Rilldo's. This happens because Giru has been hanging around Goku for some time now and when Giru pretends to go on Rilldo's side he shows Rilldo all of Goku's moves. Goku messes around with Rilldo of course so he can find out some of Rilldo's moves. If you want to see all of Rilldo's transformations click here.

The orphan that found Gohan unconscious on the beach after he had escaped from Piccolo's training; Romu helped Gohan out and brought him back to his home and introduced him to his orphan friends.

Ryuu Shenron (Oceanus Shenron):
The Dragon of Water and Wind, Oceanus Shenron, dons the persona of Princess Oto, who the residents of a small fishing village worship as a god. When asked which wish she was born from, Princess Oto becomes angry and embarrassed. Dragon of the 6 star ball.

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