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Saibamen are beings grown from seeds for the sole purpose of fighting. Introduced on earth by the Saiyans, they take orders from Nappa and Vegeta and battle the good guys. They are also used for Training by the Saiyans. With fighting power of 1200 each, these six Saibamen are worthy opponents but are defeated.

A short, red crony of Garlic Junior.  He wears Mongolian style clothing, and is a little shorter than Gohan.  Salt is fairly weak, and is one of the first to die in the Garlic Junior. saga. 

San Shenron (Eis Shenron):
He is the Dragon of Ice and is also Nuova Shenron's brother.
Eis Shenron joins the fight against Goku. Just as the Dragon Balls have turned against their masters, Eis Shenron may find that turnabout is fair play.

Garlic Junior's muscle-bound minion in DBZ Movie 1, "Return My Gohan!" or, as the dubbed version goes, "Dead Zone".  His battle cry is "Pepperoni!" in the dub, and he is killed by Piccolo, who takes his revenge on Garlic Junior's men for attacking him in the wilderness at the opening scene of the movie.

Sauzaa (Sauza, Suazaa):
Cooler's right-hand man, and actually lasted longer on Earth than Cooler did. After Cooler died, Suazaa tries one last assault but is killed by Piccolo with ease.

The little Cat that's always sitting on Dr. Brief's shoulder. He has had many many years of experience.

Senbe Norimaki:
A self-proclaimed genius, (even though his own son is much smarter than him). He creates Arale chan and many crazy inventions such as a Time Stop watch and all sorts of vehicles. He's not exactly attractive, but he's really a kind-hearted guy. He has the ability to hold a handsome pose for 3 minutes, then he turns back to normal. He eventually marries Midori Yamabuki and they have a son, turbo, together.

Sergeant Purple:
Even though he is smart, he loses to Goku in a fight. After the fight he tries to unleash Android 8 upon Goku, or he would destroy Android 8. Android 8 refuses, and Goku knocks out Purple before he could do anything.

Attends Orange High School with Gohan. Sharpner likes Videl who also attends Orange High School. He is very athletic and likes to work out. When we first meet Sharpner he devotes most of his time to finding out who the Great Saiyaman is. He later discovers that the Gohan is the Great Saiyaman and is disappointed that the answer was right under his nose.

The alias that Kami enters the 23rd World Tournament under.  He possesses the body of a typical nerdy-looking guy to disguise himself so that he can defeat Piccolo under the public eye.  His name is a pun on the first part of the Earth dragon's name, Shenron, and it means "God" (the second part means "dragon").

Shenron (Shenlong):
The most important dragon in Dragonball and Dragonball Z. He is being used the most, despite the fact that he only grants one wish every year. Every time when a wish has been made, the Dragon Balls fly to the corners of the Earth. Then once you find all seven and a year has passed you can make a new wish. He was created by Kami and when Dende became guardian he re-created Shenron to be much more powerful and grant more wishes than before.

Shu (Shou):
one of Pilaf's henchmen, and often helped Pilaf in his search for the Dragon Balls. Shu usually worked with another one of Pilaf's henchmen Mai. Although they get very close in getting the Dragon Balls, they never quite succeed in getting their wish granted. We see him return in DBGT when they finally get the Dragon Balls (Black Star Set). Unfortunately, Pilaf accidentally wishes for Goku to be a kid again.
Shusugoro is Sugoro's son and partner in crime. Shusugoro transforms his body into the very dice that Goku uses to move himself along the Sugoroku game board. As long as the father and son control the game, Goku stands no chance of winning and saving his life.

Silver (Captain Silver):
The first of the high-ranking officers that Goku fights. This is a very short fight. Silver let his guard down completely, because, he didn't know Goku had a lot of strength. After Goku defeated Silver, he got a Dragon Ball and ran off. Silver then told Copper what happened, and, saw he was heading north, so, he told Copper to tell White in Muscle Tower to be ready for a very strong boy.

Son Para:
The bizarre Para Para Brothers are sent to find the powerful Black Star Dragon Balls so that Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy may complete his twisted vision of bringing the Luud Robot to life. Their armor doubles as a boom box, which casts a spell over anyone who hears it, causing them to dance hysterically about. This gives the brothers an advantage in a battle.

South Kai:
South Kai is the ruler over the South Quadrant of the universe. His quadrant has the reputation of being a peaceful area of space because all the fighters from this quadrant are comparatively weak.

South Kaioshin (South Supreme Kai):
A bulky, powerful Kaioshin that resided in the afterlife. Being the most powerful of all the Kaioshins during Majin Buu's attack, South Kaioshin put up a good fight but was eventually absorbed into Buu. It is assumed that he still lives - along with Dai Kaioshin - in Fat Buu's body.

The shorthaired, necklace-wearing crony of Turles in DBZ Movie 3.  He is killed by Goku.

Spice (Cashew):
One of Garlic Junior's cronies when he returns in the anime. This dude is pretty tough and he's one of the last guys to die. Like Garlic Jr. he receives more power when the Makyo Star nears Earth.

Once a normal, though weak human he fought Hurcule and lost terribly in the previous World Tournament.  Babidi took control of his mind along with Yamu in the Buu Saga. Spopovitch was then turned into a crazy psycho. He is then sent by Babidi to collect energy at the 25th World Tournament.  He fights Videl in the first round, and he nearly beats her to death before Yamu tells him to cut it out.  Yamu and Spopovitch team up on Gohan, when he goes SSJ2, and using a special device, they rob him of his energy.  After completely draining him, they return to their master Babidi to deliver the energy to him.  Babidi soon decides they have outlived their usefulness and causes both Spopovitch and Yamu to explode.

A 3,500 year old Alien whom Goku meets in Other World. North Kai introduces them and tells Goku that Stote saved his world from a giant meteor when he was alive. That is why he was able to train on Grand Kai's planet.

Staff Officer Black (Assistant Black, Advisor Black):
Red's right hand man. Black usually just stood around and said exactly what Red wanted to hear, although, he really hated his job. He was a very tall black man, who made Red very mad every time he stood next to him because of how much shorter Red was. When Black found out about the wish that Red really wanted to make, he shot him dead in the head, and, renamed the army to Black Ribbon Army. Goku fought him in Black's metal suit, but, Goku killed him, by going straight through the suit, thus, making it explode.

When Goku gets caught between life and death he finds himself trapped in the Sugoroku Space under the watchful eye of Sugoro. Sugoro controls the action in the Sugoroku Space by posing as a game show host and participating against Goku in a life or death struggle against unfathomable odds. When Goku begins to destroy the Sugoroku Space, Sugoro's true form is revealed.

Suno (Snow):
After Goku crash-lands in the wintry North, the kind-hearted Suno rescues him from the harsh elements. Suno lives with her mother and father in a quiet village that recently has been threatened by the brute forces of the Red Ribbon Army. Her only wish is for the Red Ribbon Soldiers to let her family live in peace. After Goku defeats Muscle Tower Android #8 goes and lives with Suno.

Super 17:
Super #17 is the fusion between Android #17 and Hell Android #17. He is extremely strong and manages to defeat all of the Z Warriors. He also betrays Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu. He faces Super Saiyan 4 Goku and seems to have the battle won. Thanks to Android #18's distraction, Goku is able to do his Dragon Fist attack, thus breaking his power absorption. He then fires a Kamehameha to finally kill Super #17.

Super Buu:
The form of Majin Buu resulting after Evil Buu absorbs Fat Buu. Like all the Buu's, he is rubbery. Among Super Buu's many new powers is the ability to sense energy levels. With this ability, Super Buu instantly locates Kami's Lookout and goes there to fight. Super Buu launches the most powerful attack in Dragon Ball Z causing all life on Earth to be killed but the people in the Lookout and Hercule.

Suppa Man:
An inhabitant of Penguin Village,  He looks like a short, pudgy Clark Kent who can change into his alter ego "Suppa Man" by running into a telephone booth and putting on a Superman outfit. He is really just an average human with average strength, but he claims to have super powers which he gains by eating pickled plums.  He meets General Blue, who orders him to step out of his car,  the man refuses and promptly runs into a nearby telephone booth and changes into "Suppa Man".  He then steps out and declares that he will not give up his car to any source of evil.  General Blue calmly goes to the telephone booth, picks it up and crushes it in his hands. Suppa Man then gladly gives Blue his car and even gives him directions to the nearest airport.  As Blue drives away, "Suppa Man" stands triumphant, declaring that he has made that particular place of ground that he's standing on a safer place.

Supreme Commander Red:
The original commander in the Red Ribbon Army, he is very short. He is thought to have wanted to Dragonballs to wish for World Domination, but really wants to wish to be taller. When Assistant Black found out about the real wish, Black got mad, and shot Red in the head, thus, he renamed it to the Black Ribbon Army.

Supreme Kai (East Kaioshin or East Supreme Kai):
He is the only survivor of Majin Buu's first attack under Bibidi's control. He took the place of Supreme Kai and was the ruling Kai until Elder Kai showed up. He is thought to be the most powerful being but doesn't come close to most of the Z fighter's levels. He ends up fusing with Kibito with the Potara Earrings.

Suu Shenron (Nuova Shenron):
The Dragon of Fire, Nuova, was born when King Piccolo wished for youth when Goku was a child. With the power of the sun and of fire at his disposal, Nuova is more than a challenge for Goku. Things really get hot when Nuova's brother, Eis Shenron, joins in the fray! Dragon of the 4 star ball. Nuova is eventualy killed by Syn Shenron because of Nuova's beliefs.

Syn Shenron (Il Shenron or II Shenron]):
Syn is the ultimate evil power in the universe. Syn was born with the combination of all the evil energy given out by the corroded Dragon Balls making him the strongest of the dragons. Syn eventually absorbs all 7 Dragon Balls to become the awesome Omega Shenron giving him the powers of every Shadow Dragon. The Dragon Balls were used to restore life, but Syn has only one goal...the destruction of all life in the universe! Dragon of the 1 star ball.

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