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Taado (Mustard):
Mustard is one of four evil warriors who are under the command of Garlic Jr. Mustard is a large, brawny, muscled warrior. He fights Krillin, but was destroyed by Gohan for almost killing Krillin.

King Piccolo's most powerful servant, his orders were to hunt down and destroy all the people who participated in the most recent Tournament so that Piccolo's hostile takeover is a smooth one. He was also ordered to pickup up any Dragon Balls he sees if he happens to come across any. Tambourine mercilessly kills Krillin along with many other participants in the Tournament. He even beats Goku but in my opinion that's only because Goku was blinded with rage because Tambourine had killed Goku's best friend and the Nimbus Cloud.

Tao Pai Pai (Mercenary Tao):
A deadly assassin, who lives for money. He is hired by Commander Red to eliminate Goku. The first time they fight Goku is defeated. But after Korin's training Goku mops the floor with Tao. He returns at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai as part cyborg, but is beaten again by Tenshinhan. He returns in the Cell Saga. He is hired by a rich coward who is forcing people to build a protective dome against Cell. Gohan shows up to put a stop to this, and when Tao realizes who Gohan's father is he runs off.

A warrior of Legend and Bravery, Tapion appears in movie 13 as the guardian of Hildegarn's top half. Originally from the planet Konats, Tapion was sent to the Earth trapped inside a magical box where he could contain Hildegarn. Unfortunately, Hoi, a black magician, tricked the Z fighters into getting Shenron to open up the box and release Tapion. Outside of the box, Tapion could not contain Hildegarn and he was released. After Goku defeated Hildegarn, Tapion went back to his home planet inside the Time Machine.

A competitor in the Other World Tournament (Annoyoichi Budoukai) who can move with incredible speed. The only problem is, he tires out WAY too quickly and has to forfeit the match before his opponent even tries to attack.

Him & his partner Plague are thugs who Goku meets when he makes his trip around the world in DB. they terrorize the people of a small mountain village and force them to present them with food once a month. Plague wields a man-eating gourd that sucks people in if they do not respond when their name is called. Once inside the gourd, the victim is dissolved and becomes sake.

Thin Buu (Evil Buu):
This skinny, tall monster is born when Fat Buu gets really really mad. This happens when his pet dog Bee is shot. When Fat Buu tries to to turn Evil Buu into candy, Evil Buu simply blows the attack right back at Fat Buu turning Fat Buu into a piece of chocolate. This then turns Evil Buu into Super Buu. To see all off Majin Buu's forms click here.

Tien (Tienshinhan, Tenshinhan, Tien Shinhan):
One of the few humans to ever master his Ki and perhaps the strongest human ever to exist.  Tien trained under Crane Hermit when he was young.  Tien trained hard until he became an incredibly powerful warrior not to be reckoned with by any on Earth.  His past is never fully revealed, but through the course of several adventures he becomes best friends with Chiaotzu. He faces off against Goku in the finals of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, Tien wins but only but only barely and sort of by luck. Tien stays loyally by the side of Chiaotzu, his travel companion and sparring partner, and his closest friend.  He has many moves that the others picked up from him and used in battle.  Some examples of these are Solar Flare and the Tri-Form technique.  However, unlike the others, Tien masters the Tri-Form technique and expands on it until he creates multiple forms of himself, sometimes 4 or more.   He also masters a move called the Tri Beam, the same used to stall Imperfect Cell, an act that nearly kills Tien.

Toma (Tora):
A member of Bardock's crew in the Bardock Special, he is second in command of the team and Bardock's best friend.  He is the last of Bardock's team to die, except for Bardock himself.  When Bardock travels to planet Meat, he finds his entire crew slaughtered.  The only one left alive is Toma, who is fatally wounded.  Toma tells Bardock how Frieza's Elite Forces and Dodoria killed them because Frieza feared the Saiyans were becoming too strong, especially Bardock's team.

The last surviving Kanassan, a race which Bardock's team wipes out at the beginning of the Bardock TV Special, who curses Bardock with the ability to see the future. Tooro gave Bardock this ability so Bardock could see his own destruction as Tooro saw his. It takes awhile for Bardock to realize his visions are real but he finally figures it out but when he tells the Saiyans he thinks Bardock is crazy. Right as Bardock is being killed by Frieza he sees that his son Kakarot (Goku) is the one to finally destroy Frieza.

From the South Quadrant of the Other World, Torbie goes up against Tapikar and doesn't even have to lift a finger to claim his victory. Tapikar wore himself out parading around the ring as fast as he could until he was so tired that he chose to give up. Torbie next fights Pikkon. Although Torbie isn't weak he doesn't have a chance against Pikkon.

Totepo (Borgos):
The big, burly member of Bardock's team in the Bardock Special.  He is another one of the strong, silent type.  In fact, he never speaks a word in the entire movie!  However, in the dubbed version, FUNi gives him one or two phrases for some odd reason.

Trunks (Chibi Trunks):
Son of Vegeta and Bulma, Trunks is only an infant when he first appears in DBZ during the Android Saga.  He has purple hair like his grandfather Dr. Briefs, but his facial features, stance and strong Saiyan pride clearly show that he is a descendant of the Saiyan royal line.  He has a sister named Bulla who is about 12 years younger than he is.  His role becomes much larger by the Buu Saga, at which point Trunks is 8 years old and fantastically strong for his age.  He goes Super Saiyan while training with Vegeta in the gravity room, an event that comes as a shock to all considering his young age.  Filled with pride, Chibi Trunks is adventurous and constantly looks for stronger opponents to challenge, much like his father.  During the final episodes of DBZ, Trunks, who is now 18, appears to be developing the same personality as Future Trunks.  He can be seen as adult Trunks throughout GT as well.  Trunks is born in the year 766 AD, and is 29 years old by the end of GT.

Trunks (Mirai no Trunks, Future Trunks):
The son of Bulma and Vegeta He is around 18 when he first appears in DBZ to stop Frieza from destroying Earth. He is from the future and has witnessed a threat to Earth which cannot be stopped in that time. He has come back in time to try to save the Earth of his time, only to find our heroes in Earth facing their own peril. Much to the amazement of our friends, Trunks immediately turns Super Saiyan and defeats Frieza and King Cold. He gives Goku medicine to prevent his death from heart disease and tells them of Earth's coming predicament. The Z Fighters immediately go into training, and Trunks returns to his own time. Trunks returns to our timeline again in the Android Saga to ensure that the Androids do arrive on Earth and are stopped. He is also born during this saga, so we have the opportunity to see him both as a teenager and a baby at the same time. He continues to exist as a boy and a teen until the end of the Cell Saga, when the older Trunks returns to his original timeline and we see the baby grow up in DBGT.

Tsuru-Sennin (Dub: Master Shen, Crane Hermit/Elder):
Tsuru Sennin means "Crane Hermit," as opposed to Kame Sennin, or "Turtle Hermit" (Master Roshi). The Crane Elder trained alongside Master Roshi at Mutaito's martial arts school. The two were born rivals, and their rivalry carries through to Crane Elder's pupils Tien and Chiaotzu. Tsuru Sennin's younger brother is the infamous assassin Tao.

Turbo Norimaki:
Senbe and Midori's son who is an incredible genius. He has the ability to memorize the blueprints of a machine simply by looking at it, and he can reconstruct things telepathically. He's the only other person in Dragon Ball who demonstrates the ability to build a Dragon Radar from scratch. He got his genius because he was run over by aliens who didn't have complete knowledge on humans, and they sort of resurrected him wrong.

In the movie Tree of Might, we find out that there was another Saiyan that escaped the evil clutches of Frieza. Turles is a mercenary that had a team of warriors that were looking for a planet to plant the Tree of Might. Once the tree sucks all the energy from the planet, it produces fruit that made whoever ate it a lot stronger. During the movie, Turles was a little less than double Goku's power. However, Turles knew that he was going to be beaten when Goku used Kaio-Ken x2 so Turles ate only one bite of the fruit from the Tree of Might. Goku now uses 10x Kaio-ken and even then can't touch Turles. Turles had a good arsenal of cool attacks and even defeated Oozaru Gohan. However, he was defeated by Goku when Goku put together a Spirit Bomb.

Master Roshi's friend and long-time companion, the good-natured Turtle lives in the Kame House with the elderly hermit. Turtle's calming wisdom often serves to keep Master Roshi in line during his moments of weakness. Although his power level is at 0.001 hes not THAT bad of a fighter.

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