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A teenaged redhead girl that Goten asks out on a date when she's left behind on the search for the Black Star Dragon Balls. She is very naive, but seems sincerely interested in Goten as a boyfriend. Last seen when Goten lost the fight against teenaged Baby. Does appear briefly later on, beside Goten again.

The son of King Vegeta, Vegeta started out as an evil character but when he learned Frieza had killed his father and all of the Saiyans except for a small hand full he tried to gather the Dragon Balls on Namek to with for immortality. Vegeta didn't get his wish but he did help a lot in destroying Frieza. He was eventually killed by Frieza but only in his final form. Vegeta was wished back soon after and saw the very end of the fight between Goku and Frieza. Vegeta saw Goku had become much stronger than him and gone Super Saiyan and Vegeta hasn't stopped training since. After Frieza is beaten he waits for Goku's return from Namek on Earth and slowly becomes one of he good guys. He starts a calm life with Bulma and his son Trunks and later his daughter Bulla. As Vegeta's years go by, he get's older but still trains and fights when needed. Vegeta marvels at how powerful Goku has become, not to be out done Vegeta survives the process of becoming Super Saiyan 4. Vegeta and Goku also fuse several times in the series.

Vegeta Jr. :
He fights against Goku Jr. in the very last World Tournament shown in the series. Vegeta Jr. can go Super Saiyan just like any other Saiyan descendant. His abilities are shown mildly so it appears as though he has not very many powers. Vegeta Jr. is the son of one of Bulma's descendent.

Vegeta Ou (King Vegeta):
The king of all Saiyans and the father of Vegeta. He is probably the strongest Saiyan in his time but is definitely seen as the strongest Saiyan. King Vegeta realizes that Frieza has no further use of the Saiyans and no longer needs them around. After trying to attack and kill Frieza, King Vegeta is killed with a single blast.

Vegito (Vegitto, Vegetto):
Considered the single most powerful character in DBZ, Vegito is the result of the potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta. We see Vegito in the late Buu Saga when Goku returns from Other World. Vegito handles Buu with great ease after going Super Saiyan 2.  However, Vegito is extremely cocky, and merely plays with Buu rather than getting to the point and destroying him. At one point Buu manages to turn Vegito into a piece of candy, but Vegito manages to beat Buu up so much while he's a piece of candy Buu has to change Vegito back to normal. Vegito continues to waste time toying with Buu until Buu manages to absorb the fused Saiyans.  Although the fusion is supposed to be permanent, Buu's magical enzymes cause Vegito to un-fuse.  Once they are separated, the satisfied Vegeta removes his earring and crushes it in his fist.

Veku (Fat Gogeta):
Veku, also known as Fat Gogeta, is the failed fusion of Goku and Vegeta via the fusion dance. He results when Vegeta fails to extend his finger during the fusion dance. Like all failed fusions he isn't very strong at all and gets beaten up by Janemba. He exists for 30 minutes until the fusion wears off.

17 years old, Videl is an expert of martial arts. She is the daughter of Hercule and attends Orange Star High with Gohan. She is often called upon by the city to aid in police matters. She is determined to unmask the Great Saiyaman. When she finds out that it is Gohan, she threatens to tell everyone his secret unless he joins the upcoming tournament. Gohan also teaches her how to fly. Videl fights in the World Martial Arts Tournament. At Gohan's suggestion, she cuts her hair before the tournament. Eventually, Videl marries Gohan and they have a daughter, Pan.

Village Chief:
The kind leader of Suno's village, the Village Chief has become the hostage of General White. Unless his villagers uncover a Dragon Ball soon, he will meet terrible fate compliment of the General. Despite his dire situation, the Village Chief thinks only of his people, and would do anything, even sacrifice himself, to relieve them of their suffering at the hands of the Red Ribbon Army.

A member of the Red Ribbon Army, we see her briefly in the anime, but, never in the Manga. She gives a Dragon Ball to General Copper, and, is never seen again.

Vinegar is the biggest of the four henchmen of Garlic Jr. He is large, brawny, and very muscular compared to the other three henchmen. He's very arrogant and power-hungry when it comes to fighting. Nevertheless, Vinegar is killed by Gohan when he attempts to prevent Gohan from saving Krillin.

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